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NHL '99 (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Award a goal to the away team awaygoal
Award a goal to the home team homegoal
Elongated arms, legs, and necks mantis
Small players nhlkids
Large players bigbig
Zamboni moves on ice during game zambo
Fireworks victory
Automatically draw a penalty penalty
Cause an injury injury
Camera flashes from crowd flash
Enable pre-game spotlights spots
Full player attributes greatskate
Automatically check on contact with opposing player check
Automatic stick hold on contact with opposing player grab

Additional cheat codes

Click on "Exit", select "Credits", choose "Programming", then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Turbo mode warp9
Enables Internet play eaonline
Big heads headbone
Large players buffed
View the Stanley Cup FMV sequence 1999
Fast and good players quicker
No crowd nobody
Tall goalies gulliver
More D3D video resolutions crankit

Super players

Enter the following names under the "Create a player" option. Click on the check when the "Player is already in the database" message appears. The newly created player will have full attributes.

Dave Warfield
Funky Swadling
Cory Yip
Bryce Cochrane
John Rix
Jeff Dyck
Trent Shumay
Jeff Mair
Paul Martin
Andy Harris
Chris Deas
Lance Wall
Mark Lesser
Hong Chin
Trent Shumay
Bruce McMillan
John Harvey
Jan Lenferink
Victoria Wong
Tedd Streibel
Jay MacDonald
Jeremy Walker
Mark Johnston
Troy Church
Jason Bulbrook
Phil Chow
Jeff Buchwitz
Mike Smith
Ted Nugent
Gregg Haggman
Bill Kim
Juan Jacyna
Tom Papadatos
Rob Bailey
Mark McIntyre
Matt Kernachan
Andrew Chan
Martin McQueen
Tim Lewinson
David Orne
Chris Wallace
Zech Prinz
Kyle Seller
Colin Cox
D'arcy Gog
Dave McCarthy
Ken Sayler
Jennifer Campbell
Mike Mann
Denise Brown
Eric Lau
David Pierce
Brian Coleman
Vince Nason
Janie Toivanen
Warren Wall
Louise Read

Alternate goal sounds

Score a goal and wait until the instant replay begins. Press 4 to hear a yell, then continue to press that key to hear more sounds. Note: This also may be done during shoot-out drills by pressing 4 after the drill ends.
tturgeb isilfyv w, s, rdtdyat dsmtetr

Extra celebrations

After scoring a goal, winning a fight, or winning a game, press the Z (special move button) and your player will make different celebration sounds.

Alternate jerseys

Click the Right Mouse Button on one of the following teams to select the alternate version of their jerseys: Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lighting, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitols, Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, New York Rangers, Calgary Flames, Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks.


Goalie shoot-out

Stay even in shoot out mode until about the 50th round. Both goalies will shoot instead of the two normal shooters.


When you fight, do not let the other team win. If that happens, you will have four men on the ice and the other team will have five.

Best team

The best team in the game consists of these 25 players. Although Roy, Hasek and Brodeur are the best goalies statistically, for some reason Dallas has the best goalies in the game.

Tony Amonte (Chicago)
Rob Blake (Los Angeles)
Peter Bondra (Washington)
Ray Bourque (Boston)
Pavel Bure (Vancouver)
Chris Chelios (Chicago)
Adam Deadmarsh (Colorado)
Sergei Federov (Detroit)
Theoren Fleury (Calgary)
Peter Forsberg (Colorado)
Brett Hull (Dallas)
Jaromir Jagr (Pittsburgh)
Saku Koivu (Montreal)
John LeClair (Philadelphia)
Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit)
Eric Lindros (Philadelphia)
Mike Modano (Dallas)
Scott Niedermayer (New Jersey)
Sandis Ozolinsh (Colorado)
Chris Pronger (St. Louis)
Jeremy Roenick (Phoenix)
Joe Sakic (Colorado)
Brendan Shanahan (Detroit)
Mats Sundin (Toronto)
Steve Yzerman (Detroit)
Ed Belfour (Dallas)
Manny Fernandez (Dallas)
Roman Turek (Dallas)

Easy goal

Find the blind spot near mid ice. Go directly over the middle of the rink and do a soft sort of a clear to your goalies stick side. About 90% of the time this will result in a goal.


Skate over to the opposing team's goalie with one of your teammates, but do not get too close. Then with someone on your team besides yourself, pass the puck to the other person. Just before the player gets the puck, press [Shoot] to get a slapshot with the player being passed to. Note: The two teammates have be at opposite sides of the arena and not very close together.


Wrong statistics

Get into the playoffs, and in the first round face the team that you ended the season with. For example, if you are the Buffalo Sabres and you face the Boston Bruins in last game of the season, in your next game (in the playoffs) you must face them again. By doing this, your statistics will treat your first game as a post-season game and this will alter your statistics.

Wrong team announcement

There is a glitch made by commentator that happens most often in the playoffs, since you play back to back games with the same team. Usually when you just faced a team at some point of the game the announcer will say "The last time _____ met_______…" and then say the wrong score. For example, if you are the Boston Bruins and you defeated Buffalo in the last game 2-1, the announcer will start talking about the last time the two teams met and say that "Buffalo beat Boston by the score of 2-1", which is the opposite of what happened.