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Win a battle with the indicated character on your team to unlock the corresponding character.

Cursed Seal Sasuke: Win with Uchiha Sasuke on your team.
Hatake Kakashi: Win with Hyuga Neji on your team.
Jiraiya: Win with Aburame Shino on your team.
Jiroubou: Win with Akimichi Chouji on your team.
Kimimaro Kaguya: Win with Uchiha Sasuke on your team.
Kurenai: Win with Hyuga Hinata on your team.
Kyuby Naruto: Win with Uzumaki Naruto on your team.
Naruto (S): Win with Younger Naruto on your team.
Orochimaru: Win with Gaara on your team.
Sakon: Win four battles in a row wtih Kankuro on your team.
Sakon: Win with Inuzuka Kiba on your team.
Sarotobi Asuma: Win with Nara Shikamaru on your team.
Tayuya: Win four battles in a row with Temari on your team.
Tayuya: Win with Uzumaki Naruto on your team.
Tsnade: Win with Haruno Sakura on your team.


Recommended teams

  • Select a ninja for Charka such as Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Bloodline. For example, choose Rock Lee for Taijutsu, Gaara for Ninjutsu, and Zaku for Bloodline. This gives you a better chance to fight and win instead of waiting for the certain charka and lose.
    c, duti
  • Kankuro is good, but takes too much chakra. However using Chiyo and Shigure is a nice team. You can also use Oboro, who can attack every enemy.
  • Shizune is a good healer who can ruin the plans of others.
  • Using Kimimaro will help you for one turn, with 1 Bloodline and 20 Reduction for everyone. Kyuubi Naruto is even better; you only use 1 Bloodline or 1 Ninjutsu for a good combo.
  • Try the following characters, in order.
Asuma, Hidan, Kurenai
Asuma, Hinata, Shino
Asuma, Kankuro, Shikamaru
Asuma, Kazekage, Jiraiya
Asuma, Kidoumaru, Oboro
Asuma, Kurenai, Gai
Asuma, Kurenai, Kimimaro
Asuma, Oboro, Shigure
Baki, Chiyo, Naruto (S)
Baki, Kimimaro, Garra rehab
Baki, Neji (S), Chiyo
Chiyo, Itachi, Hinata
Chiyo, Kurenai, Kidoumaru
Chiyo, Tenten, Haku
Choji, Sakura, Rin
Chouji Shizune Iruka
Chouji Shizune Kisame
Chouji, Kyuubi Naruto, Kakashi (S)
Deidara, Jiroubou, Shino
Deidara, Kankuro, Kiba
Deidara, Kiba, Tayuya
Diedara, Jiroubou, Kankuro
Four Tails Kyuubi Naruto, Deidara, Chiyo
Four Tails, Deidara, Jiraiya
Four Tails, Deidara, Kimimaro
Four Tails, Deidara, Tenten (S)
Four Tails, Gai, Deidara
Gaara Rehab, Shigure, Young Kakashi
Gaara REhab. Kimimaro. Tenten(s)
Gaara Rehab., Kakashi (S), Lee (S)
Gaara Rehab., Kiba, Tayuya
Gaara Rehab., Tenten, Tayuya
Gaara, Shino, Yoroi or Gaara, CSS, Naruto (S)
Gai (s), Anko, Shizune
Gai (s), Baki, Gaara Rehab
Gai (s), Chiyo, Baki
Gai, Shikamaru (s), Nii Yugito
Garaa, Shikamarum, Naruto
Haku, Shikamaru, Ten Ten
Hinata, Shino, Jiroubou
Itachi BD Zaku Kakashi
Itachi BD, Chiyo, Gai (S)
Itachi BD, Shino, Gai (S)
Itachi, Anko, Shizune
Itachi, Kakashi, Lee
Itachi, Sakon, Shizune
Jiraiya, Deidara, Four Tails Kyuubi Naruto
Jiraiya, Deidara, Kimimaro
Jiraiya, Deidara, Sakura (S)
Jiraiya, Four Tails, Orochimaru (S)
Jiraiya, Kakashi (S), Hinata
Jiraiya, Oboro, Deidara
Jiraiya, Orochimaru (S), Four Tails
Jiraiya, Tenten, Kurenai
Jiraiya, Tenten, Sai
Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru
Jiroubou, Kidoumaru, Tayuya
Kakashi (S) Kankuro, Kakashi
Kakashi (S), Lee (S), Chiyo (S)
Kakashi (S), Lee(S), Yamato(S)
Kakashi (S), Temari, Tayuya
Kakashi (S), Tenten, Tayuya
Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai
Kakashi, Hinata, Shino
Kakashi, Neji, Iruka
Kakashi, Tsunade, Kurenai
Kakashi, Yamato, Lee (S)
Kakashi, Yamato, Tsunade
Kakashi, Young Kakashi, Itachi (recommended) or Gai
Kakashi, Zabuza, Chiyo
Kankuro (Black Secret Machine One Shot for high damage), Ino (Art of Valentine makes enemies not do damage reducers), Sakura (ability to heal allies 20 basic health)
Kankuro, Hinata, Shizune
Kankuro, Kidomaru, Maito Gai
Kankuro, Shiguri, Shizune or Chiyo
Kankuro, Shizune, Kisame
Kankuro, Temari, Sakon
Kiba, Hinata, Jiraiya
Kiba, Hinata, Sasori
Kiba, Hinata, Shigure
Kiba, Itachi Body Double, Sasori
Kidoumaru, Naruto (S), Naruto
Kidoumaru, Tayuya, Shigure
Kisame, Kakashi, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Kisame, Neji, Hinata
Kurenai, Kakashi, Gai
Kurenai, Kazekage Gaara, Gai
Kurenai, Kazekage Gaara, Lee (S)
Kyuubi Naruto, 1010 (S), Hinata
Kyuubi Naruto, Baki, Sakura (S)
Kyuubi Naruto, Tsunade, Kakashi (S)
Lee (S), Chiyo, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Lee (S), Gaara Kazekage, Chiyo
Lee(S), Gaara Kazekage, Shikmari (S)
Lee(S), Kakashi, Zaku
Lee, Gaara, Naruto (S)
Naruto (S), Haku, Nara Shikimaru
Naruto (S), Kakashi, Zabuza
Naruto (S), Kiba, Tamari
Naruto (S), Lee, Gaara
Naruto (S), Rock Lee, Sasuke
Naruto (S), Sakura (S), Sasuke
Naruto (S), Sakura, Lee (S)
Naruto (S), Temari, Zaku
Naruto (S), Yoroi, Shino
Naruto, Haku, Kankuro
Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke
Naruto, Sasuke, Dosu
Naruto, Shizune, Neji
Naruto, Temari, Teten (lots of damage)
Neji (S), Itachi, Shikamaru (S)
Neji (S), Kyuubi Naruto, Kin
Neji, Ino, Kido
Neji, Kakashi, Oboro
Neji, Kin, Asuma (S)
Neji, Temari, anyone of your choice
Neji, Temari, Kiba
Oboro, Kyuubi Naruto, Tsunade
Oboro, Lee (S), Kisame Body Double
Oboro, Sandaime, Kimimaro
Orochimaru, Anko, Shikamaru (S)
Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Shizune
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Lee
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Naruto
Orochimaru, Kakashi, Naruto (S)
Orochimaru, Sakura (S), Shikamaru (S)
Orochimaru, Sasori, Hidan
Orochimaru, Sasori, Jiraiya
Rock Lee (to kill), Garaa of the Desert (to stun), Naruto Uzumaki (to protect)
Sakura (S), Kakuzu, Shizune
Sakura, Gaara, Ino
Sakura, Temari, Naruto
Sakura, Zaku, Kabuto
Sandaime, Shikamaru (S), Sakon
Sandaime, Shikamaru (S), Sakura
Sandaime, Shikamaru (S), Tsunade
Sandaime, Shodai, Nidaime
Sasori, Nidaime, Shizune
Sasuke, Kakashi, Cursed Seal Sasuke
Sasuke, Kiba, Kankuro (use Kankuro's Puppet Preparation or Kiba's Double-Headed Wolf first, or else Sasuke's Sharingan)
Sasuke, Neji, Kankuro (use Kankuro's Puppet Preparation or Sasuke's Sharingan first)
Sasuke, Shizune, Nidaime
Shigure, Kiba, Itachi Body Double
Shigure, Kiba, Kankuro
Shigure, Kiba, Sasori
Shigure, Kiba, Temari
Shigure, Kyuubi Naruto, Chiyo
Shikamaru, Haku, Gaara (stuns frequently so you can get your chakra up to use Desert Coffin then Gaara's one hit kill)
Shikamaru, Haku, Tenten
Shikamaru, Sasori, Sakura (S)
Shikamaru, Temari, Neji
Shikomaru, Kiba, Gaara (save Ninjutsu Chakra for Gaara and stall with Shikomaru's Shadow Possession or with Kiba's Double-Headed Wolf)
Shino, Hinata, Jiroubou
Shino, Kiba, Hinata
Shizune, Hidan, Kakuzu
Shizune, Kakashi, Shikamaru (S)
Shizune, Sakura (S), Itachi
Shizune, Sakura (S), Tsunade
Shizune, Sakura, Itachi
Shizune, Sasori, Kankuro
Shodai Hokage, Ino, Kakashi
Shodai Hokage, Nidaime Hokage, Sandaime Hokage
Shodai, Deidara, Tenten (S)
Shodai, Kakashi, Orochimaru
Shodai, Tenten, Haku
Tayuya, Kidomaru, Kiba (or anyone that uses Taijistu)
Temari, Kiba, Kanuro
Temari, Naruto (S), Sakon
Temari, Neji, Choji
Temari, Tenten, Kimmimaro
Temari, Tenten, Zaku
Tenten (S) or Gai, Kidoumaru, Tayuya
Tenten (S), Shigure, Tayuya
Tenten, Haku, Naruto (S)
Tenten, Haku, Tayuya
Tenten, Jiraiya, Deidara (S)
Tenten, Zaku, Temari
Tsunade, Itachi BD, Kisame BD
Tsunade, Kakuzu, Kurenai
Tsunade, Kyuubi Naruto, Shizune
Tsunade, Sasori, Shizune
Tsunade, Shodai, Nidaime
Tsunade, Yamato, Itachi
Zaku, Temari, Tayuya or Haku
Zaku, Temari, Tenten