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NBA 2K6 (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

PowerBar cheat codes

Select the "Features" option at the main menu, then select "The Crib". Look around until the PowerBar vending machine comes into view. Zoom in to it then scroll to the bottom button, which is labeled "Enter Code". Select the button and use the onscreen keyboard to enter one of the following case-sensitive codes. Return to the main menu, and the corresponding PowerBar cheat will appear. Highlight the cheat option and enable it. Note: Some codes are entered at the standard code screen.

Air Zoom Kobe 1 shoes

Enter KOBE as a code.

Lebron James Summer shoes

Enter lebronsummerkicks as a code.

Lebron James crimson and black shoes

Enter lb crimsonblack as a code.

Lebron James white and gold shoes

Enter lb whitegold as a code.

Lebron James All-Star red and white shoes

Enter lb allstar as a code.

Lebron James Birthday black and silver shoes

Enter lb bday as a code.

Shawn Marion Nike Shox MTX shoes

Enter crazylift as a code.

Uptempo Nike shoes

Enter anklebreakers as a code.

Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and New York Knicks St. Patrick's Day uniforms

Enter gogreen as a code.

Boston Celtics alternate green and black road uniforms:

Enter bos 2nd as a code.

Chicago Bulls throwback uniforms

Enter chi retro as a code.

Cleveland Cavaliers alternate navy blue road uniforms

Enter cle 2nd as a code.

Denver Nuggets alternate navy blue road uniforms

Enter den 2nd as a code.

Detroit Pistons alternate red road uniforms

Enter det 2nd as a code.

Houston Rockets throwback uniforms

Enter hou retro as a code.

Los Angeles Clippers throwback uniforms

Enter lac retro as a code.

Memphis Grizzlies throwback uniforms

Enter mem retro as a code.

Miami Heat throwback uniforms

Enter mia retro as a code.

New Jersey Nets throwback uniforms

Enter nj retro as a code.

New York Knicks throwback uniforms

Enter ny retro as a code.

Orlando Magic throwback uniforms

Enter orl retro as a code.
ba, ty

Phoenix Suns throwback uniforms

Enter phx retro as a code.

Phoenix Suns throwback uniforms

Enter phx retro as a code.

Sacramento Kings alternate gold road uniforms

Enter sac 2nd as a code.

Washington Wizards throwback uniforms

Enter was retro as a code.

East and West All-Star uniforms

Enter fanfavorites as a code.

Celebrity players unlocked in 24/7 mode

Enter ballers as a code.

2K Sports team

Enter 2ksports as a code.

NBA 2K6 team

Enter nba2k6 as a code.

Visual Concepts team

Enter vcteam as a code.

+10 Defensive Awareness

Enter lockdown as a code.

+10 Offensive Awareness

Enter getaclue as a code.

Power Bar tattoo in the create player mode

Enter pbink as a code.

No Quick Game injuries

Enter noinjury as a code.

No Quick Game fatigue

Enter nrgmax as a code.


Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Get a Triple-Double (250 points): Get a triple-double.
Grab 20 Rebounds (250 points): Get 20 rebounds the same player.
Make 15 3-Pointers in One Game (150 points): Make fifteen 3-pointers in the same game.
Score 140 Points (200 points): Score 140 total points with any team.
Score 50 Points (150 points): Score 50 points with a single player.



Get 100 VIP credits, then go to your Crib. Go to an empty table behind the black couch. You can buy mini-balls to unlock the following teams.

International Allstars
Classic Lakers
Classic Celtics
Classic 76ers
Class of 2000
Class of 2001
Class of 2002
Class of 2003

Extra Stamina

Go to the vending machine and press X  PlayStation2  or A  Xbox    Xbox 360  . Select a Power Bar to get +5 Stamina during the next game.


360 while on a fast break

Run towards the basket and move the Analog-stick Left for a fancy dunk. While doing this, rotate the Right Analog-stick once clockwise.

Recommended team

Note: these are all celebrities.

PG: Method Man
SG: Redman
SF: Flava Flav
PF: Aceyalone
C: Joe Budden


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