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Ball rolling mini game

After receiving a letter about new events near Zora's Domain, go to the fishing spot downstream. It is through a door in a cliff just east of the canoe rentals. After reaching the fishing pond, go inside the nearest building and talk to the guide. Decline her offer to fish. Walk into the top right corner of the room and press C to look at the board game on the shelf. The guide will instruct you to play "RollGoal", a mini-game designed mostly to show the capabilities of the Wiimote.

Control Cucco

  • When you find a Cucco, hit it eight times to go into its view and to be able to move it around. The easiest way to do this is just after you get the Iron Boots. Walk outside the building to find a Cucco. Wear the boots and roll into it eight times.
  • You can control the chicken in Orden Village. As the wolf, go to Orden Village. Go to the sword master's house and find the chicken. After talking to it, attack it by swinging the Wiimote. After attacking it you can control the chicken.


  • When your health is low and you see a fairy; take out your bottle and run into the fairy. While the fairy is circling around, use your bottle. The fairy will not only heal you, but it will be captured in your bottle.
  • When you are low on health and are not in the middle of something, go to Hyrule town. If you have not already do so, complete the STAR game. This is the game inside the big purple circus tent. Afterwards, talk to the three girls directly outside. After they "freak out" about you, three hearts should appear. You can do this as many times as desired.


Collect all sixty Poe Souls and bring them to Jovani. He is in a house in the southeast corner of Castle Town. Turn into a wolf and dig your way inside. Use your senses to find out where to dig. After you give him 60 souls he will give you unlimited rupees. Then, go to Kakariko village's Malo Mart. Donate enough money to lower the prices in Town Castle's Malo Mart. You can now buy a Magic Armor there for 598 rupees. The Magic Armor makes you immortal, but normally reduces your rupees until you have no more. Because you have unlimited rupees, you will stay immortal.

Restore health

If you want more health when low, catch some fish. You can do this as many times as needed.

Alternate sword sheathing

Just after killing a monster, press A to put away your sword. It will do the same sheathing move as when you kill a Boss or when you learn a new Hidden Skill.

Link's signature sword withdrawal

Press A immediately after you do a Finish Stab.

Safe fall

When you are in Ordon. Pick up a chicken and run off a hill or some other high location. The chicken will flap its wings and you will be able to hover to the ground.

Finding IIia

The last Fused Shadow you will enter Twilight. Then, jump off a bridge. You will land in water and find the scent of IIia.

Catching Fairies

Take the broken piece of the bridge back to its original place. You can then come back to that location and go down the stairs to find a secret Fairy Temple. You will go through a series of battles with all of the enemies that you have encountered. You will need the Spinner, the Hookshot, and the Metal Chain Ball to get past certain points. You will also need the Dominion Rod. Once you have gone past these tests, talk to the Fairy Queen. She will tell you that she has released her Fairies to each of the Spirit Lakes. In order to catch these Fairies in a bottle, walk under the fairy and wait until it lands on your head. Then, scoop your bottle.

Talk to Epona

When you able to become both human and wolf, go to a patch of "Horse Calls" as a wolf. Press A to howl. Howl the song as indicated with blue lines, and Epona will come to you. Still as a wolf, go up to Epona and talk to her. She tell you to hurry up and turn back into a human.

See Epona's shoes

Ride Epona to the hill in Ordon. Then, look up after making sure her front feet are off the ledge. Note: This will not work unless you are under her feet.

Getting the kitten back to the shopkeeper

To get the kitten in the Prologue, you must have a fishing rod. Go behind the locked house and catch a fish. Then instead of pressing A, press B. Link will throw the fish at the cat. The cat will take the fish back to the shop. Talk to the shopkeeper and collect your reward.

Fortune teller

When you get your fortune told, the person who tells your fortune says something twice, backwards. You can prove it by pressing the "Home" button and looking at it. For example:

Career: What am I thinking about?
Love: Wait... loading takes awhile.

Get berated by Malo

Malo is the little child who resembles an infant or toddler, but is in fact probably one of the smartest children in Hyrule. He is so smart that he tends to make fun of everyone he encounters.

  • When your showing everyone how to use the sword and the slingshot listen to this child's response.
  • When you find him in Kakariko Village, enter his shop he will say rude things to you.
  • When you are showing off your archery skills to the children, cancel. He will ask if you need more arrows. Say no and he will ask if you want to give up. Select "I am no quitter". He will then quickly respond with some snide comment about how slow you are.
  • Also after the store is closed in Kakariko Village, come back at certain times of the night. Before morning, he will leave comments on his door.

Make Midna mad

When you are restoring items such as the bridge in Kakariko Gorge, the fountain in Zora's Domain and the bridge north of East Hyrule, go to each of these items. Then, warp somewhere besides where the location should be. She will get frustrated with you and will yell at you.

Midna panics for no reason

Go to Snowpeak and walk on soft, deep snow. Link will start moving with difficulty because his legs sink into the snow. Change into wolf form. Your legs will still be sunken into the snow, and Midna will panic as if you were on quicksand or covered by bugs or ghost rats.

Defeating Yeta on snowboard

Created by tsusai.

After Snowpeak Ruins, warp back to where you first met Yeto. Talk to Yeta, and challenge her. She is much faster, and she gets the shortcut - after the trees, stay on the left  Gamecube   or right  Wii  and jump. Watch out, because there are many gaps here. If she gets too close to you, hit her with your sword to slow her down. Defeat her and you will get a Piece of Heart.

Playing fetch

In Castle Town after entering the gate to the east, go south as if traveling to Agitha's house. There is a brown and white dog laying by a tree near a bone. Pick up the bone and throw it. The dog will run to get it then bring it back for you to throw again.

Dragging chickens underwater

Go to any place with water and chickens. You can throw the chicken in the water then use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom. Then, use your Clawshot and bring the chicken to you. The chicken does not do anything special when under the water.

Throwing Ordon goats without making them mad

In the Ordon village, go to the area that has a lot of Ordon goats. Get in front of one then move forward slightly and press A. You will toss the goat, but it gets back up it will turn red and try to ram into you.

Invisible sprinkler system

When you finish restoring Darbus back to normal, go over to the bomb shop and enter the building. Find and stand next to Barnes. Take out your lantern and he will quickly tell you to put it out. Then, stand somewhere else out of sight of him. He will stomp the ground and spray water all over you. It does not matter where you are in the building. You will always get water sprayed on you if you pull out your lantern.

Scared soldiers

Go to Castle Town as Wolf Link and cause an uproar in the square. Soldiers will come out to fend you off, but they will cower if you get close. Let them surround you and wait for them to get close. Then, use your dark field to do a special spin attack. This will scare the soldiers away and make them drop arrows, rupees, or hearts.

Make day and night appear faster

Stand in an area without moving. Notice that time will be very slow between day and night. If you move and do things, it will move a bit faster. If you want day or night to appear a lot faster, do a combination of moving and warping. You will notice the effect happening faster.

At night, go to Lake Hylia and go into the Sky Temple Cannon (if available) and blast into the sky. Then, go to the downward cannon and blast down. It will than be instantly be daytime.

Resume game easily

When in a dungeon and you save and turn off the game, when the game is resumed you normally have to go through the entire dungeon again to get back to the room where you left off. To avoid this, before you save use your Ooccoo and warp out. Then, save and turn off the game. When you turn it back on, use your Ooccoo again. You will be in the room where you left off.

Sword moves

The sword moves are as follows.

Ending Blow: When an enemy is on the ground, stab them.
Shield Attack: This attack lowers an enemies guard and lets you attack freely. It is useful against armored foes.
Back Slice: This move rather difficult to do. Lock on and jump around your enemy until you roll, then you swing your sword.
Helm Splitter: After successfully using a shield attack you can jump above an enemy's head and attack in midair, landing behind them.
Mortal Draw: As an enemy approaches you, press A. This will almost always kill the enemy.
Jump Strike: Lock on with Z and hold A to unleash a powerful version of the jump attack. It hits multiple foes.
Great Spin: Upgrade your spin attack to have a longer range and to do more damage. However you must have full health to use it.

Unlimited fire

This trick works when you have a lot of sticks to light torches. Pile a few sticks together. Take one stick and light it to the pile of sticks. The rest of the sticks will then simultaneously light. After one goes out, it will relight the other sticks. This causes a chain of relighting of the pile, causing them to remain lit until you leave the area.

Bellbuster faceplant

To do a Bellbuster, go to a high place. For example, go to Lake Hylia and pay Falbi the Cucco person. Stand on the edge, turn around, and set a bomb. Turn back around and wait for it.