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Mortal Kombat (Plug and Play)

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Fight against Reptile

Start a single player game. When you are at "The Pit" stage, win with a Double Flawless Victory and perform a fatality (not "The Pit" fatality) without blocking. A message will appear. After defeating Reptile you will be given with 1,000,000 points.



Win Endurance match 3 with Raiden and hold [Block] when it says to finish him. Continue holding [Block]. When Goro stomps the ground and roars, release [Block] during the first roar. The background will be dark, and you can go off the screen and still attack Goro.
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When fighting Shang Tsung, get to the corner. When your opponent is close enough to sweep, do a teleport punch. They will turn and do a fireball. Do a spear, and when he morphs, the game will need to load each time.

Finishing the wrong person

Play a single player game and reach any endurance battle. After you kill the second opponent and the game says "Finish Him/Her", throw your foe and step over the dead body of your first opponent. Then, perform a fatality. Your fighter will perform the fatality on the first opponent. This has a different result for each of the different fatalities.


During a Mirror match with Raiden, perform a torpedo move just as you are standing up. Raiden will still be using his standing up palette colors.