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Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005 PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes at the starting screen, before hitting the button to go to the main menu to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Unlocked cars1 iammostwanted
Burger King challenge burgerking
Pontiac GTO1 givemethegto
Castrol Ford GT castrol
Toys R Us big wheel bike1 toysrus

1. This information has been reported as inaccurate. Please notify us of any corrections or verifications.


To get an extra $10,000 in career mode have a Need For Speed Underground or Need For Speed Underground 2 career game saved on your hard drive. After the prologue you will have $40,000.




Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)





Speed and performance

Challenge series

Custom cars

Easy money

  • If you are low on cash, just defeat one of the opponents on the black-list. You will get two marks to use on several different things. Do not use them on the Uniques early in the game. Instead, use them on the middle or the left "Random" choices. They should always come out to either be a big cash bonus or the opponent's pink slip.
  • Because you can repeat Blacklist races you have completed and still earn money for it, do any of Kaze's tollbooth races. You will get $10,000 for winning. By this point in the game you should have hopefully obtained the Porsche Cayenne from Baron. If not, your fastest car should do fine.
  • Press Down to access the Blacklist viewer. Then, select a race where you can win a lot of money (about $8,000 should be enough). After the race is over, press Down again and select the same race. Note: Tollbooth races are the best choice to win money.
  • When you get to about the tenth Blacklist racer, go to your Blacklist screen. You can move to racers you have already defeated. You can now race any event you have not raced yet or race the ones you have defeated again.
  • Race the same easy race repeatedly. For example, if you are on Ming or past Ming, go back to him and race the first sprint on the race list repeatedly. It is worth $12,000 each time you win it, and is very easy if your car is fast.
  • If you have defeated Razor or are trying to defeat him, just chose the Speed Trap race that is 4.8 miles long. You can do it as much as desired and can get $25,000 in one race.
  • Have a good car and a good Nitro booster. Whenever you see an SUV coming at you, hit your nitrous and ram him head on. He should fly backward and explode, giving you $10,000.

Getting the most money from selling your car

When in your safe house and you sell a car, you will only get half of its list value. However, there is a loophole that works well for pink slips that you have won and no longer want. Take your car to the shop. Go to the parts area. Go into the body kit, spoiler, hood, rims, and roof air areas and set everything to stock. When you check out, you will see anywhere from $1,000 to $18,000, depending on what pink slip car you are stripping. Do not try this with performance parts. The shop charges you money for downgrading. Once you have stripped your car of all accessories, leave. Press Start, then go to your safe house. Sell the car, and you will have made a lot of money on the side. Do this every time you intend to sell any car.

Taking one car through the game

It is possible to take one car through the entire game. Start your career and buy a car. If possible, use the extra money you get from having "Underground" saved to buy the VW Golf. Save the game before you race the first Boss. When you defeat him, try for the pink slip marker first. If you do not get it on the first try, reset and race again. When you pick the pink slip marker first, the next choice should be the Unique Performance Upgrade. Keep doing this for all Bosses, and put the upgrades on your car until have them all. Do not forget all of the normal Boss upgrades. This will enable you to take all fifteen cars with the first car you buy.

Reducing your heat

Go to a shop and buy any paint color. Go back in and buy a different one. Keep doing this until you reach a desired heat level.


If you crash your car do not force it to respawn. Instead, let the game reset your car. You will then be invulnerable and able to get away from the cops if you are in a very tight spot.

Easy Corvette C6.R

You must have a 100% completion to unlock this car. To get it easier, enable the "Castrol Ford GT" code and go to Quickrace immediately. The Corvette C6.R should be unlocked and you can race with it.

Defeating Razor

Racing against Razor requires an absolute maxed out exotic car (maxed Lamborghini Murcielago is recommended). You will be racing against Razor in five races that include Drag, Speedtrap, Circuit. and Sprint.

Barrel roll

When you go into Rockport City, go on the dock where the Ferris wheel is located. If you have the Porsche Cayman S, use it. Try to reach full speed. When you get to the end of the dock use Speed Breaker and take the sharp left turn. When you are parallel with the wall, get out of Speed Breaker and press the nitrous. If done correctly you should do a barrel roll and land on all four wheels.

Offensive message from Mia

When you first make a file and finish the first few races, Mia will show you where your first "Safe House" is located. Do not go there immediately. Instead, just roam the map or do whatever. After awhile, Mia will send you a text saying "Where are you? Don't keep me waiting, Loser".


Drive through police

In a pursuit, drive through a Pursuitbreaker and it switch to an intermission sequence. After it ends you should have control over your car. If there are any police cars around you, you can drive through them. If this does not work at first, keep trying.

Avoid getting busted

  • If you get busted by the police, press [Windows] then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] to display the Task Manager window. Select the Need For Speed: Most Wanted option, and select "End Task". When the game is started again you will still have all your money and nothing has changed.
  • When you are in a pursuit, go to the bus station. Drive up to the second floor, but do not go onto the buses. Instead, go onto the concrete platform on the other side. When a cop comes on top of the platform behind you, drive off the platform then immediately press [Reset]. You will reappear on top of the platform once again, with no cops on the platform, and you will not be busted.
  • While in pursuit and you get busted, when asked for the fine give the money to them, even if you do not have any. Then, go to career main menu and click "Load". Select your alias and click "OK". You see your money and your car are back. This also lowers the heat. It does not matter if autosave is enabled or not.

Invincible respawning

If you crash your car do not force it to respawn. Instead, let the game reset your car. You will then be invulnerable and able to get away from the cops if you are in a very tight spot.

All upgrades

After completing the game, start a new file. Load the new file after the introduction sequence. Save the game. Without shutting down the game, load the file that you won the game with and go into the car selection screen. Select a car as usual, then save the game. Again, without shutting down the game, load the new file. All Performance, Visual and Parts upgrades will be unlocked in that game. All the Blacklist racers in the new file will have the stamp across them that reads "Defeated". You can still race them and get through the game normally, but you must drive to the Blacklist challenge location to race Sonny, Taz, Vic, etc. You can no longer initiate the blacklist races from the menu.


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