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Okami (Wii)

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Collect all 100 Stray Beads.

Game completion bonuses

  • Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Okami Jukebox", "Okami Tradition Scrolls", and "The Footage Box".
  • Complete the indicated task by the end of the game to unlock the corresponding feature.
Invincibility: Collect all 100 Stray Beads.
Kamic Returner: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 1: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 2: Successfully complete the game.
Kamic Transformer 3: Earn an "S" rank for "Deaths".
Kamic Transformer 4: Earn an "S" rank for "Enemies Defeated".
Kamic Transformer 5: Earn an "S" rank for "Money Gained".
Kamic Transformer 6: Earn an "S" rank for "Demon Fangs Found".
Kamic Transformer 7: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transformer 8: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Kamic Transformer 9: Earn an "S" rank for "Praise Earned".
Secret Theater: Accumulate over 31 hours of game time.
Stray Bead: Successfully complete the game.
  • Save the game when prompted after the credits. When a new game is started your cleared game file will allow all weapons (except for the fifth of each type) from your first game to be available. All your previous stats will be available. The only artifacts from your first game that can be transferred are the Peace Bell, Lucky Cat, Wood Mat, and Ink Pot.
  • Also after completing the game and starting from the cleared saved game save file after the credits, you will start with 999,999 yen.
  • Successfully complete the game. Along with another divine attribute, you can play as Amaterasu's original look.
  • Successfully complete the game. At the title screen, there will be an option in green that reads "Presents From Issun". You can listen to Okami Music, look at Okami Art, and watch video clips.



Stray Beads


Hidden brush techniques




Resident Evil reference

After defeating Blight and freeing Sei-an City, look carefully at the Emperor's robe. You will see the Biohazard, which is a reference to Capcom's franchise Resident Evil (Bio Hazard).

Street Fighter reference

In Kamiki Village after you help Ms. Orange with her pole, she will invite you to eat Cherry Cakes at her house, but only at night. Her house is the one with a giant orange on top of it. Go there and talk with her. She will perform a Shun Goku Satsu in order to make and bake the cakes. Shun Goku Satsu is a move from Akuma/Gouki, from Street Fighter series.
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Viewtiful Joe reference

When Onigiri Sensei goes into "training mode", he will go into a pose that is similar to that of a pose from Viewtiful Joe.


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