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Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Impact

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This game is titled Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Impact in Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Ay (Raikage): Complete "The Raikage Blasts Ahead" in Ultimate Road.
Danzo Shimura: Complete "A Battle Spoken with the Eyes" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter).
Diedra: Complete "Chasing the "Akatsuki"" in Ultimate Road.
Gaara: Complete "Akatsuki, The Beginning" in Ultimate Road.
Hidan: Complete "Shikamaru's Genius" in Ultimate Road.
Hinata Hyuuga: Clear "Leaf Ninja Total Mobilization" in Ultimate Road Chapter 7.
Itachi: Complete "Susano'o" in Ultimate Road.
Jiraiya: Complete chapter 6 The 8-Tails" host.
Jiraiya (Sage mode): Complete the mision "The village hidden in the rain".
Kakuzu: Complete "Naruto's New Jutsu" in Ultimate Road.
Killer Bee: Complete "Sasuke vs. Eight-Tails" in Ultimate Road.
Kisame Hoshigaki: Complete " Finding Killer Bee" in Ultimate Road.
Konan: Complete "Village Hidden in the Rain" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 7).
Madara Uchiha: Complete "Trembling Emotions" in Ultimate Road (Final Chapter).
Minato Namikaze: Complete "The Aftermath of the Rampage" in Ultimate Road.
Might Guy: Complete "Team Kakashi Support Mission" in Ultimate Road.
Naruto (Sage Mode): Complete "New Power" in Ultimate Road.
Pain (Tendo): Complete "Path to Peace" in Ultimate Road (Chapter 8).
Rock Lee: Complete "Five-Seal Barrier" in Ultimate Road.
Sakura Hauno: Complete "A Test of Strength" in Ultimate Road.
Sasori: Complete "the Puppet Master" in Ultimate Road.
Sasuke (Black costume): Complete "The Shadow of Itachi" in Ultimate Road.
Sasuke (Hebi): Complete "Sasuke and Orochimaru" in Ultimate Road.
Sasuke (Taka): Complete "Infiltrating the Hiddin Cloud" in Ultimate Road.
Shikamaru: Complete "Premonition of an Encounter" in Ultimate Road.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding card.

Kushina Card: Complete all Challenge Scroll missions in Extra Mission mode.
Orochimaru Card: Complete all "Best Combos" and "Ultimate Battle" Extra missions.
The Last Card: Complete all missions in Extra Mission mode.
The Present Card: Complete all missions in Tag Mission mode.


  • Complete twenty missions with a character to unlock a wallpaper that can be used as a background in your theme. Each character has a different wallpaper.
  • Get a 100% completion in Ultimate Road to unlock another wallpaper.




Shino lock codes

Use the following codes on the corresponding lock. Note: The Shino card is found in Chapter 3 to the right. You must use the Sai card to find it.

Chapter 2: 3742
Chapter 3: 1652
Chapter 7: 8621
Chapter 8: 8525