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NBA Live 06 (Xbox 360)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Press Y at the jersey selection screen before a game, then enter one of the following codes.

Adidas a3 Garnett 3 (white and blue) shoe

Enter DRI239CZ49 as a code.

Jordan Melo 5.5 (white and varsity maize) shoe

Enter ZXDR7362Q1 as a code.

Jordan Melo 5.5 (white and baby blue) shoe

Enter 5223WERPII as a code.

Jordan XIV (black and red) shoe

Enter 144FVNHM35 as a code.

Jordan XIV (white and green) shoe

Enter 67YFH9839F as a code.

Jordan XIV (white and red) shoe

Enter 743HFDRAU8 as a code.

Boston Celtics alternate away uniform

Enter 193KSHU88J as a code.

Boston Celtics St. Patrick's Day uniform

Enter ACHOU7820J as a code.

Chicago Bulls St. Patrick's Day uniform

Enter SKL29FXLK8 as a code.

Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform

Enter 9922NVDKVT as a code.

Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform

Enter XWETJK72FC as a code.

Detroit Pistons red alternate away uniform

Enter JANTWIKBS6 as a code.

Sacramento Kings 2005-2006 alternate uniform

Enter 654NNBFDWA as a code.

East All-Star home uniform

Enter 234SDFGHMO as a code.
unee, yed,

East All-Star away uniform

Enter XCVB5387EQ as a code.

West All-Star home uniform

Enter 2J9UWABNP1 as a code.

West All-Star away uniform

Enter 39N56B679J as a code.


Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

All-Star: A player on your team makes the All-Star team in season mode.
All-Star Difficulty Win (50 points): Defeat a CPU opponent under the All-Star difficulty.
Best Regular Season Record (150 points): Have the best record at the end of the regular season in season mode.
Clinched Playoffs: Have your team make the playoffs in season mode.
Coach of the Year (100 points): Have your team's coach win the Coach Of The Year award in season mode.
Most Valuable Player (150 points): A player on your team wins the MVP award in season mode.
NBA Champions (200 points): Win the NBA Championship in season mode.
NBA Live 06 Created Player: Create a player.
Online Win: Win a game on Xbox Live.
Rookie Difficulty Win (10 points): Defeat the CPU under the Rookie difficulty.
Starter Difficulty Win (30 points): Defeat the CPU under the Starter difficulty.
Superstar Difficulty Win (75 points): Defeat the CPU under the Superstar difficulty.


Easy My NBA Live points

  • Make a perfect team and simulate the whole season. At the end of the playoffs you will get a call that says how many points for season tasks you got. Usually if your team is good you will get about 8,000 points to spend. This takes time, but it also gets you a lot of points.
  • Get a created player and edit your gameplay settings to all shots 100. Set the quarter length to 2 minutes and shoot 100% for the game. You should get about 2,500 points every time you do this.

Freestyle superstar stats

The following are the minimum set of stats required to be able to become a freestyle superstar. All stats listed must be at least 80 unless otherwise specified.

Field Goals
Dunking: 85
Inside Scoring
Jumping: 85
Field Goals
Free Throws: 90
Quickness: 92
Speed: 92
Dribbling: 85
Off Awareness: 81
Stamina: 85
Power Player
Def. Awareness
Def. Rebounds
Scorer Inside
Field Goals
Inside Scoring: 85
Off. Rebounds
Strength 83
Off. Awareness: 85
Stamina: 85
Scorer Outside
Field Goals: 85
Quickness: 85
Off. Awareness: 87
Stamina: 85
Field Goals
3 pointers: 85
Free Throws: 90
Off. Awareness
Stamina: 85
Stopper Inside
Off. Rebounding: 90
Jumping: 90
Strength: 88
Def. Rebounding
Def. Awareness
Stamina: 85
Stopper Outside
Quickness: 85
Speed: 88
Def. Awareness
Stamina: 85

Easy points

To get easy points in Play Now or any other mode, get an outside scorer and press LT + X. He will put the ball behind his back lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by a inside stopper and always works.

If you are a Pistons fan, change Chauncey Billups to Scorer Outside. Go to the hole and hold LT + A. He will score most of the time.

Throw ball to self

Click the Right Analog-stick to throw the ball up to yourself.

Playmaker passes

Use the following passes to fake out your opponent.

No look pass: Hold LB and press Y(2).
Behind the back pass: Hold LB and press X(2).
Bounce pass: Hold LB and press A(2).
Behind head (Skip To My Lou) pass: Hold LB and press B(2).


Execute the following actions to perform the corresponding dunk.

Alley Oop To Self: Hold LT + Y while on a fast break.
Cockback: Hold LT + X.
Lay up: Hold LT + B.
Leaning Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap A.
One Handed: Hold LT and tap X.
One Handed Windmill: Hold LT + A.
Two Handed Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap B.
Two Handed Windmill: Hold LT + Y.
Various dunks: Hold LT and tap Y.


Two Shaqs

Go to "Sign/Release Player", and select Miami on the left and the Legend Pool on the right. Sign Shaq from the Legend Pool to Miami. Miami now has two Shaqs.


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