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New Super Mario Bros. 2

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Cheat Codes

Play as Luigi in single player mode

Successfully complete the game. Then, highlight a saved game at the file selection screen hold L + R and press A.


Rainbow levels

Jump on the flagpole at the end of the indicated World when the last two digits of the timer displays the listed number. The original NES sound of a world being cleared, fireworks, and a rainbow will confirm success. Return to the world map, and an entrance to the corresponding rainbow level will appear at the entry point of each world.

World 1: Timer ends in "11"
World 2: Timer ends in "22"
World 3: Timer ends in "33"
World 4: Timer ends in "44"
World 5: Timer ends in "55"
World 6: Timer ends in "66"
Flower World : Timer ends in "88"
Mushroom World: Timer ends in "77"
Star World: Timer ends in "99"

Saved game icons

Complete the indicated task to add a star next to the corresponding saved game file.

  • Complete World 6-Castle.
  • Collect all Star Coins.
  • Collect all of World Star's Moon Coins.
  • Complete all levels..
  • Get the highest possible number of lives.

Unlimited Mushroom House use

Complete the Star World.

Hatless Mario

Reach "Triple Crown" status by getting 1,110 lives.

Alternate title screen

Collect 9,999,999 coins to max the coin counter to unlock an alternate title screen featuring a Tanooki Mario statue.

Coin Rush mode

Complete the Castle level in World 1.

Alternate title screen

Collect one million coins to unlock a title screen featuring a gold Mario and coins.




Mushroom World level 1: Unlimited lives

Go to the first Star Coin then stand on top of the stairs. When the Koopa Troopa appears, go down to the second or third step. When the Koopa Troopa reaches you, jump lightly (not stomp) on it. If done correctly, the Koopa Troopa will bounce off the wall but Mario will keep jumping on it. Note: This will not work as Golden Mario.
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Watch the credits again

To watch the credits again, defeat the final Boss with Mario. You can do this as many times as desired, and be able to get coins during the credits.


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