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Mortal Kombat (Vita)

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Cheat Codes

Augmented Reality arena

This mode allows a fight to occur in an arena with a real world background as captured from the rear camera. It also features birds from Mortal Kombat 2 flying across in the background. Select the "Practice Mode" mode option in the "Training" section at the main menu. Press Triangle at the character selection screen to display the arena selection screen. Press L + R to enable Augmented Reality mode. Shao Kahn will laugh to confirm correct code entry. Select your characters and start Practice mode.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation Vita trophy rewards.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): You've unlocked all Trophies!
Halfway There! (Bronze): Complete Story Mode 50%.
Back In Time... (Silver): Complete Story Mode 100%.
A For Effort (Bronze): Complete Tutorial Mode.
Fatality! (Bronze): Perform a Fatality!.
Block This! (Bronze): Perform a 10-hit combo with any fighter.
The Grappler (Bronze): Perform every fighter's forward and backwards throws.
Where's The Arcade? (Bronze): Complete Arcade Ladder with Any Fighter.
Arcade Champion (Silver): Complete Arcade Ladder with All Fighters.
Finish What You Start! (Bronze): Perform a Fatality with all playable fighters.
Touch and Go (Bronze): Perform 1 "-ality" using the PlayStationVita system touchscreen.
Ladder Master (Bronze): Complete Arcade Ladder on max difficulty without using a continue.
Don't Jump! (Bronze): Win A Ranked Online Match without jumping.
What Does This Button Do?? (Bronze): Complete Arcade Ladder without blocking (allowed to continue).
Tough Guy! (Bronze): Win a Versus Match.
Robots Rule! (Bronze): Win Arcade Tag Ladder with robot Sektor and Cyrax.
Outstanding! (Silver): Win 10 Ranked Online Matches in a row.
Cyber Challenger (Bronze): Complete 100 Versus Matches.
Wavenet... (Silver): Win 100 total Versus Matches.
Humiliation (Bronze): Get a Flawless Victory in a Versus Match.
Tower Recruit (Bronze): Complete 50 bonus tower missions.
Undertaker (Bronze): Unlock 50% of the Krypt.
The Krypt Keeper (Silver): Unlock 100% of the Krypt.
There Will Be Blood! (Bronze): Spill 10000 pints of blood.
License to Kill (Bronze): Complete Fatality Trainer.
Tower Champion (Silver): Complete 100 bonus tower missions.
Throws Are For Champs (Bronze): Perform 8 throws in an Online Ranked Match.
Balancing Act (Bronze): Complete all Test Your Balance mini-game challenges.
Slice of Life (Bronze): Swipe your way through a set of all-new mini-game challenges.
Luck Be A Lady (Bronze): Get all MK Dragons in Test Your Luck.
e-X-cellent! (Bronze): Successfully land every playable fighter's X-Ray.
Tower God (Gold): Complete all 150 bonus tower missions.
You've Got Style! (Bronze): Unlock all Alternate Costumes.
My Kung Fu Is Strong (Silver): Gain Mastery of 1 Fighter.
My Kung Fu Is Stronger (Gold): Gain Mastery of All Fighters.
I "Might" Be the Strongest (Bronze): Complete all Test Your Might mini-game challenges.
Dim Mak! (Bronze): Complete all Test Your Strike mini-game challenges.
These Aren't My Glasses! (Bronze): Complete all Test Your Sight mini-game challenges.
Tower Apprentice (Bronze): Complete 25 Tower missions.
Tower Master (Silver): Complete all Tower missions.
Tag, You're It! (Bronze): Perform and land a Tag Combo.

Additionally there are ten secret trophies.

Three's Company (Silver): Unlock Kenshi, Skarlet, and Rain Alternate Costumes.
Best...Alternate...Ever! (Bronze): Unlock Mileena's 3rd Alternate Costume.
Complet-ality (Bronze): Perform 1 of each type of "-ality".
Finish Him? (Bronze): Perform any fighter's hidden finishing move.
Ultimate Humiliation (Silver): Perform every fighter's hidden finishing move.
The Fall Guy! (Bronze): Discover all the deathtraps in Test Your Balance.
You Found Me! (Bronze): Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder.
Hide and Seek (Bronze): Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 2 in Arcade Ladder.
Pit Master (Bronze): Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 3 in Arcade Ladder.
Brotherhood of Shadow (Bronze): Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 4 in Arcade Ladder.


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