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Castle Town: Playing fetch

Go to Castle Town. Go to the east road. Near the Medical Center is a bone. Pick up the bone in your human form and walk down the street south of the Medical Center. Go down for awhile and you should see a white dog. The dog will follow you. Go back down the street and to the Medical Center and notice the grass patch beside it. Throw the bone into the grass patch. If you are lucky, instead of the bone the dog might bring back a rupee or a heart. If the dog does not fetch anything, he did not see you throw it. Try again. Also, you may have to leave town and do it again for it to occur after doing it once. It probably will not happen immediately, so keep trying.

Castle Town: Malo Mart

Donate 1,000 rupees and complete the Hot Springwater side quest. Then, donate 200 more rupees to Malo Mart. A new Malo Mart will open in Castle Town. You can purchase magic armor

Cave Of Ordeals: Faster way through

Use the boomerang on the torches before you drop down into the room. This will open the door in the next room. You should only have to actually fight through about five or six rooms.

Cave Of Ordeals: Recommended equipment

First, you need the magic armor obtained after you donate enough money to Malo Mart. Having bottles full of potions to keep hearts up after your magic armor runs dry are not necessary. They will be used very fast and you will die by level 45 or very close to the end where you face several Darknuts. Keep fairies in the bottles. After you die you will be revived by one fairy in one of your bottles. Remember to use the ledge to your advantage. Try to pick off monsters with your arrows, but also try to pick up arrows that are on fire that the monsters have shot at you. This will add to your arrow count, but it will take awhile to fill the quiver if you have the giant version. You can also try this without the magic armor, but it is a lot more difficult.

Faron Woods: Cave's secret passage

Note: You must be able to switch to wolf form without being in the twilight. Go in the cave past the gate that leads to the foggy side of the woods, over by the person who sells lanterns and oil. Turn into a wolf and go to the first torch post that you see. Turn on your senses and go to the wall opposite the torch post. There will be a giant dig spot against the wall. Dig down and it will take you directly to the trail that leads you to the foggy side of Faron Woods. This is very helpful because you will go past all of the enemies.

Fishing hole: Hidden mini-game

At the fishing hole, just after coming down from Zora's Domain, is the canoe rental. Instead of going in there, go towards the Howling Stone and enter the fishing hole. Once in there you will notice a house. Go inside. Once there you should notice (if you talked to the fishing woman) that you can zoom in on various objects by pressing the C-button then looking at something. Go to the right  Wii  or left  Gamecube   to find a desk-like location with a game box on it. This game is called Roal Goal, and costs 5 rupees. You will get 10 rupees for winning. Note: There is a bee-hive at the back of the building outside for you to disturb.

Gerudo Desert temple: Rats

When you are in certain room of the temple and begin to walk funny (almost as if you have the Iron Boots on), transform into a wolf and turn on your senses. You will find that little rats have attached themselves to you. Use the wolf's spin attack to kill them. Turn back into a human and you will be able to walk and run normally again.

Gerudo Desert temple: Skeletons

When you are in the temple and you come into contact with the large skeletons that paralyze you when they shriek, continually press A to roll out of the way just before they hit your paralyzed body with their sword.
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Lake Hylia: Fairy box:

Go to Lake Hylia. Start at the spring where the Lanayru spirit is located. Turn the opposite direction of the waterfall and walk up the wooden bridge. You will end up in an area where there is another wooden bridge in front of you. You should be in an area with three ways to continue, left, straight, and right. On your right should be a bridge to the cannon man. Go straight, then there should be a ladder to your left. Climb up that ladder. Once you get to the top, climb up the small ridge on your left. There should be a small pond here. In the middle is a floating box. Pick up the box and break it. There should be a fairy inside. Note: Any time you leave the lake and return to this location, the box will reappear and another fairy will be inside. (Screenshot)

Sacred Grove: Giant puzzle

At the entrance to the Sacred Grove, you will howl from a symbol on the ground (resembling the Triforce) to make two stone giants come to life on a group of blocks. They will ask you to lead them to their sentry post by hopping on the blocks. Jump in the following pattern: left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, right then finally up. They will congratulate you and allow you to pass on to the Master Sword.

Getting through the Sacred Grove is not easy, but is much like the Lost Woods in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, in that you will have subtle hints. When you reach any tunnel, look to the grass on the other side. If you are moving in the correct direction there will be bright spots on the ground. If you are moving in the wrong direction there will be normal lighting.

Sacred Grove: Avoid getting lost

If you go to the Sacred Grove at night, you can see the imp's light if you get lost.