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There is a broken down fort that is the base for some relatively weak vampires directly south of Chorrol. The fort is called Fort Carmala, and it is located near Hackdirt, very close to northeast of Weatherleah. To reach it, if you have not done the Hackdirt or Weatherleah quests, go to Chorrol. Leave from the south gate and move directly south. If you reach the city of Hackdirt, you are near it. Look for a group of white rocky ruins. The door to the cave is among the ruins.

If you load a save file in which your character is a vampire, there is a chance that your character's facial features may revert to the default facial features for that race. If that happens you should try and load a previous save file, however it could be permanent. Always try to keep a file that was saved before your character became a vampire.

Becoming a vampire

Before you become a vampire, it is recommended that you become a member of the Mages Guild, access to the Arcane University, and either a member of the Dark Brotherhood or started the Order of Virtuous Blood quest.

Dark Brotherhood Story: Become a member of the Dark Brotherhood by killing an innocent person, going to sleep in an inn, traveling to the Inn of Ill Omen, and killing Rufio. Travel to the Sanctuary and talk to Vicente and finish all of his contracts. He will then ask if you wish to become a vampire. Say "Yes", then sleep on the slab. When you wake up, sleep again for twenty four hours three times. You are now a full-fledged vampire.
Order Of Virtuous Blood Story: It is not required to begin the quest, but if you do the vampires will be easier to kill. If you have not, travel along the river just to the east of Imperial City until you find a cave. Go in and you should find lots of vampires. Attack one and let it hit you a few times. Kill it, then go back to Imperial City. Get a room in an inn and sleep for twenty four hours three times. You are now a full-fledged vampire.

Use the following trick to become a vampire without doing quests. When you sleep outside frequenly, eventually you will wake up and a message will state that you have had a strange dream. After this you will have very strange dreams and will have all the attributes of a vampire. Be careful of being outside during the day.
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Benefits and weaknesses of being a vampire

Vampires get a boost in many of their stats and abilities, not just Strength. The increase in abilities of a vampire is not determined by how much he sleeps, but by how much he goes without feeding. Not exactly, but for about each day one goes without feeding your character will get a 5 point increase to his vampire stats and skills. To receive these increases, the vampire player must to sleep or wait. The game will notify you of these stat boosts. If the vampire is well fed, light will not harm him, but he will have 25% weakness to fire. After the first stat boost (which boosts vampire stats from 5 to 10) he will loose this weakness to fire. Select the magic tab, then the last of the five tabs in the magic section, to see all the current effects on his character. The first thing is a "vampire meter" that has a percentage of how much one is a vampire (25% increments, starting at 25% up to 100%, in four stages). Depending on how high that percentage is, the sun will do more or less damage to you, from Sun Damage 1 all the way to 8. Furthermore, the time of the day is also important for sun damage. At dusk and dawn the damage dealt is very small, even to a 100% vampire. On the other hand noon is a very dangerous time for a full vampire as he will have just enough time to run from one house on one side of the street to the other (depending on how much life one has). The stats that being a vampire increases are: Vampire Stats, Strength, Speed, Willpower, Sneak, Mysticism, Illusion, Hand to Hand, Destruction, Athletics, Acrobatics, and Resist Normal Weapons. Depending on which stage of the vampire you are in, you will get from 5 to 20 points in each of these stats. (25% vampire = 5 points) (25% vampire = base vampire, fully fed). Other special stats or skills get added depending on the vampire level. Vampire Skills that are always present are: Hunter's Sight (Nighteye and Detect Life), Resist Disease 100%, and Resist Paralysis 100%.

Vampire 25%
Weakness to Fire: 20
+5 to all of the vampire stats
Vamipre 50%
Vampiric Seduction (charm on touch)
+10 to all of the vampire stats
Vampire 75%
Reign of Terror (fear)
+15 to all of the vampire stats
Vampire 100%
Embrace of Shadows (Invisibility + Night Eye)
+20 to all of the vampire stats
Note: Most people and merchants will not talk to you in this form

At base level you get +5 to Strength, Willpower, Speed, Acrobatics, Athletics, Destruction, Hand 2 Hand, Illusion, Mysticism, and Sneak. You also get a resistance to disease and paralysis, and a small resistance to normal weapons. For every day you go without feeding (up to a maximum of four days), your boosted skills will go up by another 5, as will your resistance to normal weapons. You will get a spell for each of the four days as well; on day one Hunter's Sight(Night Eye/Detect life), on day two Vampire's Seduction (Charm), on day three Reign of Terror (silence/demoralise area), and finally on day four Embrace of the Shadows (180 seconds Invisibliity, 90 seconds Night Eye). The weaknesses are, on day one (within 24 hours of last feeding) weakness to fire, you are safe from the sun; on day two (48 hours from last feeding), burn in sunlight; on day three (72 hours from last feeding), increased damage from sun; and on day four (over 96 hours from last feeding), everyone will recognize you as a vampire and most will not interact with you and there will be another increase in sun damage.

Feeding as a vampire

If you have a good Sneak skill you can feed from a sleeping person without waking them.

Cure for Vampirism

This is why you need to be allowed in the University. Go in and talk to the mage. He will tell you to talk to a man in Skingrad. Do as he says and run errands for whoever you need to talk to. Eventually you will be allowed to get rid of your Vampiricy.

If you have completed the main storyline and cannot re-enter Oblivion to get fresh Bloodgrass, check around the closed Oblivion gates. There will be Bloodgrass growing near the closed gates.

The Vampiricy cure does work, but if you have completed the game and closed all the Oblivion Gates, you will not have access to fresh Bloodgrass (which is needed for the cure). Also, if you buy it she will not take it. If you have completed the game, try to stay away from vampires.

The following is a temporary cure for vampirism. If you have found that the witch still refuses your Bloodgrass, there still is a cure. Go to the cave close to her home (Wenderbek Cave). Wait there until 5 a.m. then go directly to the witch's house (Drakelowe). She should be sleeping. While sneaking, go over to her and feed. Then, sneak out. You will find that you are in daylight. If you rest or sleep you will have to repeat the process.

 Xbox 360  If you have completed the game and closed the Oblivion Gates, but have also downloaded the Frostcrag Spire (Wizard's Tower) content from Xbox Live, you will be able to find fresh Bloodgrass in the Alchemy Garden in the tower. The witch who cures Vampiracy will accept this Bloodgrass as it is fresh.

 PC  Use the following trick if the witch does not accept your Bloodgrass (she just keeps saying this potion takes time and to wait until she has all the ingredients everytime you ask her about the cure). To get fresh Bloodgrass without having to restart over, enable the set ms40.bloodgrassvar to 2 code. If you are having trouble finding Bloodgrass, there should be some near one of the old Oblivion Gates.

Recommended spell

The following is a good spell to use as a vampire. A spell that you absolutely need is a Charm spell that has 100 points for Charm and only for two seconds. With those two effects, you do not need to be an apprentice to use the spell, and it takes about 10 to 20 Magicka to cast. Make this spell if you plan on being a 100% vampire. This spell makes anyone like you, even if you are a 100% vampire. You can now keep your bonuses and be able to barter and get information without having to feed every day.