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Platform Racing 2

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Bonus items

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.

Basketball head: Won randomly.
Bee body: Win "Zerostar" against three players.
Bird body: Win "It's New York" against three players.
Bird feet: Win "Black Light" against three other players.
Bird head: Win "Razor Blade" against three other players.
Candy head: Win "Candy Land" against three players.
Cowboy hat: Earned from F@H, 100,000 points needed.
Crown: Earned from F@H; 50,000 points needed.
Exp hat: Won randomly.
Football helmet: Win "Soul Temple" against three players.
Invisible head, feet, and body: Won randomly.
Propeller hat: Win "Hat Factory".
Santa hat: Won randomly.
Stick body: Won randomly.
Stick feet: won randomly.
Stick head: Won randomly.
Sun head: Win "Mario Bros. Remix" against three other players.
Unicorn head: Win "Newbie Land 2" against three players.


Mario Bros. Remix: Shortcuts

  • Note: You can practice this first against one person. Find the location with the yellow block, Go down and use the propeller hat or jetpak to finish.
  • Get the sword. When you see the bricks near the finish line use the sword to break them. If that does not work, get the laser gun and shoot. Then, walk through and you can see the green things.

Newbie Land 2: Shortcut

When you jump on the item box, hopefully you will get a Teleport. When it is time to go up, use the Teleport to go through it. You will be on the other side and reach the end faster.

Razor Blade: Shortcut

Go to the first set of ice blocks. Jump on the first one on the left, then quickly jump to the right and go through the basic blocks.

Razor Blade: Easy Exp Block

Note: You must be level 19 and/or have stats at acceleration 30, speed 39 to 40, and jump 40. Stand between the second to last block and the last block. Then hold [Down] + [Right] to always hit the Exp Block.

Zerostar: Shortcuts

  • When you reach the part with eight mines to the side, blow up one of them. Then, go to where the exploded mine was located. Wait for all the green blocks to come back up and blow up when against the next mine. You should fly through the floor below you.
  • In the last room with the finish block, the block underneath the finish block is actually a drawing. You can go through it and not have to go through rotating three times.

Double jump

After getting a super jump from the "?" box, do a jump or super jump.

Item bonuses

The following items will give the corresponding bonus.

Bee body: Increased Propeller Hat effect.
Big Belly body: Increased speed at the cost of decreased acceleration.
Bird set: Increased jumping, and increased Propeller Hat effect if wearing it.
Black Snake: Increased speed and beginning boost.
Candy head: Enemy stats lowered 10% in Candy Land.
Football helmet: Slight chance at getting teleported.
Girl with ballerina shoes: Increased speed.
Invisible set: Slight boost at the beginning of a race.
Stick set: Increased jumping and speed.
Sun head: Increased chance to get telelported.
Unicorn head: Increased acceleration.
Vampire with skates: Increased speed and acceleration.
Crown and Cape: Sometimes reflects an attack back to the attacker.
Flower head and Black Snake body: Stats doubled.
Bee body, Candy head, Bird foot, and Super Flying Cowboy hat: Super speed, super acceleration, super jump, super fly, 10% chance to fly or jump through wall, increased experience, and 1% chance to automatically win when race starts.

Recommended settings

  • Try the following settings for good speed.
Speed: 100
Acceleration: +10
Jump: High as possible
  • Try the following settings for a balanced vehicle.
Speed: 59
Acceleration: 50
Jump: 56