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Moshi Monsters

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter your username and password, then enter one of the following codes. Then click "Login" to begin game play. Note: Codes will expire over time or number of redemptions.

Effect Code
Blobert moshimoshi11
Confetti Rocket profpurplex6
Fossil dailygrowl74
Fun Flowers fangtastic
Hamsterball moshlingzoo1
Mr Juggles moshifunpark
R2 Trashcan gingersnap11
Radiant Roxy Rose Seeds hobbididance
Rainbow Maker googenhime22
Shakesfear Bust bardbrain
Switchy Tyre Swing nay76767
Telegroan Booth ringring
Turbo Top bigbadbill31
Flaming Sword of Awesomeness 9mt4gmc4nm4y
Lost Marbles of Eggleton 6gw7areyh49u
Karat Shiny Parrot n8ad6679t7cy
Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser 9g4k3p9mltfp
Shimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire x4d8u834e3xf
Black Pearl of Potion Ocean jkydpd7xctdr
Goblet of Goosebump Gultch r7ckafnjdpgu
Haunted Diamond Tiara 33r3hdhd8t6y
Cheeky Gargoyle raspberry
Scary Gargoyle roarsome
Emergentea revivalcuppa934
Moshi Big Egg gianteggy88
Moshi Mug slurp1
Daily Challenge Puzzle Floor tesla
Squishy Stool monsters
Animated Disco Floor puzzlepalace
Glumpcake Wallpaper adventure
Lavaflow Floor sludgestreet
Wiggly Wallpaper port
Dragon Wall Art firey
Rainbow Painting rain3ow
3D Glasses redandgreen
Dustin Beaver Poster giftisland23
Fizbang Poster disco
GB Eye Moshi Monsters Poster djquack2
Glump Wallpaper adventure
IGGY Champ Poster ranch
Moshling Collection Chart allmoshlings
Monstro City Map monstrocity1
One World Liberty Poster oneworld
Top Trumps Poster amphisbaenae
Dr Strangeglove Poster volcano
100 Rox 50million
100 Rox 3yellowphone
100 Rox flingprize
200 Rox readerbonus6
200 Rox brainy101
100 Rox 15blobertcandy


Mopod and Arby's codes

Enter the following codes in the Mopod or Arby's code box to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Effect Code
Fun Flowers fangtastic
Squishy Stool monsters
Wiggly Wallpaper port
Rainbow Maker googenhime22
Blobert moshimoshi11
R2 Trashcan gingersnap11
Confetti Rocket profpurplex6
Turbo Top Toy bigbadbill31
Moshling Top Trumps Poster amphisbaenae
Moshling Poster allmoshlings
Dustbin Beaver giftisland23
Map Of Monstro City monstrocity1
Snail Fossil dailygrowl74
The Juggling Toy moshifunpark
Lava Floor sludgestreet
Animated Dance Floor puzzlepalace
Hamsterball moshlingzoo1
The Flaming Sword of Awesomeness 9mt4gmc4nm4y
Lost Marbles of Eggleton 6gw7areyh49u
18 Karat Shiny Parrot n8ad6679t7cy
Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser 9g4k3p9mltfp
Shimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire x4d8u834e3xf
Black Pearl of Potion Ocean jkydpd7xctdr
Goblet of Goosebump Gultch r7ckafnjdpgu
Haunted Diamond Tiara 33r3hdhd8t6y


Secret Moshlings

Use the following combinations to create the indicated Moshling.

Angel (unicorn/pegasus): Magic + Pepper + Pepper; or Magic + Pepper + Star.
Big Bad Bill (voodoo man): Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star.
Blurp (blowfish): Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon.
Bonkers (squirrel with an acorn): Black Daisy + Pink Moon + Black Dragon; or Red Moon + Black Moon + Blue Daisy.
Burnie (dragon): 2 Red Apple + 1 Blue Daisy.
Cali (mermaid): Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon.
Cleo: Blue Daisy + Pink Daisy + Yellow Apple.
Cleo (worldie): Purple Star + Black Star + Yellow Star.
Chop Chop (monkey): 3 Dragons.
Coolio (ice cream): Pink Apple + Love + Black Star.
Cutie Pie (cupcake): Blue Dragon + Pink Star + Purple Daisy.
Dipsy (cloud): Red/Pink Moon + Yellow Moon + Yellow Love.
DJ Quack (duck): Dragon + Moon + Star.
Doris (rhinosaurus): 3 Moons.
Ecto (ghost): Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper.
Fifi (puppy): Pink Pepper + Yellow Magic + Red Dragon.
Flumpy (pluff): Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star.
Fumble (starfish): Red Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/? Magic.
General Fuzukie (warrior): Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper.
Gigi (unicorn): Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper.
Gingersnap (roughed up cat): Magic + Love + Pepper.
Gurgle (dragon): Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love.
Hansel (gingerbread): Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon.
Honey (rabbit): Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple.
Humphrey (hippo): Daisy + Magic + Pepper.
Iggy (floating purple creature): 2 Purple Daisy + Black Moon.
Jeepers (tiger): Blue Apple + Pink Love + Red Daisy.
Kissy (baby ghost): Purple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic.
Lady Meowford (white cat): Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Purple Star.
Liberty (worldie): Any Apple + Yellow Dragon + Blue Star.
McNulty (puppy): Yellow Apple + Purple Star + Black Apple.
Mini Ben (worldie): Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Blue Love.
Mr. Snoodle (elephant): Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper.
Oddie (doughnut): Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star.
Peppy Penguin (penguin): Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic.
Pooky (dinosaur with egg on head): 2 Magic Beans + Moon Orchid.
Priscilla (horse with tiara): Yellow Apple + Red Moon + Blue Moon.
Professor Purplex (owl): Red/Blue Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow Moon.
Purdy (pink fluffy cat): Dragon + Moon + Dragon.
Rocky (worldie): Red Pepper + Black Apple + Purple Apple.
Scamp (puppy): Pink Dragon+ Blue Moon + Black Apple
Shelby (turtle): Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Blue Magic.
Shishi (panda): Black Daisy + Red Dragon + Yellow Pepper.
Snookums (dinosaur): 3 Stars.
Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat): Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic.
Squidge (fluffy flying creature): Star + Pepper + Dragon.
Stanley (seahorse): 2 Love Berries + 1 Dragon Fruit.
Tiki (toucan): Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love.
Waldo (nerdy squirrel): Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star.
White Fang (puppy): Blue Moon + Any Love + Any Star.


Easy Rox

  • Plant three magic beans. Wait until they are grown. When you dig them out you will get 1 to 100 Rox depending on your monster's health.
  • You can replay the Daily Challenge for more Rox. Right Click your monster, then go home to undo the click. Drink a Toad Soda, then go to the Daily Challenge. Click on it then play it again. You can get between 5 to 1,000 Rox. Note: You must do this before you have already completed it for the day.
  • Note: You must be a member for this trick. When you go to the port you will see Rox trees. To get the Rox of the tree, simply click the tree. Once you have shaken them all, sign out then sign back in again. Go back into the port and the Rox will be back on the trees.
  • Buy three of any desired flower. Plant them and go home. Go straight back and you might see something blue growing. Place the pointer over it and it will read "Rox Flower". Once it is fully grown, try to shake it. If you do not get all the Rox, log out and log back in again. Shake it again and more Rox will come out.
  • Go to the garden cart on Main Street to buy Moshlings. Buy three Rox flowers then go to the Moshling garden. Plant them then wait for them to grow fully. Dig them up. You will get at least 100 Rox.
  • Make sure you have 999 happiness and health. Go to the port or Main Street and buy three dragon fruits. Plant them in your garden. Once they have fully grown, you may see a Rox plant. Dig it up and you will get between 20 and 50 Rox. If you do not have a Rox plant, a Chopchop (monkey) will be there instead.
  • Go to the Puzzle Palace and do the daily quiz. As long as you get over ten answers correct, you should get at least 100 Rox. The amount you win depends on the speed you are answering the questions. You can go back to the Puzzle Palace then to the Hall Of Puzzles. Click on a random one, then leave it. At the end you will get 5 Rox as usual. Although this is not much, if you keep repeating the process you can get 115 Rox every day if you do all the puzzles.
  • If you are doing very badly in the daily challenge and know that you are not going get a lot of Rox, log out before the you earn the Rox and the quiz ends. Log back in and you can have another chance. Repeat this until you know you are doing well.
  • Go to the Puzzle Palace, then click on the Hall Of Puzzles. Play any game. It does not matter if you get the answers correct, you will still end up with 5 Rox. You can also allow the game to idle and still get the same amount of Rox.

Faster growing Moshling Seeds

  • Plant any desired Moshling Seeds. Log off and wait between five and twenty minutes. Log back in and your plant will have grown.
  • Log on and check on how your Moshling Seeds are doing. Plant some if desired, then play some games while for 10 to 15 minutes. Return and check on the Moshling Seeds. There is no need to log off.
  • Moshling Seeds only grow fast if you play puzzles for fifteen to twenty minutes. The puzzles require one minute per game. Do not log off. If you do not play puzzles you will have to wait more than ten hours.
  • Go to main street and buy flowers any type at the cart. Go home click on your door. Go to the garden then plant the seeds. Log off for 10 to 25 minutes then log back in. They will grow very fast.
  • Plant your seeds, log out, and wait for about three hours. Log back on and your flower should be close to or fully grown. If it is close to fully grown, log out again for about thirty minutes.
  • Plant your seeds, then log out for ten minutes. Log on again and your flower will have grown about 1 cm.

Rox Plant

Plant any two seeds and wait until they are fully grown. Then, plant a third seed. Leave the Moshling Gardens then immediately go back in. If there is a small blue object instead of your plant, do not dig it up. Just allow it to grow.

Easy leveling

  • Note: This works if you are nearly at another level. Buy two of your monster's favorite food twice. Feed both of them to it. Log out and wait for five minutes. Log back in again and go to the mall. Buy the cheapest clothes you can find and go to the dress up room. Put them on and go to your house. You will then reach the next level. If desired you can take off the clothing.
  • Play the game every day. Each time you go on, play the daily challenge. Your Levelometer should have gone up significantly. Then, play three to five other puzzles. This should increase it again. Also, plant Moshling seeds to make your levelometer increase. After all that is done, go back home and you may level up.
  • Enter your monster's house then click the "View Profile" option above your monster's health bar. Learn what his favorite food is, then buy it. Give it to your monster. Also find out its favorite game and play it.
  • Read your monsters profile and learn their favorite food and game. Buy the food before the stock ends (every fifteen minutes). Feed it to your monster. Play the daily challenge. If done well, the levo-meter will increase, however level 3 and over will not level up immediately afterwards. Play your monster's favorite game. Try to beat your record and the meter will go up slightly. Buy more favorite foods and feed them.
  • When your monster's health and happiness is 400 or less, do the daily challenge. Log off. On the next day, do the same thing again. Repeat this for one or two weeks, then give your monster lots of food.
  • Go to Puzzle Palace and play the daily challenge. This increase your level significantly. If you are very close to finishing your currently level this will work better. Then, do a few puzzles from the Hall Of Puzzles. If it does not work, then do the entire hall. You will also get a lot of Rox.

Horrods: Replace Acid Fountain

Note: You must be a member. Go to Horrods. If the acid fountain is not there, go to the Port. Go into Colorama and turn the monster red and blue. Then, go home with a Cup O Gruel. Eat the Cup O Gruel. Go to Bab's Boutique and get a tag of the monster that you are. Go to Horrods and the Acid Fountain might have replaced something on the end of the top line.

Butter game

Avoid getting hit by bugs. They will make you lose time. Do get hit by the beetles. They make you lose double time. Try to get large amounts of butterflies.


  • If you are level 1 or 2 and your monster is not very happy, go shopping. Every item you buy adds a bit of happiness to your monster.
  • When at home, highlight your monster with the pointer. Hold the pointer over your monster and move it around to tickle it and increase its happiness. Note: They do not like to be tickled too much. If they get annoyed, stop tickling and walk around the streets for awhile. Then, return and tickle it again.
  • Go to the flower cart and purchase some flowers. Then, visit your garden and plant your flowers.
  • Feed your monster. To buy food, go to Main Street then find the Gross-ery store.
  • Customize your monster's house with items from the following shops: Yukea (Main Street), Bizzare-Bazzare (Main Street), and Diy Shop (Sludge Street).
  • Use rare items. If the tag in the items has a clover leaf, it is a rare item. Note: They rarely appear and the stocks change at 15 minutes.
  • Visit your monster a minimum of every three days in case it gets bored or hungry.
  • Play the daily challenge and other puzzles every time you log in.
  • Ask people in the streets to be your friend and go on someone's house on their pinboard and ask them to be your friend.
  • Talk two people on your pinboard.
  • Go to the Puzzle Palace. Play most of the games on the Hall Of Puzzle, making sure you include your monster's favorite.
  • Buy a cheap outfit for your monster (you can sell it after) and put it on your monster.
  • Buy a cheap item and place it in your room.
  • Tickle your monster three times, then click the door. Wait about three seconds, then return to your room. Tickle your monster again, only once. Click the door again and wait about three seconds. Tickle your monster twice. Keep repeating this until your monster gets very happy.

Restoring health

When your monster's health is very low, click the door and go onto Main Street. Go to the food shop and buy a Roarberry Cheese Cake. Go home and feed it to your monster. Its health bar should increase a lot. To have it go up a bit more, look in your monster's profile and buy its favorite food. If this does not work, buy more cheesecake.

Having your monster talk

When at home, click your monster's head. Your monster will say various things. If you change what your house looks like, your monster will comment on it.

Easy Daily Challenge

If you are doing very badly in the Daily Challenge and have a large number of questions wrong, click "Home" before the quiz ends. Then, go back to the puzzles and you can do it again.