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Cheat Codes

10 Gems

Enter F18A-1B4D-4336-6237 as a coupon code.


Easy gems

Use the following trick get as many gems as desired for free. Open the "Friends" tab, then click the "Invite Friends" option. Enter another email address belonging to you. You will receive an OurWorld invitation. Click the "Go to OurWorld" link in the email to go to the home page, then click "Not a member" and join again. When you reach level 5 with your new avatar you will receive five gems. When your new avatar reaches level 10, you will receive five more gems. Transfer them to your main account and repeat the process.

Easy flow

  • Spin the prize wheel at least 100 times a day to get flow.
  • Play games to get flow and coins.

Easy money

When you spin the prize wheel or use The Bubbler, you will get money.

Cupid Bow

Go to "Friends" and put in "Edwin". Click on him. He will give you a letter to give to Collette. Go to "Friends" and put in "Collette". Go to her condo. Choose the letter, and click on her. Let her respond. Go back to Edwin and give it back to him.