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Pandemic 2

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Infecting the world

  • Use the following steps to infect the world. Be a virus. Sell your only symptom. Wait awhile until you have accumulated about 60 evolution points, then buy as many resistances as possible. You do not need drug resistance. If you have the trait "Durable", do not buy the resistance level II for whatever one you have. If you do, the disease will spread out of control in your country and all the ports and airports will be shut down. Hope that Madagascar gets infected. Once the disease has infected the entire world you can buy the rest of the resistances. The world will be so overwhelmed that all the hospitals shut down and the vaccine will never be made within 2,000 days. Use your own cocktail of symptoms to kill the world (for example, sneezing depressed blind people).
  • Select your method of infection (for example, virus). Sell whatever "gift" symptom awarded when the game began (usually fever). You must have no ill effects with this virus. Invest in the climate you are in. For example, if you start in Cuba, invest at least level 2 in heat climate. Then, pay attention to where the airplanes fly. For example, if they fly to cool climates invest in at least level II of cold climate as well. Once finished, activate the airborne and water spread methods. Insect and rodent seem to be a waste of time. Invest in moisture in order to infect the water supply. As your virus spreads around the world, level up your disease level. Invest in whatever you think will kill the best. Fever works as a great foundation. Watch as the people die and close down the hospitals. If you are lucky, all hospitals will close down before a vaccination has been invented. If not, hope that it does not cure your disease.
  • Remove the first trait(s) and be as low key as possible. Remain in your country and just wait, allowing the points to accumulate. If you do not do anything, the infected count usually stays between 0 and 100. When you get to about 50, wait for a disaster or two which will help. Spend them all in attempt, trying for levels 3 in water, heat and moisture, then go for airborne, waterborne, insect and rodent. Ready yourself then strike in one quick move. If you are lucky, it might spread far and quick enough before countries start closing off. You should get most of them except for Madagascar and Australia.
  • Get rid of your first gift symptom. Advance your resistances to III, however only get I in drug or else your infection count will slowly drop to zero. Get waterborne and airborne. Wait and hope that you get Madagascar. Get things that will kill (for example, pulmonary edema). Choose an uninfected country you are on vacation in.
  • When the simulation starts, look at the news. It is not Madagascar, quit and try again. When it is Madagascar, start it. Sell your first symptom. Wait until you get more Evolution points. Buy level II and III. Try exterminating Madagascar. Sometimes heat resistance can make your disease can go fire-borne. If you still see piers open (but airports closed), buy the waterborne transmission. Do not focus on uninfected countries even if there are storm, earthquakes, floods and droughts; no humans will die with these.
  • If you are lucky, it starts in Greenland. Sell your first gift symptom trait. Wait a while to get a few Evolution points. Buy all resistances except cold and drug. Wait awhile. The whole world should become infected. To get Madagascar you will need some luck.
  • Select bacteria for your disease. Sell any symptoms that you have. Make the disease spreadable by rodents and insects. Wait for about five to seven regions to become infected. Buy the level I resistance to drug, moisture, heat, and cold. Wait until all the remaining regions become infected. Buy whatever symptoms desired, but never buy any from level IV. You can add any resistances desired, except for drug resistance. Note: When buying your symptoms, ones that are the least noticeable to start off with (for example, kidney failure, fever, etc.) are recommended. If Madagascar shuts down shipyards before it is infected, start over. Every time a new vaccine is being researched, buy one extra drug resistance level.
  • Play in Realistic mode. This is better and it is easier to infect the whole world. Select bacteria. This helps infect but not visibility which needs to be low. Sell the symptom you are given. Lethality, Visibility and Infectivity should be at 0. Set the game to Fast mode to speed up the waiting. Wait for about five to ten minutes, until the evolution points are about 40. Buy all the transmission options. Wait for about five minutes, then buy resistance for Heat I, Cold I and Water I. This will help your disease be able to work in the heat, cold and water. Do not buy the drug resistance yet. Usually you get a free resistance. For example, if it is in cold, do not buy Cold II. If the disease does not seem to be working, buy a cheap symptom, such as sneezing or coughing. Be prepared because these are very visible and will help the disease to be seen and they will make a drug to cure it. If the disease is working, do not buy anything. Wait again. If they start making a drug, buy drug resistance level I. Click on the world and see how long they will take to make it. If it is shorter than 30 days, buy drug resistance level II. When more countries are infected, start buying little traits. Do not buy anything that will increase visibility, just lethality.
  • Become a virus. Wait until you can buy waterborne and airborne. Wait again and buy resistances. If you are in a cold country, do not buy Cold level II or vice versa. Do not invest in drug resistances. Buy any symptoms desired that will kill people faster. Wait until all the regions are infected. Madagascar difficult to get infected but hope for the best.
  • Use any kind of disease (parasite, virus, bacteria). Start the game, delete your only symptom, and set the speed to fast. Allow the game to idle for at least twenty minutes. When you return, you should have lots of points. Do one of the following three options. Activate airborne or waterborne (short time but may ruin the game); or activate all resistances to level 1 (excluding the one you started with and the drug one); or do nothing and wait for more points. Maximize everything else you have. After you have everything everyone should be dead within ten minutes. If you do not have everything and all the ports and airlines are closed, you must restart.
  • Select a parasite and sell your first symptom. Buy full drug resistance. Buy level II or III of the other resistances. Wait until every region has someone infected, then buy the following in order: waterborne, airborne, insect, and rodent. Wait until everyone is infected, then start buying symptoms. If you select the correct symptoms, you should win.
  • Choose Relaxed mode and select a virus. Keep restarting with those choices until your disease arrives in Cuba, Madagascar, or New Zealand first. Because they are small countries, it will be difficult for the world to develop a vaccine fast enough. Sell all of your disease symptoms and buy all level 1 resistance. Set the time to advance as fast as possible. After about five to ten minutes, you should have infected the entire world or at least most of it, and have about 140 to 150 evolution points. Note: It is difficult to infect Argentina, Peru, and Madagascar. After you have done this, buy airborne and waterborne transmissions and all the drug resistances. Finally, buy all tiers of symptoms and. You only need the following two or three symptoms: fever, encephalitis, vomiting, and another of your choice. You should complete the game in about ten minutes.
  • Select Realistic mode. Choose the bacteria as your disease class. Before doing anything else, sell your only symptom and wait until you earn about 60 Evolution points. To get immunity, buy all the drug resistances at one time before the vaccine is deployed. When the vaccine results came out, you will notice the Immunity trait, which makes your disease immune to future vaccines.
  • Play in Realistic mode. Start as a bacteria. Restart until you begin on Madagascar. Sell your first symptom. Wait until you have Evolution 60 points, then buy all of the drug resistances to get the Immunity trait. Note: Being on Fast mode helps. Wait until you have Evolution 60 points again and buy all the other resistances. Do not buy resistances for the one that you started with if you have the Durable trait (the disease spreads rapidly and the airports/shipyards close). Wait until the disease infects the entire world. Buy transmissions and symptoms once the whole world is infected. Use your own combination of symptoms to kill the people; fever, diarrhea, pulmonary edema, and hypersensitivity are recommended.
  • To win the game you must survive the vaccine. To do this, start with the bacteria. Sell off whatever symptom you start with. Accelerate the speed and buy all the drug resistances as soon as you can, all the way to level IV. After this is done, when the game tries to find a vaccine for your disease, it will not be able to. Wait until all humans are sick with the disease, but not yet dying from it. In order to keep governments from noticing your disease, do not introduce any resistances or symptoms until there is full infection everywhere. After everyone is infected, the rest will be easy. You can infect them with whatever desired (try meningitis and necrosis).
  • Choose Relaxed mode. Select a virus. Choose any name. Set the speed to "Fast". Wait until you get between 25 to 30 Evolution points. Buy the first level of all the resistances, airborne, rodent, fever, and sneezing. Wait and hope that you get everyone. As soon as the vaccine is in development buy all the drugs and unlock tier II and III. As you unlock the tiers do not sell back anything that they give you. Buy the things that are most lethal and spreadable (kidney failure, hemorrhaging, hypersensitivity, diarrhea, vomiting).Wait and watch everyone die. Do not worry about the visibility. At this point if you have not infected the country you probably will not, so kill them as fast as possible. The faster you kill everyone, the higher the score.
  • Select a virus. Get all the resistance possible. You do not need Drug, but you can get it if desired. Once you have about 20 Evolution points, buy the most noticeable and cheap symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, and sweating. Make it rodent or insect transmitted first, because airborne and waterborne will make them close the airports quickly. Regions should start getting infected. With however many evolution points you have, buy symptoms, transmission, or resistance. The faster you infect and kill lots of countries, the better your score.
  • Choose a virus. Sell your symptom(s). Wait until you have 45 evolution points. Unlock all the tiers under symptoms. Wait for awhile, and after you have at least 50 to 70 evolution points, click "Disease". Buy infective traits but not visibility traits. Buy deadly traits (for example, kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, hemorrhaging, etc.
  • Select a virus. Get all the possible resistances. You do not need drug, but you can get it if desired. After getting about 20 evolution points, buy the most noticeable and cheap symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, and sweating. Make it rodent or insect transmitted first, because airborne and waterborne will make countries close their airports quickly. Regions should start getting infected. With however many evolution points you have, buy symptoms, transmission, or resistance. The faster you infect and kill lots of countries, the better your score.
  • Select a virus. Where ever you start, click the "Fast Forward" icon and collect as many evolution points as desired. Wait at least ten days. By that point you should have accumulated about 30 evolution points. Go to disease and buy fever and sell the others. Buy drug one and two and purchase airborne. Accumulate more evolution points and unlock the second row. Purchase pulmonary edema and diarrhea. Watch all the countries being infected. If your original country becomes a brown or red color you are in trouble. There is not much you can do. Otherwise, keep buying these symptoms: fever, hypersensitivity, diarrhea, kidney failure, encephalitis, and hemorrhaging. Note: Do not get hemorrhaging until later, when everyone is infected. In total you will need to accumulate about 110 points for all, plus more to sell symptoms. Stay away from high visibility because that flags all the countries too quickly. If needed, sell symptoms and regain them later to throw off the vaccine.
  • Select a virus. Keep restarting the game until it lands on Madagscar. Sell your only symptom. Buy all the resistances (except if you have Durable; do not purchase the tier 2 for the one you start with) and transmissions at this time. You should have at least four countries infected and no one dead. Buy a lot of symptoms and hope that Indonesia, Cuba, Greenland, and Japan get infected. You should not have more than four countries remaining.
  • Use the following trick if you are a virus and you start on Madagascar. Sell the only symptom, Save some points to enable all the transmissions. Wait until it goes out. Upgrade the code to make spread to Russia, Canada, etc. Wait until all the people become infected.
  • Choose a mode. Select a virus on Relaxed mode, or bacteria or parasite on Realistic mode. If you start in Madagascar, it will be a very long time before other countries get infected. Sell your only symptom. Save points until you get 80. Buy Heat I, Cold I, Moisture I, and Drug I. Buy rodent. Wait to the entire world to be infected. Buy tier I, II, and III. If the whole world is infected, buy deadly symptoms (heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, encephalitis, and hemorrhaging recommended).
  • Select Relaxed mode. Choose virus; you get faster points. If you do not start in Madagascar try again. Sell your only symptom. Buy Cold I, Heat I, and Moisture I. Wait for Madagascar to turn red. Look for any boats coming from the harbor. If you see one, follow it to the next country to be infected. Wait and your virus will soon take hold on every country. As soon as the last country is infected, use over 80 evolution points and buy lethal symptoms (Liver Failure, Fatigue, Vomiting, Fever, and Nausea recommended). After a few days or weeks, you will see the first deaths. To make it go faster, buy the Moisture II and Waterborne transmissions. Greenland tends to be first to die out. Soon, entire continents will be affected. Anyone infected should die within a day.
  • Select any desired game mode (Realistic recommended). It is recommended that you select Virus and name it whatever desired. Once you start the game, immediately open the "Disease" tab and sell your only symptom(s.) Do not do anything else unless you have enough Evolution points to buy one of each resistance. Do not buy a second, third, or fourth of any resistance. Go back to the game and speed up time until you have 17 or more Evolution points to spend on Waterborne and Airborne, but do not buy rodents or insects. They are a waste of Evolution points and your time. Make sure the game is still sped up and continue watching as the entire world becomes infected. This may take require a few minutes. If everything goes as planned, Madagascar and other difficult to infect countries will become infected (as long as you did exactly what was planned and at the correct moments). If all shipyards close, there will be no chance for Madagascar to become infected and you will have to restart the game. Check the "World" tab to see if all the countries are infected. If there are one or more that are healthy and there is no way to get the virus there, you must restart the game. Remember, this game has a random aspect, but this method will almost always work. Once the entire world is infected, buy the deadliest symptoms (not the ones that spread the infection more) such as heart failure, liver failure, fever (is a good foundation), and other ones. Make sure you do not buy any second, third, or fourth resistance, including drug resistance. The entire world will be overwhelmed and, even if they do manage to make a vaccine, it will not work because there will be no countries remaining that are healthy and can use it. Wait until the entire world dies off one country at a time. Where there are two countries remaining that have not been killed or wiped off, just watch and observe which country dies last, just for fun
  • This trick works best if you start off in New Zealand or West Europe. Select a parasite. Sell your symptoms. Have level 1 resistance of everything. Have the only transmission mode as rodent. Once Madagascar is infected, get full drug resistance, Moisture II, then choose waterborne. Watch your points accumulate, them purchase your desired symptoms.
  • Start the game in Relaxed mode with a parasite-type disease. Do not give your disease a name. Once the game starts, click the link to your disease and sell the given symptom to your disease. Exit back to the map and wait until you have 38 Evolution points. Then, go back to your disease menu and click on "Waterborne" under the Transmission section, then under the "Resistance" section click the "Moisture I, II, III, and IV" options until all of the "Moisture" resistances have been selected. Go back to the map and wait until you have 27 Evolution points. Then, open the "Disease" menu again. Click "Airborne" under the "Transmission" section, then under the "Resistance" section, click "Cold I and II" and "Heat I and II". Go back to the map. Countries will start to show up under "Breaking News" as becoming infected. Once a certain number of countries are being infected, governments from some countries will start to take action. Once numerous governments are taking action, a vaccine will start to be developed. If the entire world is not infected by this time, go back to the "Disease" menu and start to add non lethal symptoms. This will slow down the vaccine creation. Once the entire world is infected, start to add lethal symptoms of your choosing, and the world will eventually die out. Note: Some resistances will be given to you at the beginning of the game, and some of the Evolution point numbers will be off by a few numbers.
  • Sell your starting symptom. Purchase one of all the resistances, except drug resistance. Get insect, rodent, airborne and waterborne transmissions. Set your disease to spread quickly with low visibility. Wait until most or all of the regions are infected. Buy a group of small symptoms (anything low visibility). Then, buy all of the deadly and high visibility symptoms. (pulmonary edema, heart failure, etc.). Wait until the vaccine is being made. When the vaccine is almost done. buy all the drug resistances. They will make a new vaccine. Try everything possible to keep the vaccine from destroying your virus. If you stop it, or do anything else before the vaccine completion, then continue to kill off more people. Note: As you kill more people, the vaccine completion progress will slow down and eventually halt. Once you get to about 10,000,000 people alive, the vaccine progress will halt. Kill more and more people until you win the game.
  • Select Virus. If you do not start in Madagascar restart the game until this happens. Sell the starting symptoms (unless it is Sneezing), and buy Sneezing. Purchase 1-1-1-0 resistances but no transmissions, because they trigger closures. After four countries are infected, sell Sneezing to get rid of visibility. Wait until all the countries are infected. Purchase all four drug resistances and Sneezing, Coughing, and Vomiting. After a few days, unlock tiers 2 and 3, keeping whatever symptoms given. Purchase Fever, Fatigue, Diarrhea, Pulmonary Edema, and Hypersensitivity. Then, save for Kidney Failure and Ataxia.


Get rid of fever. Invest in cold, heat, and moisture. Once you have leveled up, invest in water and air. Depending on your location, you may only need to invest in water. Wait, and once all countries have been infected, then invest in sickness.

Forcing vaccines to fail

Use the following trick to force a vaccine to fail the first time. Wait until the vaccine has almost been completed. Make sure you have 20 to 30 Evolution Points. Purchase all of the drug resistances.

Viruses reports

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding report.

VA-1-A through C: Acquired every area except Madagascar (use no symptoms but have full resistance).
VA-2-A: Acquired every area except Australia and Madagascar (use silent symptoms, low visibility).
VA-3-A through B: Acquired Europe or America (used whatever symptoms available).