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Perfect World (PC)

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Spirit and Guardian Charms

When level 5, it is easy to obtain a small Spirit Charm. Talk to your race elder. Talk about the quest marked in green. This is a timed quest for a trial chest, where you must get a trial token. For the Winged Elves, this chest is located on the highest platform in the tree; use your wings. For Untamed, the trial chest is on the north gate. Approach from the sides, jump on the broken statue, on the torch, then on the hanging shield. For Humans, the trial chest is the most difficult to obtain. Run to the north gate, then jump on the platforms to the first roof. Jump on the rock piece to the highest roof, where the chest is located. Go to the trial chest, obtain the trial token, and go back to your elder to obtain a Spirit Charm or a Guardian Charm (for mana and HP).

Enemy Plans quest: Finding the general

When at level 16 or 17, you can start the "Enemy Plans" quest. To the elder, then go to quest and he will teleport you to an island or temple in the sky. That is where the general can be found.