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Orcs Must Die! (Xbox 360)

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Easy "What a Mess!" and "Who Wants Some?!" achievements

 PC  Play "The Corner" level under the Beginner difficulty setting. After the end of wave 4, sell everything and place three Tar Traps at the nearest point of the door, then six barricades. Move to the bridge and wait for the Orcs. The Orc will not destroy the barricades. Wait until there are enough, then use the fireball or the chandelier.

Easy "Great Balls of Fire!" achievement

 PC  Play the "Chokepoint" map with Tar Traps, Barricades and the Flame Bracer. Having the Ice Trap to group enemies is also useful. Create a small labyrinth on the bridge. On either side of the bridge, make a line of two barricades. Place Tar Traps in the center section. Choose the Elemental Weaver to eventually can get damage over time for your Fireblast and cheaper spell cost. Keep blasting fireballs at the center of the orc packs and as you earn more money, keep extending the "labyrinth" with barricades and Tar Traps. If you do not need to build but need mana between waves, run to get more from the portal.  PC  Play the "Chokepoint" under the Apprentice difficulty setting. Have Tar Traps, Flame Bracers, and Mana Well. Use the Elemental Weaver and get Mana Conservation and Firestorm. The bridge is wide enough to take a full fireball hit. Cover the bridge in Tar Traps, starting with horizontal rows. When you have about six in two rows, build a Mana Well to help recharge the Flame Bracers. As you earn money, build fifteen Tar Traps and four Mana Wells. This will allow you to constantly throw fireballs and kill everything. If a few orcs get across the tar, lure them at close range until your final fireballs are charged. If all single enemies are killed with fireballs, the achievement will be earned during round 7.

Easy "In your Face!" achievement

 PC  Play the "Double Trouble" DLC level. Stand in an entry room and wait until the orcs get halfway through it. Then, shoot all six acid pots, and shoot them again after they respawn. This should kill almost all the orcs. Set up your kill zones in the stairwell hallways, then regularly return to an entry room to shoot all the acid pots down again to kill any accumulated orcs. The achievement will be earned within six waves.
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Easy "No Traps for You!" achievement

 PC  Play the "Chokepoint" map under the Apprentice difficulty setting. Load your bar with both the Guardians and all the weapons. Use the Steel Weaver to upgrade the Guardians. Drop plenty of Archers on the balconies and place a few Paladins at the front of the bridge. Use any desired weapons to help the Guardians (for example, the Lightning Ring or the Alchemist Satchel for crowd control).

Easy "Ultimate War Mage" achievement

To earn five skulls in a level, you must complete it under a time limit without losing any rift points. The timer begins as soon as the first wave starts. The initial setup process or time spent in the pause menu will not count towards your time. However everything else, including G breaks and the time spent between waves, will count towards that completion time. The time limit for each level are as follows.

Act 1
The Hallway: 4:00
The Fork: 5:00
The Corner: 6:30
The Baths: 7:30
Runner's Alley: 6:30
Overpass: 7:00
Twin Halls: 17:00
Lunch Break: 13:00
The Stream: 11:00
Sludge Hole: 12:00
Act 2
Chaos Chamber: 12:00
Chokepoint: 12:00
The Arena: 13:20
The Balcony: 13:30
The Tower: 15:00
The Library: 13:00
The Bridge: 20:00
Killing Fields: 19:30
Act 3
Rebirth: 10:30
Gateway: 16:00
Hard Climb: 16:00
The Squeeze: 18:00
Stairs of Doom: 20:00
Finale: 17:00

Easy "Who Wants Some?!" achievement

 PC  Play "The Squeeze" level (mission 4 in Act III) and reach wave 4 under the Warmage difficulty setting. You will need the Windbelt, Tar Trap, and any weapon that can kill flying targets. Place the Tar-Traps at the upper floor before wave 4 begins. The Orcs launch in four groups with fifteen Orcs each. Before the wave begins, place nine Tar Traps in the square in the middle of the upper floor. The Orcs must be slowed down. Start the wave. Kill the five Bats as soon as possible, without using Mana. Then, use the Windbelt to hold the Orcs near the starting point until all sixty Orcs are launched. When all Orcs are in position, turn around and shoot at the rolling log. If done correctly, you will get a kill streak of 50 or better.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Dead Orc = Good Orc (5 points): Kill 1,000 orcs.
Member: 30k Club (20 points): Kill 30,000 orcs.
Defender (5 points): Complete Act 1.
Keepmaster (10 points): Complete Act 2.
Master War Mage (20 points): Complete Act 3.
Legendary War Mage (35 points): Complete the campaign on Nightmare mode.
Ultimate War Mage (35 points): Earn 5 skulls on every level on War Mage difficulty.
Skin of your Teeth (10 points): Win a level with 1 rift point left.
Who Wants Pancakes? (20 points): Get 50 kills with the rolling log in one level.
Pow! Pow! (10 points): Get 50 kills with explosive barrels on one level.
Giblet Storm! (20 points): Gib more than 200 enemies on one level.
Lights Out! (10 points): Get 20 chandelier kills in one level.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Orcs Must Die! Logo Tee: Complete Act 1 of Orcs Must Die!
Orcs Must Die! Skull hat: Kill 1,000 enemies in Orcs Must Die!


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