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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Wii)

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Walkthrough (Xbox)


Created Fighters

Defeating Blaze

  • Use Kreate A Fighter and these moves. Weapon Sword (for example, Ninja Sword), and these moves: Face Slash, Neck Thruster, Belly Splitter, Twisted Teal Secret, Chest Stab. All are stun and knock down moves. When fighting Blaze stick mostly with your weapon and these moves.
  • Use the following trick to defeat Blaze easily in Konquest mode. Keep using the Dragon Dash Charge move. When Blaze gets knocked down, wait a few seconds for him to get back up. When you knock him down, keep him down and stand close to Blaze. Block every once in awhile so that he does not hit you. Try not to use too many combo breaks or you will not be able to block Blaze's moves. You may not need to do this strategy too many times.

Taven: Armor

Complete the indicated tasks in Konquest mode to get the corresponding piece of armor.

Chestplate: Defeat Sub-Zero in the Lin Kuei Palace.
Gauntlets: Found in the Netherrealm in the area when you jump down after the fiery meteor falls from the sky.

Armory: Smiling fatality

Execute the Crusher death trap in the Armory on Kai. You will see his severed head is clearly smiling.

Bell Tower: Fatality

On the lower level of the Bell Tower stage, wait until "Finish Him" appears then uppercut. Make sure you are not near the bell. Your opponent will fall through the floor into a spike, slide down, then have his arms and legs get cut off by four sharp blades on the bottom of the spike. Then a rat will appear and steal a leg.

Bell Tower: Extra damage

Knock your opened in the lower bell area, then get them in the middle of the stage and uppercut. You will send them into the bell, taking 10% of damage and scoring 50 Koins if you are on a profile.
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Prison: Fatality

In the Prison stage, where you see Sektor closing the doors, wait until "Finish Him" appears then uppercut. Make sure you are under the fan in the middle of the stage. Your opponent will launch up and get splattered across the room, with blood and guts everywhere.

Subway: Fatality

Hit your opponent onto the tracks to get them run over.

Easy Koins

  • Start a two player Versus match. Defeat player two with a Savage fatality. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of Koins. Note: This only works only for regular characters and not Bosses.
  • Start single player game in Arcade mode. Defeat your CPU opponent with a Savage fatality. Repeat this until you reach the Boss, then just defeat him and repeat until you have the desired amount of Koins. Note: This only works with regular characters and not Bosses.

Easy Fireball puzzle

When you are in Lin Kui Stronghold and must get through the corridors to find the switches and open the door, the fireballs appear in quick intervals, making the puzzle difficult. To make things easier, allow yourself get killed twice. At this point, the intervals of the fireballs will slow down significantly, making it easy to find the switches, relics, armor, and coins.

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