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NeverDead (PlayStation3)

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Assault Bowguns

Successfully complete the game.




Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

I'll bite your legs off! (Platinum): Get all trophies.
De-Cyphered (Bronze): Take a trip down memory lane...
A pain in the ass! (Bronze): Defeat the Sword Pig.
Four-to-one Odds (Bronze): Defeat Quad Jaw.
Serve and Protect (Bronze): Save Nikki.
Tower'n Inferno (Bronze): Take down the water tower.
Sangria, on ice (Bronze): Defeat Sangria, Duke of Hell.
Womb with a view (Bronze): Defeat Sullivan.
Tumble Dried (Bronze): Get caught up in the whirlwind.
There can be only one! (Bronze): Defeat your nemesis.
Eye for an eye (Bronze): Defeat Astaroth, King of Hell.
Ever Dead (Silver): Complete the game on easy difficulty.
Rarely Dead (Silver): Complete the game on normal difficulty.
Never Dead (Gold): Complete the game on hardcore difficulty.
The Great Collector (Gold): Find all Major Collectibles.
Funky Dunker (Bronze): Put head through all basketball hoops.
Explosive Personality (Bronze): Blow up 35 enemies in the Asylum using barrels.
Antiquarian (Bronze): Destroy less than 25% of the museum exhibits.
Mind the gap (Bronze): Lure Panda Bear in front of a train.
Let There be Light (Bronze): Light all the sewer barrels.
Don't Stop, Look or Listen (Bronze): Dodge the traffic on the bridge.
Evacuation Plan (Bronze): Get all the civilians to the chopper.
Premature Evacuation (Bronze): You win some, you lose some...
Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze): Lure Panda Bear into lava.
Boulder Dodge (Bronze): Dodge the boulders.
Curiosity Killed the Cat (Bronze): Explore all of Arcadia's Apartment.
Shock and Awe (Bronze): Kill an enemy with Electricity.
BryceBQ (Bronze): Kill an enemy with Fire.
Endangered Species (Silver): Kill 8 panda bears.
Swiss Army Bryce (Bronze): Kill an enemy with every weapon.
Insurance Fraud (Bronze): Destroy $100,000 worth of objects.
Criminal Damages (Silver): Destroy $1,000,000 worth of objects.
Hop, Skip and Jump (Bronze): Hop, roll and jump...
You and whose army? (Silver): Shoot 50 enemies with dismembered limbs.
Group Hug (Silver): Kill 5 enemies with a single limb explosion.
Level Up (Silver): Purchase 50% of the abilities.
Big Spender (Gold): Purchase all abilities.
Onslaughter (Bronze): Complete an Arena Onslaught Challenge.
Runner (Bronze): Complete an Onslaught Challenge.
Saviour (Bronze): Complete a Search and Rescue challenge.
Frail Friend (Bronze): Win a Fragile Alliance challenge.
Easter Bunny (Bronze): Win an Egg Hunt challenge.
Completist (Bronze): Unlock all Prestige Badges.