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Ohimesama Debut

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This game is titled Princess Debut in North America and Ohimesama Debut in Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding accessory.

Angel Ring: Reach level 18 in Story mode. Alternately, complete Latin in Ballroom mode.
Beads Chocker: Have Kid as your partner in the Final Competition.
Bunny Ear Hat: Reach level 20 in Story mode with no partner. Alternately, complete Standard in Ballroom mode.
Diamond Ring: Win the Final Competition and accept the proposal.
Emerald Necklace: Have Klaus as your partner in the Final Competition.
Fashionable Hairstick: Have Hayato as your partner in the Final Competition.
Lily Hair Adornment: Have no partner, then befriend Randy to get it from him after practice.
Rose Acessory: Have Cesar as your partner in the Final Competition.
Star Pendant: Have Kiss as your partner in the Final Competition.

Kiefer Bergmann (Kiss Maxgaia)

Successfully complete the game to unlock Kiefer Bergmann  North America   or Kiss Maxgaia  Japan  , the sixth prince.
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Bonus pictures

Reach the end of the game without becoming anyone's partner. Tony will dance with you at the ball. Win the dance and Tony will become human and say that he must return to his kingdom. He will ask you to accompany him.

  • Turn Tony down to unlock the "Princess" picture.
  • Accept Tony's offer to unlock the "Tony" picture.


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