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Payday 2 (PC)

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Steam achievements

Complete the following goals to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds to "Payday 2 (PC)". Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Afraid of the Dark : On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, while doing plan B, do not let law enforcers pull the power.
Armed and Dangerous : Reach reputation level 50.
Armed to the Teeth : Modify a weapon for the first time.
Bang for the Buck : Kill 10 Bulldozers using any shotgun and 000 buckshot ammo. Unlocks the Long Barrel for the Street Sweeper shotgun, "Steven" mask, "Sparks" material and "Chief" pattern.
Big Deal : On day 2 of the Framing Frame job, trade 9 paintings.
Bullet Dodger : In the Street escape, complete the escape without killing any enemy snipers.
Cappuccino to Go, Please : In the Cafe escape, secure all loot and escape within 30 seconds of the escape van arriving.
Career Criminal : Reach reputation level 75.
Caribbean Pirate: On day 2 of the Rat job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead. (Video)
Christmas Came Early : Equip the Interceptor 45 pistol. Celebrating Halloween, you can now unlock the Interceptor 45 pistol by simply joining the PAYDAY 2 Official Group on Steam.
Clay Pigeon Shooting : Kill 10 snipers using any shotgun and flechette ammo. Unlocks the Long Barrel for the Raven shotgun, "Clint" mask, "Leaf" material and "Monkey Skull" pattern.
Coming in Hot : On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.
Diamonds are Forever: In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time. (Video)
Doctor Fantastic: On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the first engine being correct. (Video)
Everyday I’m Shovelin' : On the Night Club heist, kill 25 law enforcers using your shovel. Unlocks the Short Barrel for the Raven shotgun.
F in Chemistry : On day 1 of the Rat job, blow up the lab.
First Nightmare : This is a secret achievement. It is only obtainable during the Annual Halloween Event!
Fish A.I. : On day 2 of the Watchdogs job, throw a loot bag into the sea, hoping fish move away as it gets near.
Four Monkeys : In the Rats job, complete the heist while you and your four man crew are wearing one different "Shotgun Pack" mask each on OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Fourth Nightmare : This is a secret achievement. It is only obtainable during the Annual Halloween Event!
From Russia With Love : While wearing the “Mark” mask, finish 25 of Vlad’s jobs on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Full Measure : On day 1 of the Rats job, cook and secure 7 bags worth of meth without blowing up the lab on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Fully Loaded : Own 9 weapons.
Going Places : Gain $1.000.000 in total spendable cash.
Guessing Game: On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer. (Video)
Guilty of Crime : Reach reputation level 10.
How Do You Like Me Now? : Equip an armor for the first time.
I Am the One Who Knocks : On day 1 of the Rats job, cook 3 bags worth of meth without letting any law enforcer enter the house.
I got it, I got It!: Catch a bag mid-air. (Video)
I Knew What I Did Was Wrong: On day 1 of the Big Oil job, enter the basement, open the ATM machines and take the loot. (Video)
I Wasn't Even There!: On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, send the gold by zip-line without ever tripping the alarm. (Video)
I'm a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer : Spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.
I'm Going All-in!: In the Nightclub job, put a bag filled with money on the poker table. (Video)
It’s Alive! IT’S ALIVE! : While wearing the “Frank” mask from the Halloween event, get electrocuted or tased by a Taser 25 times.
King of the Hill : In the Park escape, ensure that no law enforcement enters the park before the escape van arrives.
Knock, Knock : Kill 50 Shields using any shotgun and slug ammo. Unlocks the Collapsed Stock for the M1014 shotgun.
Let's do Th...: In the Ukranian job, complete the heist within 35 seconds. (Video)
Like an Angry Bear! : Equip the "Mark" mask. Celebrating 2 years of heists, you can now unlock the "Mark" mask by simply joining the PAYDAY 2 Official Group on Steam.
Lock, Stock & Eight Smoking Barrels : Own every Shotgun. Unlocks the Flip-up Sight for the Raven shotgun.
Lord of War: On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar. (Video)
Man of Iron : Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.
Masked Villain : Modify a mask for the first time.
Most Wanted : Reach reputation level 100.
No Heist for Old Men : Complete any heist in stealth with a silenced Locomotive 12G shotgun equipped. Unlocks the Suppressed Barrel for the Street Sweeper shotgun, "Rutger" mask, "Banana Peel" material and "Banana" pattern.
No One Can Hear You Scream : While wearing the “Venomorph” mask from the Halloween event, silently kill 50 enemies using only melee.
No One Cared Who I Was... : Until I put on the mask.
No Turning Back : Complete your first job.
Painting Yourself Into a Corner : On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.
Police Brutality : Beat a Shield to death using the Telescopic Baton.
Pump-Action : While wearing the “Pumpkin” mask from the Halloween event, kill 666 enemies using only shotguns.
Second Nightmare : This is a secret achievement. It is only obtainable during the Annual Halloween Event!
Seven Eleven : Get 7 enemy headshot kills within 11 seconds using any shotgun. Unlocks the Short Barrel for the M1014 shotgun, “John” mask, “Explosive” material and “Terror” pattern.
Shock and Awe : Hit 4 enemies simultaneously using any shotgun and HE rounds. Unlocks the Solid Stock for the M1014 shotgun.
Shoot the Glass! : In the Mallcrasher job, destroy all windows in the mall.
Short Fuse: On day 3 of the Rat job, get away with 7 bags without defusing any bombs. (Video)
Shotgun 101 : Kill at least 50 enemies and get 101% accuracy or above using any shotgun. Unlocks the Long Barrel for the M1014 shotgun.
Smooth Criminal : Reach reputation level 25.
Spend Money to Make Money : Spend $1.000.000 in total cash.
Swing Dancing : Complete any single day of a job, killing at least 50 enemies using only your melee weapon.
The First Line : On day 3 of the Firestarter job, find the rare hockey poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.
The Pumpkin King Made Me Do It! : Kill 666 enemies using only the Interceptor 45 pistol.
They See Me Baggin', They Hatin' : On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.
Third Nightmare : This is a secret achievement. It is only obtainable during the Annual Halloween Event!
Tip the Scales : In the safe house, find the hidden basement.
Weapon Collector : Own 18 weapons.
Witch Doctor : While wearing the “Witch” mask from the Halloween event, revive 50 crew members.
Would You Like Your Receipt? : Buy a weapon for the first time.
Yeah He's a Gold Digger : In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.
You Gotta Start Somewhere : Reach reputation level 5.
You Shall Not Pass! : In the Overpass escape, don't let the cops set foot on the bridge before you can escape.


Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Renaming guns or masks

Enter your inventory and find a gun or mask to rename. Select the gun's or mask's name above its stats, then rename it.

Easy "Affordable Healthcare" achievement

 PC  Enter Offline and choose any contract in which you start masked; for example, any of Hector's contracts (Watchdogs, Firestarter, Rats) or Elephant's contracts (Big Oil, Framing Frame, Election Day), any Transport Heist, or Shadow Raid. If possible, respec to have access to two medibags to speed up the process. Begin the game, place the medibag(s) on the floor, then return to the main menu and select "Restart". Repeat the process until the achievement has been earned.

Easy "Are You Kidding Me?" achievement

 PC  Play the "Train Heist" level in stealth under the Hard or higher difficulty setting. There is a chance that a Bulldozer will be hiding in one of the vaults. If you drill that vault in stealth and find a Bulldozer, he will not detect you or raise the alarm. You can then kill him with a single knife stab.

 PC  Have ECM Feedback Ace (Ghost Tier 6) and other skills that will increase your damage with melee attacks or against special units, such as Pumping Iron Ace (Enforcer Tier 2), Spotter Basic (Mastermind Tier 3), Cleaner Basic (Ghost Tier 2) and Berserker Basic (Enforcer Tier 4). Also consider having the Enforcer Tier 5 bonus (+5% damage) or the Technician Tier 4 bonus (+25% damage to headshots). Then, play any heist under the Hard or higher difficulty setting. A non stealth heist such as Transport: Park or Rats is recommended. Wait for a Green Bulldozer to spawn, then clear his surroundings. Plant an ECM, activate the feedback, and shoot him until both his faceplate and his protective glass are broken. Next, charge your melee attack (the Trautmann Knife recommended) release it, aiming at his face. Step backwards to charge a new attack and repeat the procedure until it dies. Usually two charged melee attacks will be required to complete the task.

Easy "Becoming Infamous" achievement

 PC  Reach level 100 and select the "Infamy" option. You will need at least $200 million in your offshore bank account, and everything will be reset.

Easy "Clay Pigeon Shooting" achievement

 PC  Use a shotgun with equipped flechette ammunition. The ammo can be found in the modding menu of any shotgun. Play the "Night Club" mission under the normal difficulty setting with a friend. Camp in the room upstairs behind the DJ table, as snipers will spawn in the house on the other side. The police will come through the windows occasionally. When you hear an announcement about snipers, be ready to shoot them quickly.

Easy "Didn't See That Coming Did You?" achievement

 PC  After installing the Gage Sniper Pack DLC, you will have access to the Rattlesnake, R93, and Thanatos .50 Cal sniper rifles. Choose a heist where you can buy a vantage point and get the zipline (Rats Day 1, any Bank Heist, Firestarter Day 3, Framing Frames Day 3, or The Big Bank). During the heist, keep in mind that civilians do not count as enemies but guards do. The achievement is earned easiest when done alone, under the Normal difficulty, and on any non-pro Bank Heist. You can bring an AI with you to give the police more targets to shoot. Arm yourself with the Rattlesnake or R93 and equip a laser. You cannot scope while on the zipline. The aim is not directly in the middle while on it, and will be slightly adjusted to the top left of center. Using the laser will help you pinpoint that location much easier. It is more difficult to get kills on the way down to the bank from the zipline. The zipline back up to the vantage point is much slower, so you can get more kills in that area. Repeat going up and down the zipline until you get ten kills.

Easy "I Am the One Who Knocks" achievement

 PC  Having three other players and playing under the Normal difficulty setting is recommended. Always stay outside the house to keep the police focused on you and not try to enter it. Have one player with two Medibags, another player with two Ammobags, another player with two Turrets and the last player with six Trip Mines. Place the mines, turrets and barricades at strategic locations outside the house to keep the police out. Listen carefully to Bain, as he will tell you which ingredient to add for the recipe and indicate where the police will spawn (either the lumber mill, railway bridge or forest next to the road). He will also warn you if the police are climbing the walls or a helicopter is dropping them onto the balcony. To defend the balcony, a player must sprint to the second floor. The heist must be restarted if he says that a cop has successfully entered the house. When cooking begins, have each player cooks one bag. During the cooking process, you and your allies will still have to defend the exterior the house. Only go inside when the next ingredient is known. To learn which ingredient to add, listen carefully to Bain's instructions.

The correct ingredient is Muriatic Acid if he says one of the following lines.
  • Add Muriatic Acid to continue the process !
  • Acid, guys, Acid. Get some and pour it in there.
  • Ah, OK... Muria, Muriatic Acid. Add more.
  • Cooking away fine - needs more Acid though.
  • Hm, yeah it is not Caustic Soda... Yeah. It should be Acid. Yep, sure that is it.
  • I'm 100% it is Muriatic Acid now. Just add it.
  • Looking at this site... Says Acid is used in this step... We got Muriatic, right?
  • Mu... Muriatic Acid - we need some more in there.
  • OK, so add caustic... No, wait, add acid - Muriatic Acid.
The correct ingredient is Caustic Soda if he says one of the following lines.
  • Add Caustic Soda to continue the process !
  • Caustic basic reaction is now added. OK you got any Soda around? Add it.
  • Caustic chloride. Says it is liquid form... Wait a minute... Should be Soda, right?
  • Caustic Soda - yep, that's it. Go for it.
  • I'm 100% it is some Caustic Soda needed here. Drop some in.
  • It needs hydrogen chloride, for sure... OK wait, Soda... Yeah, Caustic Soda!
  • Says we need club Soda to get this temperature up... Sounds odd. What can you get?
  • Try Caustic Soda....Or hydrogen... No no, wait, Soda... Go for that. Yeah.
  • I'm just guessing at this point... These internet descriptions are iffy.
The correct ingredient is Hydrogen Chloride if Bain says one of the following lines.
  • Add Hydrogen Chloride to continue the process !
  • Caustic Chloride. Says it is some solid form... Wait a... Should be that Hydrogen, right?
  • Hydrogen... Is that a gas... Can't be a solid... Says add it. You guys got a gas tank?
  • I'm not 100% but I think it is Hydrogen Chloride now. Yep, should be.
  • It needs Hydrogen Chloride - for sure.
  • It needs Hydrogen Chloride, for sure... No, no wait... Yeah, OK.
  • F*ck me, we needed those cooks. I'm going with Chloride.
  • F*ck me, we needed those cooks. I'm going with Hydrogen.
  • F*ck me, we needed those damn cooks. I'm going with Caustic Soda.
  • This site says something else... Chloride Soda Hydrogen mix. I don't know, go for it - something.

Once the bag is done cooking, bring it with you and drop it anywhere outside the house to distract the police. You will earn the achievement or trophy as soon as the third bag is done cooking.

Easy "I Do What I Do Best, I Take Scores" achievement

 PC  You do not need the DLC unless you have to host the Armored Transport heists. You do not need to complete the same heist fifteen times. You just need to complete them under the Overkill or Death Wish difficulty settings (Downtown, Crossroad, Park, Harbor or Underpass). Additionally, you do not need to be present at the start of the heist. Joining a few seconds before completion will also count towards your total.

Easy "The Man With the Golden Gun" achievement

 PC  Start a bank heist under Death Wish difficulty setting. Purchase the Vantage Point asset. Shoot the Skulldozer that is dropped on the bank roof by a helicopter.

Easy "Murphy's Law" achievement

 PC  Note: Luck is an important factor in earning this achievement. On Day 1, place the GPS tracker on a truck that has the same company name as another one. To get to where the trucks are parked, chain together ECMs. You now access to the "Plan C", where you must hack the server, plant C4 next to the voting machines, and drill the vault in the bank. To earn the achievement the vault must be empty, which occurs randomly. Repeat the process if this is not the case. The achievement will be earned when a player enters the empty vault.
fe, rrwa oaa, t

Easy "Public Enemies" achievement

 PC  Do not sell the "Chuck" mask or you will have to get it back from the cards.

Easy "Shock and Awe" achievement

 PC  Immediately after spawning in "Rats - Day 3", run in the bus and fire your shotgun with HE rounds to kill the Mendozas. Because the Mendozas are very close to each other, it should be easy to get four simultaneous kills.

Easy "Storage Hunter" achievement

 PC  Tag the correct truck on Day 1 and get the mission where you have to hack the voting machines. The six storage bins are located in the cages in the left and right halls. They can be opened via keycard or by drilling or sawing the doors. To complete this without stealth, hack the voting machines, open the cages, regroup the six money bags, erase the video recording, and escape. To complete this with stealth,kill the camera operator and the two guards patrolling the upper level. Then, open the shipping crates and hack the four voting machines. If the cages must be opened to check the crates inside, only open those that also contain storage bins because you only have four keycards. Because there are only six storage bins and cages can contain up to three of them at the same time, you probably will not have to use the drill to locate the others. However, if that happens, complete the hacking objective and secure the money bags you already first. If you irremediably detected, chain ECMs together to get enough time to steal and secure the remaining bags. Complete Day 2 to earn the achievement.

Easy "Triple Kill" achievement

 PC  Play Rats Day 3, when you have to kill the Mendozas in the bus. At the start of the day, get on top of the car in the front of the bus. Use a sniper rifle (Thanatos .50 caliber recommended) to kill the Mendozas, who are clustered together.

Armored Transport

The Big Bank Heist

The Charlie Santa Heist

The Death Wish Update

The Election Day Heist

Gage Assault Pack

Gage Mod Courier

Gage Shotgun Pack

Gage Sniper Pack

Gage Weapon Pack #01

Gage Weapon Pack #02

Hotline Miami

The Infamy Update

The Shadow Raid Heist


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