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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
sunmv h, t, p

Perfect Match (10 points): Get a Perfect (no damage win) in a match.
Champion (15 points): Finish the game (can continue).
Best NeoGeo Warrior (20 points): Finish the game (can't lose one round, can't continue).
Speed Hunter (15 points): Pass level within 30 timecounts (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
Smash Mizuchi (10 points): Defeat Mizuchi (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
Break King Lion (15 points): Defeat King Lion (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
Defeat Neo-Dio (20 points): Defeat Neo-Dio (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
Crush Goodman (25 points): Defeat Goodman (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
Survivor (20 points): Get 15 wins or more in Survival Mode.
A/D Assault Maniac (25 points): Use all A/D Assault attacks (Story Mode, Default Setting only).
NeoGeo Lover (10 points): Achieve 10 wins in Xbox LIVE fight (Only in Ranked Match).
Mr. NeoGeo (15 points): Achieve 25 wins in Xbox LIVE fight (Only in Ranked Match).