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My Kingdom

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Builder: Build 10 buildings.
Caravaneer: Have 6 units in your caravan.
Collector: Collect 20 different goods.
Craftsman: Produce 1 craft.
Diplomat: Have 10 contacts.
Distiller: Collect whiskey, sake, and vodka.
Donkey Lover: Own 15 donkeys.
Failed Larcenist: Fail at stealing 250 times.
Great Builder: Build 25 buildings.
Great Caravaneer: Have 12 units in your caravan.
Great Collector: Collect 40 different goods.
Great Craftsman: Produce 4 different crafts.
Great Larcenist: Steal from 25 locations.
Great Rogue: Have bad relations with 15 players.
Great Saboteur: Sabotage 25 locations.
Great Salesman: Fulfill 15 sales requests.
Great Settler: Build 4 settlements.
Great Traveler: Visit 16 countries.
Great Treasure Hunter: Find 40 Treasures.
Great Wayfarer: Visit 10 locations.
Larcenist: Steal from 10 locations.
Master Builder: Build 75 buildings.
Master Caravaneer: Have 25 units in your caravan.
Master Collector: Collect 60 different goods.
Master Craftsman: Produce 12 different crafts.
Master Larcenist: Steal from 100 locations.
Master Rogue: Have bad relations with 40 players.
Master Saboteur: Sabotage 50 locations.
Master Salesman: Fulfill 45 sales requests.
Master Settler: Build 10 settlements.
Master Traveler: Visit 50 countries.
Master Treasure Hunter: Find 125 Treasures.
Master Wayfarer: Visit 100 locations.
Rogue: Have bad relations with 5 players.
Saboteur: Sabotage 10 locations.
Salesman: Fulfill 5 sales requests.
Settler: Build 1 settlement.
Sushi Chef: Collect salmon fillet, trout fillet, and white rice.
Traveler: Visit 4 countries.
Vegetarian: Collect barley, chickpeas, potatoes, rice, and rye.
Wayfarer: Visit 1 location.
Worthy: Receive 25 respects.