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NBA Live 08 (PSP)

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Unique Challenge bonuses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonuses.

  • 1980's All-Stars, Cavaliers 1986-87 Away Jersey, Mavericks 1989-90 Away Jersey: With the Spurs leading Nuggets 76-75; score 9 points with Michael Finley and win the game.
  • Celtics 1962-63 Away Jersey, Bulls 1946-47 Away Jersey, Jazz 2002-03 Alternate Jersey: With 3:26 remaining in the fourth quarter, Suns beating Lakers 103-95; score 4 points, have 3 assists with Steve Nash, and win the game.
  • Timberwolves 1992-93 Home Jersey, Nets 1975-76 Home Jersey, Hornets 1990-91 Home Jersey: With 4:33 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Bulls and Bucks tied at 105; get 3 rebounds with Ben Wallace and win the game.
  • Suns 1996-97 Alternate Jersey, Wizards 1971-72 Away Jersey: Beat Ben Gordon in a best of five series in two ball with a 3 minute time limit or first to 50; play as Deron Williams.
  • Pacers 2005-06 Home Jersey, Clippers 1974-75 Home, Lakers 1971-72 Home Jersey: With 5 minutes remaining in the second overtime and the New Jersey Nets and Suns tied at 143; score 9 points with Steve Nash and win the game.
  • Kings 1972-73 Away Jersey, Spurs 1973-74 Home Jersey, Knicks 1952-53 Away Jersey: Score 8 points with Stephen Jackson and win the game with 3:34 remaining in the fourth quarter (winning by 5).
  • Clippers 1974-75 Away Jersey, Lakers 1961-62 Home Jersey, Grizzilies 2003-04 Home Jersey: Score 18 points with Tracy McGrady to rally Houston and beat Sacramento with 7:19 left in the fourth quarter (losing by 2).
  • Spurs 1979-80 Home Jersey, Supersonics 1978-79 Home Jersey, Jazz 1976-77 Home Jersey: Score 10 points with Adam Morrison to lead the Bobcats to a win over the Indiana Pacers with 3:58 remaining in the fourth quarter (losing by 2).
  • Hornets 1967-68 Home Jersey, Knicks 1979-80 Home Jersey, Magic 2002-03 Home Jersey: With 3:40 remaining in the fourth quarter and Denver beating Memphis 90-89, score 4 points with Carmelo Anthony and win the game.
  • Kings 1961-62 Home Jersey, Spurs 1968-69 Home Jersey, Supersonics 1967-68 Home Jersey: with 2:38 remaining in fourth quarter and New York beating Miami 95-92, score 6 points with Jamal Crawford and win the game.
  • Jazz 1987-88 Home Jersey, Wizards 1995-96 Home Jersey, Hawks 1985-86 Away Jersey: With 3:40 remaining in second overtime with the Mavericks beating the Suns 122-120, score 6 points and grab a rebound with Amare Stoudemire to rally Phoenix and win the game.


Easy wins

With desired team and playing 5-on-5, the inside shots are the easiest to shoot. They will go in 99.9% of the time if you know how to shoot.
eiaaib, tupnli, i

From the main menu go into "My NBA Live". Select "Options", then "Gameplay Settings". Press R and set all the attributes up to 100. Press L and set all of the attributes down to 0. You will rarely miss a shot and the opposition will miss nearly every shot, including dunks and layups.

Win the jump off

As soon a game starts and the jump off is in play, rapidly tap Triangle and you will have the ball in your hands.


Be aware of each player's fatigue bar during a game. When a player's fatigue bar is low, make a player substitution and bring in some fresh legs. The more fatigued a player is, the less effective he will be. If you do not feel like manually substituting players yourself, set the "Autosubs" feature to "On" at the "Preferences" screen and let the CPU sub players in and out for you.


If you see an "Accomplishment Completed" overlay appear during game play, pause the game and select "The Crown". All accomplishments that have been completed during the current game will appear on the top of the list and all upcoming accomplishments for that game will be listed below.