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Nancy Drew: Treasure In The Royal Tower

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The game relies on particular time blocks to be able to find certain characters or to search rooms when certain characters are not there. You must wait for those time blocks to happen or adjust the system time to force those events.

Room card

Make sure to take Nancy's Electronic Room Card before leaving room 205.

Professor Hotchkiss

  • When first starting the game go to the desk and open the drawer. Get the hotel menu so you can have it available until you give it to professor Hotchkiss. Later on, make sure you have the elevator code ready until professor Hotchkiss needs it.
  • There are five possible questions that the professor can ask you. If she asks, "Not counting the towers, how many windows are there on the faces of the castle?" Ask the Professor for another, because that is a trick question.
  • Make sure to charge the battery on the video camera when it dies the first time. There may be more to be seen with it.


When you go into the basement through the elevator, look up and climb through. Next, go up the ladder for a little while. Find the vent shaft on the left as you go up. If you cannot go any further, you have gone too far. Go through the vent and open the shaft door at the other end. Make your way half way down the stairs, then immediately go back up when you hear Dexter coming in. Make your way back into the shaft, then turn around to listen and see Dexter talking to himself. When Dexter leaves, go down the stairs again to explore.

Library code

The code is "3*72". Note: You can also take the paintbrush to where Jacus is usually found. However, go there when he is not there. Then, go through the vent to get to the library and put the brush on the dust. Dust the alarm. For details, go to your magazine in your room

Maintenance building

After discovering that you are locked out, you must find a way to create some attention to yourself by making a loud noise.

Leaf puzzle

The Puzzles pieces can be moved and also rotated to solve this puzzle.
tr, oegil

Chess puzzle

Use other game pieces to help you solve the chess puzzle going to the royal tower. If you are in Junior detective mode, it is not too difficult to move pieces around. However, it will be more difficult in Senior detective mode. In that mode, try moving the blue piece, the green piece, the pink piece, and finally the white piece. The puzzle in Junior detective mode is the same, except without the white piece.

Medallion puzzle

  • The medallions can be found at the following locations.
Green medallion: In THE ski lift in the shed.
Red medallion: In the garden.
Blue medallion: Under a pillow in Professor Hotchkiss's room.
  • When you put the medallions in the correct order on the floor in the tower, the diamond appears. Lisa appears, uses pepper spray on you, then confesses. She runs down the stairs. While she is busy running you should see a gray square. Click on it and Lisa will fall in the dungeon.


Ghostly Jacques

When you are in the basement, turn off the lights in the castle when Jacques is not working. You can hear him scream and tell you to turn the lights back on, but he is not there.


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