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Operation Darkness

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Campaign 01 (20 points): Complete Campaign Mission 01.
Campaign 02-04 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 02-04.
Campaign 05-07 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 05-07.
Campaign 08-10 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 08-10.
Campaign 11-13 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 11-13.
Campaign 14-16 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 14-16.
Campaign 17-19 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 17-19.
Campaign 20-22 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 20-22.
Campaign 23-25 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 23-25.
Campaign 26-27 (20 points): Complete Campaign Missions 26-27.
Armed Recon 01-03 (20 points): Complete Armed Recon Missions 01-03.
Armed Recon 04-06 (20 points): Complete Armed Recon Missions 04-06.
Armed Recon 07-09 (20 points): Complete Armed Recon Missions 07-09.
Armed Recon 10-12 (20 points): Complete Armed Recon Missions 10-12.
Armed Recon 13-15 (20 points): Complete Armed Recon Missions 13-15.
Eagle's Nest 01-05 (25 points): Complete Eagle's Nest Missions 01-05.
Eagle's Nest 06-10 (25 points): Complete Eagle's Nest Missions 06-10.
Eagle's Nest 11-15 (25 points): Complete Eagle's Nest Missions 11-15.
Eagle's Nest 16-20 (25 points): Complete Eagle's Nest Missions 16-20.

Additionally there are nine secret achievements.

War Medal (20 points): Play on Xbox LIVE.
Purple Heart (35 points): Complete the first mission in less than 14 minutes.
Africa Star (45 points): Find the Muramasa Blade, Dragon Slayer and Excaliber weapons.
Solider's Medal (65 points): Collect Valhalla Orders 1 to 12.
Silver Star (70 points): Complete missions 1 to 27.
Distinguished Service Cross (80 points): Complete all 15 Armored Recon (AR points) missions.
Military Cross (90 points): Complete all 20 Extra (EX points) missions.
Medal of Honor (95 points): Complete Stage 27 (final stage points) with all AR and all EX missions also clear.
Victoria Cross (100 points): Finish Missions 1 to 27 within 35 hours.


EX Missions

Collect all of the Valhalla Orders. A specific solider in each stage from about Episode 13 and later has a Valhalla Order. You cannot return to get any that were missed.


Panzer Demon

In mission 19, have Edward fire on Max, the lead Panzer Demon. He will then run away. Then in mission 21 , kill everyone except for Max. After the last enemy dies you will have an over-powered Panzer Demon on your side. This character is the only one that can use the anti-tank rifle without a weight penalty.


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