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Peggle Deluxe (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding bonus. Unlockable How to Unlock

Claude Lobster: Complete Stage 4
Flippers: Complete Stage 4
Flower Power: Complete Stage 6
Jimmy Lightning: Complete Stage 1
Kat Tut: Complete Stage 2
Multiball: Complete Stage 1
Pyramid: Complete Stage 2
Renfield Pumpkin: Complete Stage 5
Space Blast: Complete Stage 3
Splork Sporkan: Complete Stage 3
Spooky Ball: Complete Stage 5
Tula Sunflower: Complete Stage 6

Challenge mode

Successfully complete Adventure mode.
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Demo mode

Complete stage 2 in Adventure mode.

Multi-player levels

Complete a level in single player mode to unlock the same level in multi-player mode.

Completion bonus

When a level is completed, the ball falls into one of the five bonus slots at the bottom, which are usually worth 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000 points. However, if you clear all pegs in the level all of the slots will be worth 100,000 points. You will also get other bonuses, such as the "Cool Clear" bonus and 10,000 points for every ball not used. The extra points are counted towards your Fever Bonus, which is then added to your total score for the level. Note: To get a higher Fever Bonus, save a green peg for your last shot to clear the board.


Complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding rank. A trophy will appear at the main menu for each rank achieved.

Master of Peggle: Complete Adventure mode.
Ultimate Master of Peggle: Complete all Challenges.
Extreme Ultimate Master of Peggle: Complete all challenges with 100% completion (clear all pegs) on every level.


Walkthrough (PC)


Double Fever

When you start a level, choose Renfield. Play through the level and try to keep one of the green pegs on the screen. If the last orange peg is near, aim for one of them and fire. If done correctly, you will have a Spookyball on your Fever. When it lands in any of the holes, it will pop up again at the top, giving you the chance to possibly get 200,000 points with one Fever.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
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Catch the Fever (5 points): Cure your need for fever with an Extreme Fever (except Duel).
Go ULTRA! (15 points): Clear all the pegs in a level. It's pretty extreme, but you look up to it (except Duel).
Be Cool (10 points): Hit the last orange then the last blue to rack up a Cool Clear (except Duel).
Free! Free! Free Ball! (15 points): Rack up the score or hit the bucket for 3 free balls in one shot.
Party Master (10 points): Winning a Peg Party is way better than playing with a ball of yarn!
Peggle Graduate (20 points): Complete Adventure Mode and earn your degree from the Peggle Institute.
Peggle Professor (25 points): Complete every level in Challenge Mode and even the Peggle Masters will be impressed.
Rock Lobster (15 points): Win a Xbox LIVE Duel like a crustacean born. 'Ave you tried ze flippers?
Doctor of the Peggle Arts (30 points): Clear all pegs and bricks in every level in Quick Play or Adventure mode and gain explodious fame!
Ace of Adventure (30 points): In a peg defying feat, score 20 million points in a single play-through of Adventure mode.
People's Ovation (10 points): Win a 4-player Peg Party by a whoppin' 100,000 points to acquire everlasting coolness.
Stylish Project (15 points): Bust out all your Skillz, Bounces, and Slides for 1 million style shot points!



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