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Easy money

  • Visit the sewer system. The entrance is directly south of the westernmost Tattaglia warehouse on the Hell's Kitchen Loop. Prepare for a battle. The crate containing the money you are after is guarded by a group of heavily armed bell-boys.
  • To get more money, take over as many businesses, warehouses, and rackets as possible before completing missions. By doing this you will get much more on payday, and money for important weapon upgrades.
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  • Use the following trick if you do not like seeing your hard earned money going into some racket that will not pay off later. Get the pressure up on the person you would normally buy out. Instead, he will pay you.
  • On missions where you raid an enemy gang's operation (like a supplier or storefront racket), search the interior after completing the main objective for hidden stashes of ammunition and cash. Most back rooms, closets, and rooftops contain hidden moneybags or weapon stashes.
  • To get free money and respect, go to the Molotov cocktail seller in Midtown. There will be some hobos walking around. If you see any , shoot them. You will receive no heat, but either +750 respect and $3000 or +900 respect and $100.
  • Different families have different incomes. The richest family is the Barzini (green) family followed by the Cuneo (red) family. The businesses that you take from these families pay out a lot more than the other two. Also, when you are taking over their business, do not forget to pick up the money they drop. When a Barzini (green) family member is killed, you can pick up at least $200 per person. However, when you take money from a Tattaglia (brown) family member, you will only get $15.
  • To get cash $2,000 or more, get on the freeway. About every 10 seconds of driving a warehouse truck will appear. Stop your car in front of it, hop out, cause some damage, kill the bagmen, take the loot, and keep driving. You can accumulate lots of money quickly. Then, return to your safe house and deposit the money.
  • Go into Brooklyn. Go to the police station and bribe the chief. Then, rob the bank. When you get outside no one will shoot or chase you. Note: When bribing the chief make sure you have no heat.
  • After own the compounds, go to New Jersey. It is easier to travel from the Holland Tunnel. Go to the Stracci compound, then drive into the container park. Go far behind, where you will see a lot of containers. Step out, then you will see a lot of Stracci soldiers. Kill all of them then go in to the maze. At the back there are two boxes and another group of Straccis. Break open the box to find approximately $120,000. Go as fast as you can to your car before another bunch of Straccis appear. If they do so, kill them all. In total you will get $125,000. Be aware the you will need a lot of ammunition. They can be as strong as the sewer system bell-boys.
  • When walking around the city you will see homeless men from time to time. Kill them. The majority of the time they will have $5,500 and you will have no heat.
  • Take over the Transportation Hub (previously Barzini) in Brooklyn on Main St. and Empire. Then look for the man with the Blackhand icon and talk to him. He tells you to deliver the truck. Look for a truck behind him. Its color does not matter Take it to the Cafe Vitales, which is on Dock St. in-between Church and Prospect. Make sure you have extorted that business and its racket. For that simple task who will receive three stacks of $25,000. Also, you may want to buy the safehouse in Brooklyn for easy transportation there when you need money.
  • Get a fast car. Drive to the Holland Tunnel. Go into it in the opposite direction. When you see a racket truck, hit it head on. Your car or the truck should be on fire. get out and run for cover. After it explodes, take out your gun. If there are any survivors, kill them and get the $2,000. Hijack a new car. Keep doing this until you get to the end of the tunnel. When you enter New Jersey, make sure you have dynamite, full health, and full ammunition. Drive to the bank. Do not take out your gun when you enter. Instead, find a door that leads to a hallway with three new big doors. Find the stairs. Walk downstairs. When you reach the bottom you will see a door. Wall cover next to it. Open the door. There should be a guard. Take out your best gun and fire away. Another guard should approach. Kill him. There should metal door in that room. Go through it. The guards should know you are there. Walk up to the safe and plant the dynamite. Enter the door next to the safe and go to the farthest corner. After it explodes enter the safe and get the money. You will have to go out the same way you came in. Be prepared and fight your way out. Grab a car and drive to your nearest safe house. The money is now yours.
  • The easiest way to do this is to use a gun. Stand in the back entrance of one of your safe houses. Pay off some cops and take out your weapon of choice. Wait for a racket truck to pass by. Interrogate the driver to get the keys. Take the truck to the back entrance of the safe house. Usually two to five trucks pass every five minutes. The trucks worth will vary from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Use the following trick to get easy money to buy the guns. Go to Brooklyn and get every warehouse and business. Go to the warehouse on the left and get a truck. It will take a 45 second drive to get $75,000. You can do this as many times as desired. You will get three payments of $25,000 each. This is the only place you can get that type of payment in that short of a drive.
  • Use your negotiation skills to take over businesses and rackets so your monetary income can get increase. When that happens you will have enough money to buy safe houses, weapons and even higher crew members with no problems.
  • Rob any bank then get caught. You will only pay the hospital fee and keep the rest of the money.
  • An easy way to achieve money can be down in Midtown. Go there and turn right at 42nd Street. Go down until you see a club owned by the Barzinis and also a safehouse called "Lucy's Apartments" across the street. There is also a warehouse next to the club at the end of 42nd Street. Buyoff a cop, preferably the chief of police, then buy the safehouse. Take over the club (and the warehouses if desired). Leave and return a little later and your Corleone men will be all over those two blocks. Make sure that you keep the cops bribed. You should now control the block, and have the safehouse, your men, and the cops. There should be green warehouse trucks that drive by every now and then. The green indicates that they are owned by Barzini. Shoot the truck until it stops, then two lower class Barzinis should appear. Kill them and the driver will exit. Grab the driver, punch him twice, then interrogate him. After you are done with him, kill him to get some extra cash. One of the Barzini men will drop a bag with $3,600. Pick that up, then get in the truck. Drive it a few yards to your safehouse and receive the payout, which totals about $13,000. There will be Barzini men that ambush you, but the police and the Corleones will take care of them quickly. Blow up the truck, go back onto the street, and repeat the process. Remember to keep the police on your side or they will blow up the truck or kill you before you can receive the payout.
  • Go to Midtown to the bank next to the barbershop. Bribe one of the cops wearing black. They cost $500. Then, go inside, downstairs, and through the door at the end of the hallway. Use your Tommy gun to kill the four guards. Blow open the safe and take the money. While walking out there should be three more guards. You can kill them, but you do not have to. Immediately run upstairs and out of the bank. Bribe any type of cop then steal a car. Go to the bank over by the Barzini's mansion. You can rob it easily. Bribe another cop when you are done, then cruise home to get $70,000 in cash.


All the safe houses that you pay for have ammo caches. When low on ammunition or health, you can go into these houses and restock. They are the orange houses on the map, and most are in hotels.

Recommended weapons

  • Do not waste money on safe houses. You can make it fine with just the ones you get in the story. Instead, save money for clothing and weapons. All the best weapons cost a lot but are well worth it. The Saturday Night Special is a better revolver and it will cost $75,000. The Assassin's Pistol is better gun and costs about $200,000. The Python a better magnum will cost $250,000. The Dillinger is a machine gun that costs $450,000. Finally, the Street Sweeper, which works like a shotgun, sells for $500,000 and will kill most people in one shot.
  • The pistol at level 3 works like a semi-automatic gun. It carries fourteen bullets and has more firepower. This is perfect for taking over businesses. The shotgun at level 3 has more ammunition, more firepower, and is perfect for taking over warehouses, etc. Prioritize weapons upgrades before safehouse buying. One house in each city will suffice in the start. However, you will have to buy them all in the end.
  • The only necessary guns you should buy are the Tommy gun level 2, Streetsweeper, pistol extended clip, Saturday Night Snubnose, and Python. You can get the money needed to purchase them by driving the warehouse trucks.

Gun names

All the guns in the game are based on real-life firearms. Here are their real-life equivalents:

.38 Snub-Nose: Colt Detective .38 Special/Smith & Wesson M& P 2in revolver
Pistol: Colt M1911A1 semi-auto .45 pistol
Magnum: Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver in .357
Long-barrel Shotgun: Remington 870 pump-action shotgun
Tommy Gun: Thompson M1921/1928 sub-machine gun in .45

Gun upgrade prices and recommendations

The Street Sweeper is recommended because it has 100 bullets available and can kill in one shot. Another good gun to buy is the Colt Python. In close range it can kill in one shot, but it has poor shot power at long and medium range. The Assassin's Pistol is also useful. When running, the pistol fires like any other pistol. However when you stand still it fires like a Tommy Gun.

Street Sweeper: $500,000
Dillinger: $450,000
Saturday Night Special: $75,000
Assassin's Pistol: $250,000
Colt Python: $250,000