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Osmos (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

Ambient Master (50 points): Finish all Ambient arcade levels.
Antimatter Master (50 points): Finish all Antimatter arcade levels.
Atanarjuat (50 points): Finish all Chase levels.
Black Hole Sun (25 points): Collapse the system in Solar 3 by feeding the Attractor.
Drifter (25 points): Finish all Floating levels.
Epicycles Master (50 points): Finish all Epicycles arcade levels.
Impasse Master (50 points): Finish all Impasse arcade levels.
Odysseus (100 points): Complete the Odyssey.
Physicist (100 points): Complete the Odyssey and all arcade levels.
Repulsor Master (50 points): Finish all Repulsor arcade levels.
Sentient Master (50 points): Finish all Sentient arcade levels.
Solar Master (50 points): Finish all Solar arcade levels.
Warped Chaos Master (50 points): Finish all Warped Chaos arcade levels.


Easy "Black Hole Sun" achievement

Collect the nearby bubbles and keep shooting them into the middle (the Attractor). After while it will turn reddish orange and begin sucking everything in before killing you.

Easy "Disciple of the Osmos" achievement

Complete the two introductory levels, "Ambient Welcome", "Force Reception", and "Artificial Life". There are two levels for each area. You must complete the first eight levels.

Easy "Gravitronics" achievement

This will require some patience. The force levels are the most difficult and skill-based.
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Easy "Master of the Deep" achievement

Randomize the level until you get some easy blobs to eat at the beginning. Then play as efficiently as possible. Use momentum to carry you to the next blob and do not change direction too frequently. Do this quickly; if another blob gets very big it will make things difficult. Consider doing this on the Ambient levels, as you simply have to grow big. Do this normal or the one with Antimatter. Complete the game to unlock the Forever zones. Complete five levels in any zone; you cannot mix zones.