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NFL Blitz (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Game Play
Tournament mode Goal Post, Goal Post, Goal Post
Faster passes Helmet, NFL Logo, NFL Logo
Speedster Goal Post, NFL Logo, EA Logo
Fast turbo drain Helmet, Headset, NFL Logo
More fumbles Helmet, Goal Post, NFL Logo
No first downs Goal Post, Headset, Goal Post
No fumbles Helmet, EA Logo, Headset
No interceptions Helmet, Helmet, EA Logo
No onside kicks Goal Post, Foam Finger, Foam Finger
No punting Goal Post, Goal Post, EA Logo
Power defense Goal Post, Whistle, Goal Post
Power offense Helmet, Foam Finger, Helmet
No stepping out of bounds Helmet, EA Logo, EA Logo
Unlimited Turbo Helmet, NFL Logo, Goal Post
Big head player Foam Finger, Helmet, EA Logo
Big head team Foam Finger, NFL Logo, Foam Finger
Tiny head team Foam Finger, Goal Post, Headset
Tiny head player Headset, EA Logo, Foam Finger
Huge head team Headset, NFL Logo, Foam Finger
Huge head player Foam Finger, EA Logo, NFL Logo
Bigfoot player Headset, Headset, Headset
Bigfoot team Yard Marker, Ea Logo, Ea Logo
Cheesehead player NFL Logo, Goal Post, NFL Logo
Cheesehead team Goal Post, Ea Logo, Goal Post
Clown player NFL Logo, Helmet, NFL Logo
Clown team Headset, Ea Logo, Helmet
Cowboy player Headset, Foam Finger, Headset
Cowboy team Goalpost, Yard Marker, Goalpost
Gladiator player Foam Finger, Whistle, Foam Finger
Gladiator team Helmet, NFL Logo, Yard Marker
Horse player NFL Logo, Yard Marker, NFL Logo
Horse team Foam Finger, Football, Foam Finger
Hot Dog player NFL Logo, Football, NFL Logo
Hot Dog team Foam Finger, Headset, Foam Finger
Lion player Foam Finger, Ea Logo, Foam Finger
Lion team Headset, Goalpost, Headset
Ninja player Foam Finger, Yard Marker, Foam Finger
Ninja team Football, NFL Logo, Football
Pirate player NFL Logo, Foam Finger, NFL Logo
Pirate team Helmet, Headset, Helmet
Robot player NFL Logo, Headset, NFL Logo
Robot team Headset, Football, Headset
Zombie player NFL Logo, Whistle, NFL Logo
Zombie team Goal Posts, Foam Finger, Goal Posts
Super ball trail EA Logo, NFL Logo, Football
Black and red ball EA Logo, EA Logo, Foam Finger
Camouflage ball EA Logo, EA Logo, Helmet
Chrome ball EA Logo, Foam Finger, EA Logo
Flames ball EA Logo, Goal Post, Foam Finger
Ice cream ball EA Logo, Foam Finger, Yard Marker
B-52 ball NFL Logo, EA Logo, Goal Post
Beachball NFL Logo, EA Logo, NFL Logo
Glow ball EA Logo, Yard Marker, EA Logo
Meat ball EA Logo, Football, EA Logo
Pumpkin ball Whistle, Headset, NFL Logo
Soup can ball Yard Marker, NFL Logo, EA Logo
Blitz team ball NFL Logo, NFL Logo, NFL Logo
U.S.A. ball Headset, NFL Logo, Helmet
Blitz stadium EA Logo, NFL Logo, Goal Post
Cardinals stadium EA Logo, Foam Finger, Foam Finger
Falcons stadium EA Logo, Headset, EA Logo
Ravens stadium EA Logo, Headset, Helmet
Bills stadium EA Logo, Headset, Yard Marker
Panthers stadium EA Logo, Goal Post, Goal Post
Bears stadium EA Logo, Goal Post, Football
Bengals stadium EA Logo, Goal Post, Whistle
Browns stadium EA Logo, Helmet, Headset
Cowboys stadium EA Logo, Helmet, Helmet
Broncos stadium EA Logo, EA Logo, Yard Marker
Lions stadium EA Logo, Helmet, Yard Marker
Packers stadium EA Logo, Football, Foam Finger
Texans stadium EA Logo, Football, Goal Post
Colts stadium EA Logo, Football, Football
Jaguars stadium EA Logo, Yard Marker, Foam Finger
Chiefs stadium EA Logo, Whistle, EA Logo
Dolphins stadium EA Logo, Yard Marker, Yard Marker
Vikings stadium NFL Logo, EA Logo, Football
Patriots stadium NFL Logo, NFL Logo, Goal Post
Saints stadium NFL Logo, Foam Finger, Headset
Giants stadium NFL Logo, Headset, EA Logo
Jets stadium NFL Logo, EA Logo, Whistle
Raiders stadium NFL Logo, Foam Finger, Helmet
Eagles stadium NFL Logo, Headset, Headset
Steelers Stadium NFL Logo, Headset, Helmet
Chargers stadium NFL Logo, Helmet, EA Logo
Seahawks stadium Foam Finger, Foam Finger, EA Logo
49ers stadium Foam Finger, NFL Logo, EA Logo
Rams stadium Foam Finger, Headset, EA Logo
Bucs stadium Foam Finger, Goal Post, EA Logo
Titans stadium Headset, EA Logo, Headset
Redskins stadium Goal Post, EA Logo, NFL Logo
Day EA Logo, Whistle, Foam Finger
Twilight NFL Logo, NFL Logo, Yard Marker
Night NFL Logo, Whistle, Yard Marker
Hide player name EA Logo, Foam Finger, Goal Post
Extra code time Helmet, Helmet, Helmet
No ball target EA Logo, Helmet, NFL Logo
Wide camera NFL Logo, NFL Logo, Foam Finger
Show field goal percent EA Logo, NFL Logo, Foam Finger
All time QB coop Headset, Headset, EA Logo
All time WR coop EA Logo, Headset, Headset
Icon passing Headset, Helmet, Headset
No player icon EA Logo, Goal Post, EA Logo

Hide play selection

Move to the top left corner of the screen when selecting a play and press Up(2).
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Easy "Braaaainssssss!" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Easy "Double Down" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Easy "En Fuego" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Easy "Fast Fingers" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Easy "I'm A Wizard" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Easy "Safety Dance" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.

Use the Right Analog-stick to dance in your own end zone while getting tackled.

Easy "Squibittydoo" achievement or trophy

Created by savgcom.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Big Fish, Small Pond (Bronze): Get your Blitz Team into the Local Elite Battle Board.
Movin' On Up (Bronze): Get your Blitz Team into the Regional Elite Battle Board.
Hail To the King, Baby! (Bronze): Beat the National Elite Battle Board using a Blitz Team.
Local Celebrity (Bronze): Get into the Head to Head Local Elite Battle Board.
Tristate Triumph (Bronze): Get into the Head to Head Regional Elite Battle Board.
Nation Domination (Bronze): Beat the Head to Head National Elite Battle Board.
Winners Can Be Choosers (Bronze): Purchase all Pro Players.
Stack the Deck (Silver): Purchase all Ultimate Players.
Buy the Power of Grayskull (Bronze): Purchase all Ultimate Power Ups.
Yoink! (Bronze): Win a Risk and Reward game.
Monster Squad (Bronze): Unlock all Fantasy Characters.
En Fuego (Bronze): Catch on fire three times during a single game.
Double Down (Bronze): Double pass for a touchdown.
Squibittydoo! (Bronze): Recover an on-side kick.
BRAAAAINSSSSSS! (Bronze): Ride the back of an on fire WR with the zombie fantasy character.
Goin' Beast Mode (Bronze): Break three tackles in a row.
Fast Fingers (Bronze): Enter 10 unique cheats on the cheat entry screen in one Play Now or Blitz Gauntlet game by one user.
I'm a Wizard! (Bronze): Trigger every power up.
I Know Kung Fu (Bronze): Knock down a player with the Ninja fantasy character's jump kick hurdle animation.

Additionally there is one secret trophy.

Safety Dance (Bronze): Do a celebration dance in your own endzone and get tackled for a safety.