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Secret codes

"Backward Rear" (for Sho-Gi Wife)

  • Tokione Starhouse teacher's Lounge (4F)
  • Tokione Starhouse Theater 1 (2F)
  • Tokione Center Isle (B1)
  • Tokione Moon Forest Room 208

"Gooey Bed" (for Word Box)

  • Tokione Starhouse Elevators (3F)

"Unceasing Child" (for Wallpaper 2)

  • Tokione Starhouse Boy's Dorm (3F)

"Green Clouds" (for Smile Seed)

  • Lifeborn Farm (1F)
  • Lifeborn Aquaria Room (1F)

"The Right Lefthand" (for Wildgrass)

  • Lifeborn Residence B42
  • Lifeborn Licensing Center back office (3F)

"Worn out Mask" (for Staker 1)

  • Artiela Cemetery
  • Artiela licensing Center (2F)
  • Artiela TV Tower Employee Dorm I (22F)

"Transparent Mask" (for Baby World Elephant)

  • Artiela Concert Hall Dressing Room

"Tortoise's Full Speed" (for Electric Bulb for Jingle)

  • Shine Co. Office area (9F), in 2nd office room if you go left comming out of the elevator.

"Wrinkling Cream" (for Sho-Gi Unicorn)

  • Sanctuary Skypod Entrance (behind a chair)
  • Sanctuary Cathedral Entrance
  • Sanctuary Cathedral Meditation Room

"Folclore Senility" (for World Turtle)

  • Sanctuary, outside, in front of cathedral, on fence in middle area
  • "Muddy Water Gun" (for World Snake)
  • Paradiso, behind the ramp going to the roof
  • Paradiso, on the outside of cottage 3

"Warm hot Spring" (for World Elephant)

  • Paradiso, behind a tree
  • Paradiso, in bungalow 4
  • Paradiso, in cottage 3
  • Paradiso, on the outside of your house
  • Paradiso, in the cafeteria
  • Paradiso, Skypod boarding gate
  • Paradiso, unknown

"Troubled Tangerine" (one for Wildgrass, two for Diamond)

  • Intelligent Sea Server room (training room)
  • Unknown


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding wallpaper.
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Wallpaper 2: Collect and trade the "Unceasing Child" secret code.
Wallpaper 3: Container in the Matia Mine.
Wallpaper 4: Complete Detective mission 3.
Wallpaper 5: Container inside the first level of the Wilderness Ruins.
Wallpaper 6: Tyrant treasure I
Wallpaper 7: Awarded at the Artiela Museum with Art Coordinator license
Wallpaper 8: Suck all garbage (40) in first sweeper mission at Artiela Cafe.
Wallpaper 9: Complete Detective mission 1.
Wallpaper 10: Given by Kamaro after you give him the Shouprieme Flower.


Spy: Inside a container Artila Wilderness Ruins.
Miser: In container on the Miracle Plateau (Artila).
Samurai: In container in Rock Castle Sky Cave.
Dragon: Tokione B2 Security Storage.
King: Given by man in Lifeborn B51 after completing the Stacker art.
Wife: Collect the 4 "Backward rear" secret codes.
Unicorn: Collect the 3 "Wrinkling Cream" secret codes.
Stacker 1: Collect all 3 "Backward Rear" Secret Codes.
Stacker 2: Given by Mac after you have Stacker 1 (if your friendship level is high enough).
Stacker 3: In a container in Pirate Valley.
Stacker 4: In a container in East Sea West Coast (after Anemos).
Stacker 5: In a container in Spirit Lake B1.
The World
Collect the secret code pieces for the Baby World Elephant, World Turtle, World Snake, and World Elephant.

Five-Star Landroll Ranger License

Win 100 battles in the Intelligent Sea server room.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding rank.

Fifth Citizen Ranking Star: Get the Five-Star Landroll Ranger License before talking to woman for Sixth Citizen Ranking Star.
Sixth Citizen Ranking Star: Talk to a woman on the bottom floor of the Moon Forest Tokione Hotel after spending the night.


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