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NHL 07 (PSP)

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Easy goals

Get a fast player such as Daniel Briere, Jason Pominville or Marc Savard. Larger players also work, but are not as effective. When he gets the puck, if he is in the neutral zone or in your own zone, use Speed Burst and cut to the nearest side board. Skate towards the side of the net after going around the defense. When you are near the side of the net, cut straight across the crease and do a simple side to side analog Deke. This should make the goalie go down, leaving you with an open side to shoot. If you are already by the net, just cut across the crease and do a simple side to side and light the lamp. Watch out for poke checks and hits from the defense men.

More fights

Note: This trick only works for online play. When playing a game, play as the Philadelphia Flyers against the Nashville Predators (or vice versa). You will notice that fights happen very frequently, which is uncommon in that game.

Getting better players

Work your way up through trades. For example if you want a player such as Eric Staal who has a 95 overall, take a player and slowly work your way up 1 overall point at a time. For example, a 75 overall for a 76 overall; a 76 overall for a 77 overall; a 77 overall for a 78 overall, etc. until you get to the desired player. Note: This method messes up the team rosters and may not always work depending on the age and potential of the player being traded.

In Dynasty mode, use your upgrades on the head coach upgrade and fill it to maximum. After the first year, this will raise your player's potentials and will also raise their stats.

Recommended players

In free agency there are two good players. The first is named Raphael Couture. He starts out as an 83 but his potential is an 99 overall . The second player is named Stratton Whitaker. He starts as a 81 overall but his potential is also 99. Their overall rating will not change in Quick Play mode; it will stay the same . In Season mode, their overall rating also will not change much. Try picking up these players from free agency in Dynasty mode. Because Dynasty mode is four years, it will give both of them a chance to become 99 overall. However, due to the salary cap as the years go by the contracts for both players will expire after they get better. They will want more money. Sign them for the longest time you can get a player, which is three years.

Use the following trick when you are creating a team and need good players, but cannot afford ones like Crosby or Brodeur. Go to the other teams. Pick up their players that are worth about $450,000. You can select some that are more expensive, but remember the salary cap. Choose those players for your own team. Finish your team, then drop those players into free agent pool. Go to the player editor. Go to your players. Edit them so they are 99 in skill. Repeat this for all your players. Unlike when you make a player and set them to level 99, editing the players keeps their salaries at $450,000 or whatever you got them for. If you done correctly, you should be under the salary cap and be able to afford the Ovechkin, Crosby, Brodeur type players.

More draft picks

To get more draft picks without trading players on your team, go to free agency and pick up three players. Then, go to trade players. Go to the other team's draft picks and select a desired pick. Trade the players you got from free agency. Note: You may not always get the first round pick.