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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Marathonyan (50 points): Run 42195 meters.
Bomb Killer (10 points): Deactivate 100 bombs.
Veteran Bomb Killer (20 points): Deactivate 20000 bombs.
Warrior (10 points): Eliminate 20 enemies with Nyan Love.
Finished Word (20 points): Eliminate 250 enemies with Nyan Love.
Finished Word (5 points): Complete a word in the Word Game.
Cow Collector (10 points): Collect 100 Cow items.
Gold Platform Addict (10 points): Jump on Gold Platforms 1000 times.
UFO Escaper (5 points): Survive a UFO abduction.
UFO Visitor (50 points): Survive a UFO abduction 100 times.
Meeting Tac Nayn (10 points): Touch Nac Nayn 9 times.
City Boy (10 points): Play 10 times on Nyan Cat City theme.
Always Cracked (10 points): Collect 5 pills in a game.
Bonus Nyan (10 points): Reach x250 score multiplier in a game.
Dog Dodger (10 points): Jump five times over a doggy in a game
High Roller (10 points): Stay on the highest platforms at least for 30 seconds.
Low Roller (10 points): Star on the lowest platforms at least for 30 seconds.
Anorexinyan (10 points): Run 25 seconds without collecting any food.
Tourist (20 points): Play in a world other than Space.
Multi Face (20 points): Play with a skin other than NYAN CAT.
Safe Nyan (20 points): Run 1000 meters without touching any kind of enemies.