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Pajama Sam: You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet (PC)

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Alternate ending sequence

Collect all cookie box tops to view an alternate ending sequence.
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Cookie box tops

Make sure to check the party and jail cell screens. Box tops can spawn there as well, and usually do. If you do not collect them, they will become inaccessible. Also, make sure to go to the conference room when you first go to the Food Pyramid. If a box top spawns here and you do not collect it, you will not be able to do so after you rescue the final delegate.


Pajama Sam must rescue four delegates (Floret is rescued automatically and does not count) They will be in the same location, but in one of two situations depending on how the game is set up. Use the following steps to save each delegate from each possible situation.

Chuck Cheddar
  • Chuck Cheddar is stuck in the mountains, past where you meet Sprinkle. He will either be on a ledge, or in a hot air balloon which is caught in a cotton candy cloud.
  • Stuck On Ledge: To get Chuck down from the ledge, you need to learn three things about cheese. You do not have to memorize them, as Sam will do that for you, you just need to learn them. You must learn which fork at the dinner table is the cheese fork, what kind of cheese the moon is made of, and which kind of cheese was used for the first cheese sandwich. First, go to the bluburbs and grab the free etiquette lesson coupon on the wall. Then go to the plumbers. Click on the red lunch box and one of the plumbers will tell you that inside is the first ever cheese sandwich, and he will tell you what cheese it has on it. Go to the foot hills and givethe coupon to Selma (she is the celery on the left with the glasses). She will take Sam inside and teach him about table manners. You do not have to watch the cinematic, Sam will retain the information. Go to muscle beach and go to the comedy club. Go into Mickey Hollendale's dressing room and take the pumpkin. Go back to the area where you met Sprinkle and go to the area where the sign with the eyes is pointing. The guards will not let you in unless you are wearing the pumpkin. Go inside the tower and use the telescope. Scroll all the way to the right and you will see what kind of cheese the moon is made of. You now have all the information you need to save Chuck. Talk to Syllabus, who is found at the top of the mountain on top of a big horn. You can skip the dialog between him and Sam. He will allow Sam to blow the Horn of Celebration. This will cause an avalanche and Chuck is saved.
  • In Hot Air Balloon: To reach Chuck when he is in the hot air balloon, you must first clear the path on the mountains by blowing the horn where the workers are found. Go up the mountain and ride the gondola. Talk to Chuck. He will tell you that he needs a second sand bag to weigh the balloon down, but he does not know how much weight he needs. He needs ten pounds total. Go to Muscle Beach and talk to Zak Zuke. Take the bag from him and go to the comedy club. Get the pumpkin from Mickey Hollendale's dressing room. Go to the tower and use the pumpkin to get inside. Use the telescope and scroll all the way to the right. You will see Chuck Cheddar, and how much weight the first bag of sand has in it. Keep that number in mind; it will only be a one digit number. Go to Muscle Beach and go to the area where the cupcakes are sunbathing. There will be a small shovel in the sand next to the walkway. Each scoop will weigh one pound. Put in however many scoops it takes with the bag Chuck has to make ten pounds. Go back to the gondola and give him the bag. If it is enough weight, the balloon will drop lower and Chuck is saved.
Granny Smyth
  • Smyth is in the bluburbs. She is either being bounced around by the soda cans, or is in a pit of caramel and nuts.
  • Dancing Room: If Granny Smyth is in the dancing room, go to the Library in the Food Pyramid and take the dance coupon. However at the moment, Selene the dance instructor (she is the celery on the right in the house on the foothills), cannot honor it because she does not have shoes to dance with. Go to Muscle Beach and help Mickey Hollendale sort his cards. He will perform a successful comedy routine and take off his shoes. Take the shoes and give them to Selene. Now that Selene can dance again, return to the bluburbs and give the coupon to the blue soda can up where Sam is found. Selene will teach the cans how to waltz and Granny Smyth will be able to get out.
  • Caramel Pit: If Granny Smyth is in the caramel pit, talk to the plumbers. Take the ski ticket and go to the ski resort. Read the back of the ticket and go down the path it indicates (the shapes are read left to right). When the plunger appears, grab it and return to the plumbers. Show them the plunger and ask for the wrench. Go downstairs and turn the water off by clicking the switch at the top of the pipes. Use the wrench to remove the clogged pipe and replace it with the correct bit. Turn the water back on and go back upstairs. Give the plunger to the plumber with the silver plunger and he will trade with you. Go back to the caramel pit. You must jump across nuts, and you must time the clicks correctly to reach the center nuts. When you are there, use the plunger on Smyth.
Bean 47
  • Bean 47 is in the construction yard past Selma and Selene's house. He is either stuck on a crane or the foreman does not know which bean is 47.
  • Stuck on Crane: If Bean 47 is stuck on a crane, you will see that the beans are on strike. The Jelly Beans and Kidney Beans refuse to work with each other. Go to the Foreman's office and click on the stack of papers next to him. He will go outside and call the beans to count them. The beans will put the signs down. While their backs are turned, click one of the signs and put it where the other is. Sam will switch the signs. The Beans will pick the signs up again, only to see that the other side has their sign. They will think that the other side likes them and they will work again. The crane will be lowered and Bean 47 is saved.
  • Unknown Bean: If it is unknown which bean is number 47, go to Muscle Beach and go to the photo booth. Take a picture and bring it to the librarian. She will make a card for you. Go to the area in the back and get the book. Bring the book to her and check it out. Go to the construction site and bring the book to the foreman. You must now play a mini-game. Click on all the sliders so no matter which path the beans take, they go to the bottom slider. The Jelly Beans must go on the left, and the Kidney Beans must go on the right. The Kidney Beans are only red, and the Jelly Beans can be any other color. Click the bottom slider to lead the correct bean down the correct hole. If you make a mistake, that bean will not be counted. Continue until Bean 47 is found.
Pierre La Pan
  • Pierre La Pan is at Muscle Beach, either stuck on the Ferris wheel or in the prize box for the strength game.
  • On Ferris Wheel: If Pierre is on the Ferris wheel, you must get the Muffins to work out. They are not because they are drawing the cupcakes sun bathing on the beach. Go to the strength game and take the hammer. Click on the balloon salesman's shoes. They will come undone. He will give you the balloons and tie them. Sam will float up to the bell. Take the hammer and hit the bell. The cupcakes will take it as a sign that peak tanning hours are over and leave. The cupcakes will start working out again, and the wheel will begin to turn, thus freeing Pierre.
  • In Prize Box: Take the hammer. You need to have the wrench from the plumbers. Note: See how to rescue Granny Smyth from the caramel pit if you do not know how to get it. Go to the beach, and there will be a leaky spigot with a hose attached to it. Fix the spigot and water the small plants on the beach. When all are watered, they will block the sun and the girls will leave. The muffins will start working out again. Go the Ferris wheel. When Sam gets on it, click on the hammer and he will ring the bell and free Pierre.



The following mistakes in the game's continuity can be seen.

  • When Sam first gets the super plunger, it stretches from Sam to Paper, about five feet. Later when Sam uses it on Granny Smithe, it moves about a foot.
  • If you get the B.C.S. book before the library card or the photo, the librarian will place it on her desk, about an inch away from the edge. However if you click on a book it shows a mini-movie of Sam talking to the librarian, and the book is about five inches away from the edge.
  • Sam rides the Gondola to the ski place. But when he skis down the hill and goes back up, the Gondola is back, yet no one has moved it.
  • When Sam and Sprinkle enter the Heart, they squeeze through the tube. But once inside and at their destinations (Muscle Beach, the Bluburbs, and the Foothills), they fit into the tubes without squeezing them.
  • The bell game changes. If Pierre Le Pan is trapped in the prize booth, the bell is very tall. But if he's on the Ferris wheel, the bell actually is shorter, yet the thing that hits it seems to stop in the same place when Sam hits it with the hammer.

Factual errors

The following factual errors can be seen.

  • The foods at the peace conference are not in their "place" in the actual food pyramid. Pierre Le Pan should be at the bottom of the triangle, and above him on the left should be Florette, on the right, Granny Smithe, above them should be Chuck Cheddar on the left, and #47 on the right, and at the top should be the Lollipop.

Revealing mistakes

The Gondola has no switches, so how could Sam control it?

Miscellaneous errors

When Sam asks the Forman about his straw hat, he thinks the Forman is a delegate, yet the Forman has a mustache, and he looks nothing like #47 (on the list), yet Sam still asks him if he is a delegate.