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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
is, bpusli

Bear, The Justice (10 points): Bear reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Darkdog aboard! (30 points): Register ranking with Darkdog.
Darkdog's Revenge (200 points): Clear the Campaign Mode with Darkdog.
Dog aboard! (10 points): First time Ranking registration (Survival Mode).
Dog that transcended himself (15 points): Eliminate the boss of 4-12 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Bandage Unwrapper (10 points): Eliminate the boss of 2-24 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Bone Licker (10 points): Eliminate the boss of 2-12 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Dragon Slayer (15 points): Eliminate the boss of 4-24 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Dreamer (20 points): Eliminate the boss of 5-12 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Duck Hunter (15 points): Eliminate the boss of 3-24 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Ghost Buster (15 points): Eliminate the boss of 3-12 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Savior (30 points): Eliminate the boss of 5-24 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Witch Hunter (10 points): Eliminate the boss of 1-24 (Campaign Mode).
Dog, The Zombie Slayer (10 points): Eliminate the boss of 1-12 (Campaign Mode).
Dragon, The Pure Power (10 points): Dragon reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Effective Strategy (25 points): Clear a stage in 1 minute (Campaign Mode).
Fame 1 (10 points): Make a friend (Survival Log-in).
Fame 10 (50 points): Make 10 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 2 (12 points): Make 2 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 3 (15 points): Make 3 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 4 (18 points): Make 4 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 5 (22 points): Make 5 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 6 (26 points): Make 6 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 7 (30 points): Make 7 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 8 (35 points): Make 8 friends (Survival Log-in).
Fame 9 (40 points): Make 9 friends (Survival Log-in).
Grown up dog (100 points): Reach level 200 (Campaign Mode).
Kangeroo, The Dreadful Fighter (10 points): Kangeroo reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Monkey, The Great Pirate (10 points): Monkey reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Monster Killer (25 points): Kill 100 enemies from 1 stage (Campaign Mode).
Mouse, The Loyalty (10 points): Mouse reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Mr. Moneybags (1000 points): Gather 100 million of gold.
Penguin, The Wise (10 points): Penguin reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Rabbit, The Forest Guardian (10 points): Rabbit reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Rhino, The Executor (10 points): Rhino reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Rich dog (30 points): Gather 1 million of gold.
Richer Dog (500 points): Gather 10 million of gold.
Significant Growth (25 points): Level up 2 times in one stage (Campaign Mode).
The Tenacious Dog (100 points): Gain 360 stars (Campaign Mode).
Tortoise, The Altruistic (10 points): Tortoise reaches level 20 (Campaign Mode).
Zoo (20 points): Unlock every animal (Campaign Mode).


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