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Mortal Kombat (Arcade)

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Cheat Codes

Ed Boon menu

Press Player 1 Block(5), Player 2 Block(10), Player 1 Block(2), Player 2 Block, Player 1 Block(2), Player 2 Block(3), Player 1 Block(4) at the "Press Start" screen.




Defeating Goro and Shang Tsung

Play as Scorpion and harpoon Goro (Away, Away, Low Punch) immediately following an uppercut (Away + Low Punch). Repeat this technique to defeat Goro and face Shang Tsung. Use the same technique to defeat him.

Fight against Reptile

Look for shadows to appear across the moon in The Pit stage. If this happens, do the following steps. Do not press Block during the match. Have a Double Flawless victory against your opponent and finish him or her with a fatality. You will then fight Reptile. If you lose, you will have to do the steps again. If you win, you will get 10,000,000 points. Note: This cannot be done using Scorpion or Sonya on v3.0 machines because you must press Block to do their fatality. However on v4.0 machines you can play as Scorpion and Sonya because you can do their fatality by using Block. However you can only press Block when you are doing their fatality on those machines.


Fight Goro without getting hurt

On the stage before Goro pops out, back yourself into a corner. Allow your opponent to follow you there, then defeat them without using your fatality. Continue to hold Away and you should be walking backwards in place with your back in the corner. As Goro appears, continue holding Away. Immediately after Goro leans back to let out his scream, press Up + Away to backflip, then release the Joystick so that it goes back to its neutral position. Your character should backflip, then rise up and out of the screen leaving just your shadow on the playing field. You are now invincible when fighting Goro.