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Defeating Aeralfos

Use the following trick to defeat Aeralfos (small flying dragon with shield) in City In The Sky. When it flies in the air, wait for it to put its shield up and flaps its wings rapidly. Then, Z target its shield and use the Clawshot to pull it towards you. Slash it as much as you can. Do not use the Clawshot while it is on the ground or it will pull you towards itself and slash you. Keep pulling it towards you and slashing it. The Aeralfos will fall and die.

If you are having trouble timing the Clawshot when he sticks up his shield, shoot him with an arrow while targeting him. He will put up his shield to block it and leave it up. You can now grab him and pull him down to earth with the Clawshot. Once he is down, hit him with a combo of sword attacks. When he starts to block your attacks, use some of your skills (Helm Splitter or Rising Strike work well). If he returns to flight, just repeat. If you are fighting the mini-Boss version, he will fly out of one of three windows on the walls. Look carefully and not which one he enters. If he dives at you, make sure your shield is up. If he suspends himself in the air, hook on to that shield and slash away.

Defeating Darkhammers

When you are facing a Darkhammer (for example the three in the last room of the Cave of Ordeals), throw bombs. This gets their armor off quickly. When all of it is off, it will dodge if you throw bombs. To kill it with the armor off, get close enough until it tries to hit you. Just before it hits you, roll out of the way to get in back of it. Then, just start slashing with your sword.

Defeating Darknuts

Whenever fighting the armored foes (while he has a shield, at least), attack once. It will block your attack, but immediately after you hit use a shield bash followed by a helm splitter. Not only will this get rid of his helmet, it will also get you behind him and leaving him open to further attack. Another way to hit them (which is useful in the Cave Of Ordeals) is throw a bomb directly behind them. If you throw it in front of them they will block it. This is less effective than using the previous tactic. Whenever the knight's armor is completely gone they will simply dodge the bombs.

Defeating Diababa

There are two stages of Diababa. For the first one, notice that there are two giant Babas sticking out of the water. Using the Gale Boomerang, get one of the Insect Bombs inside both mouths using the targeting system. If you take too long, the heads will attempt to bite you. Keep moving if you can. After that, the main body will pop up, along with the two heads. Notice that there are no more bombs. Run until a baboon appears with one. While he is swinging, use the targeting system to get that bomb to the main body. He will fall, giving you time to attack with your sword. When he gets back up, Diababa will squirt poisonous water at you. It is difficult to dodge. When you take him down again, finish him with the first move you learned from the golden wolf. This battle might take awhile if you do not use the Gale Boomerang correctly. Note: Target both the bomb and Diababa.

Defeating the Dynalyfos Duo

In the City in the Sky when fighting the Dynalyfos Duo, do not keep attacking them. They will block all of your attacks then hit you with an attack of their own. Take out your ball and chain and throw it at them. They will be stunned for a few seconds. Try to get in a few attacks. Repeat this strategy until they are defeated. Alternately, when you enter the room stay where you are and take out your bow and arrow. Combine it with the Hawkeye and shoot the Dynalyfos. They will fly back against the wall. Repeat this until they are defeated. Note: You must have 60 arrows. Arrows are weak against them and you are likely to run out before you kill them. Although arrows are weak against the Dynalyfos, it is better than rushing into a battle and losing a lot of HP.

Defeating Fyrus

Hit the crystal on his head. When he is stunned, go around and pull on either of the chains that are attached to his feet. This will trip him. Go up to his head and start slashing away. By doing this you will not use up all of your arrows trying to shoot his head all of the time just to get him down.

Shoot the eye on is head a few times and he will fall. Then run up and start slashing away. He will get back up. This time you only need to shoot him once and he will fall. Do it one more time and you shall be victorious. If you are running low on arrows or health there are pots around the room.

Defeating Ganondorf

Ganon will begin the battle by taking over the Princess and knocking out Midna. She will fire balls of energy at you. When they hit, Midna will explain that your sword can reflect them. When it connects three times with Zelda, Midna will pull Ganondorf out of her and the next stage will begin. Ganon will turn into a large beast with a jewel in his head. Shoot the jewel with an arrow then attack his belly. He will disappear and red swirling portals will appear. One will turn blue before he charges at you from it. Continue shooting until he disappears each time you shoot him. Midna will tell you to turn into the beast. When Ganon charges again, target him and hold A, which will imitate the cattle wrestling from the start of the game. Midna will grab him and you must select a side to throw him to, then attack his belly. Ganon will appear to die but will return once more. Midna will use the fused shadows to try and kill his spirit while teleporting Zelda and Link away from harm. Hyrule Castle explodes from all the magic yet Ganon remains. You will start the third stage of fighting Ganon. He is on horseback and Zelda is given Light Arrows from the Spirits. You must ride close to Ganon so she can shoot him then attack with your sword. Note: If Ganon gets behind you he will attack and knock you off then play chicken until you can get behind him again. After a certain number of hits on horseback, he will face you in a sword fight. He teleports every so often, but you can easily roll away. The best way to kill him now is use the rolling attack from behind, then swing your sword afterwards. He will take the spinning hit and two slashes afterwards, but then block the rest. After this, Ganon will be defeated.

When fighting Ganondorf, take out the fishing rod. He will drop his guard and watch the bobber. While his guard is down, take out your sword and hit him. Repeat this until you can finish him off.

In the final battle with Ganondorf, after the horse combat section you can take out your fishing rod at any point. Ganondorf will be distracted by the earring on the end. He will stare at it, no matter where it goes. Once you put the rod away, the battle is on again.

In the final battle, there is not any real trick that you learn from the Golden Wolf to help you defeat Ganon. All you have to do is use your auto-aim to lock on to Ganon then move very close to him so that he tries to kick you. Then, move around him normally (no need to roll) and hack and slash until he blocks. Repeat the process of moving around him and slashing until he has been defeated.

Defeating the Gerudo Temple Boss

The easiest way to defeat this Boss is to use the spinner and go along the side of the sand pit he is in the middle of until you are directly behind him. Hit the "support bone" which is the spine. To hit the bone you must use the spinner's attack. Each time more skeletons will come up to block you from reaching the spine. Luckily they do not regenerate. If you kill one, the next time you attack there will be a gap in the wall of skeletons which you can slip through and attack. After you have done this three or four times the sand drains and the head of the beast will still remain. Use the spinner to raise the platform. As you walk out, an intermission sequence of the head coming to life and knocking Link off the platform plays. You must use the spinner to climb the platform. After awhile the head will start shooting fireballs at you while you are climbing. The key here is to jump from the platform track to the track on the wall every time he tries to hit you with a fireball. The head will then get irritated and come in beside you, at which time you can jump and attack it with the spinner. When on the ground attack the sword that Zant put in its head. Repeat this two more times and he will die, then you will get a heart container.

Defeating the King Bullblin

After Colin gets kidnapped by the Bullblin, you must chase down the leader and strike him. It sounds easy but his boar is very fast. Use boost on Epona a few times to catch up, then strike him as many times as possible before he gets away. Repeat this until you joust him. When jousting the King Bullblin boost two times, then when he gets close, dodge. Try to stay close. The easiest way to hit him is to swing the Nunchuk. Your timing must be precise. If done correctly you will win in one or two hits.

Defeating Lizalfos

If you have all the skills it should be easy. Use the shield attack, then Helm Splitter followed by Finishing Blow. Use the same technique against the helmeted ones.

For armored Lizalfos, take out a bomb and run towards it. Stay near it, and when you blow up it will instantaneously die.

Defeating Red Deku Baba

Do the back spin in a certain time (this is very difficult); the first slash will decapitate them and the second slash will kill it.

Defeating Redeads

They will screech at you and you will stop. They will get a big shot at you. You can either run away or fight them. When you fight them, make sure they do not see you and start to use a jump attack. This causes it to flinch slightly. This is your chance to slash it with insanity until it is defeated. You can also do it the easy way by hitting them with the ball and chain. The first hit hurts them pretty hard, and when the ball comes back it will kill it.

Defeating Stalchildren

They travel in dozens. These will die in one shot with your sword. Spin attack them or use the chargeable jump attack to take out three to seven on the first hit. The second hit might take out ten to twenty.

Defeating Stallord

Use the following trick for an easy win in the second stage. After you break Stallord's spine off with your spinner, the intermission sequence will begin and Stallord will come back to life as the floating head. When you knock him down, you can kill him the first time around without having to knock him down again if you spin attack the Twilight Sword in his head non-stop. Do not charge the spin attack. Do about one or two regular sword strikes then start spin attacking him. If done correctly, you can kill Stallord without having to knock him down again. mename3isme.

Defeating Twili Beasts

In order to unlock the Canoe mini-game, you must defeat them as Ordonian Link. Kill the one furthest away. The biggest threat is trying to kill the others with Ordonian Link. Make sure they both come after you and use Spin Attack twice. It should kill them both. If you have "Great Spin" it will be very easy.

As Wolf Link, kill the one that is the furthest away, then use the "Dark Aura" to defeat the other ones

Defeating Zant

Zant will go through almost every Boss battle you have done so far. You must defeat him essentially the same way. The trick is remembering how you defeated the Boss in the first place. The final battle against Zant is fairly easy, but he moves erratically. Block his spin attack and do the rolling attack from behind to land more hits.

When you are in the Palace Of Twilight and are trying to defeat Zant, remember all the battlegrounds that you were in and how you defeated that enemy. For example, in the Forest Temple while battling the monkey, roll into the poles that Zant is on while he tries to shoot you. The last battle ends with a sword fight. Use your hidden skills.

Defeating Twilight monsters

The easiest way to defeat them is to kill the one that is not near you, then use the force field to kill the rest.

Defeating the Twilight Dragon

First, use the Double Clawshots and latch onto its tail when it is not attacking you. Immediately after latching onto its tail, use the Iron Boots to bring it down so its armor breaks. After doing this a few more times, he will rip off the rest of the armor and it starts to rain. The rain brings floating plants from the ground that circle the battleground. Use the Clawshot on the plants and circle around the dragon while dodging his flame attacks. When you are behind him, use the Clawshot onto his back and attack the jewel with your sword. After one or two more times, he will be defeated and you will get the last shard of the Twilight Mirror.

Defeating heavily armored opponents

At first you will meet this behemoth as a mini-Boss in the Temple Of Time. You will see him several times later as regular monsters. The strategy is the same each time. First, if you are having trouble timing the dodge to attack him multiple times, you can just wait and use the Mortal Draw ability when he gets close enough. Note: This does not work on the mini-Boss version, but works on every other one. He will lose one piece of armor every time you hit him with the Mortal Draw. When he throws his sword away he will begin wielding a smaller sword. Get close to him, roll behind him, and use the Rising attack (where you roll around him and rise up from the ground spinning). He will block the Rising Attack but will become vulnerable to regular attacks immediately afterwards. Do this three times and he will be defeated.

Easy wins

When you have the Ball And Chain, throw it behind your enemies. If it hits them on the way back it is very powerful and should kill them in one hit

When you have the Shield Bash and Helm Splitter, do a Shield Bash and press A afterwards to do a Helm Splitter. Then, do a spin move. This is very helpful when you are facing one enemy and your health is low.

Survive energy balls

You can use an empty bottle against the energy balls that the possessed Princess Zelda shoots at you. It will work the same as the sword. It looks as if Link is punching the energy ball but it will not hurt him.

Walk while in aiming mode

Take out your bow and arrow, boomerang, slingshot, or any item or weapon that can be thrown or aimed. You will enter a mode where the fairy turns into a targeting pointer. In this mode, you usually cannot move. However, you can overcome this by simply entering lock-on mode. To do this, hold Z. While doing this, you can walk while aiming. Note: While doing this trick you can only move forwards and backwards. Also, the ability to shoot cannot be performed. This trick useful only to move out of the way of an incoming attack without leaving aim mode.