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Steam achievements

Complete the listed task to unlock the search for the "Obulis" game hub. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.
huco pdn cpytd

Again with the Mummies?: Complete the level "Pharaoh's Tomb VII Ultra".
Bloody Tears: Complete the level "Clock Tower VIII Ultra".
Did I pack the sunscreen?: Find all 3 tiles to complete the Sun Stone.
Dungeon Explorer: Complete the level "Dungeon V Ultra".
Go Chase This!: Complete the level "Waterfall XI Ultra".
Hey Tuco!: Complete the level "Desert VIII Ultra".
I Like Ico: Complete the level "Windmill I Ultra".
I Pine for the Vine: Complete the level "Gnarly Vines V Ultra".
I'm Fond of the Pond: Complete the level "Pond X Ultra".
I'm not Scared of Mummies: Complete the level "Pharaoh's Tomb I Ultra".
If a Tree Falls in the Forest...: Complete the level "Dark Forest III Ultra".
Meditate Really hard: Complete the level "Garden V Ultra".
Nothing like the Classics: Complete the level "Antiquity XI Ultra".
Planet Earth: Find all 3 tiles to complete the Earth Stone.
Timing is Everything: Complete the level "Pond III Ultra".
Will there be Blood?: Find all 3 tiles to complete the Blood Stone.
You... Complete Me: Collect all 347 1/2 stars in the game.


Easy "You... Complete Me" achievement

Only 341 1/2 stars need to be collected to earn the achievement.