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Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following names in the indicated profile slot to activate the corresponding cheat function. After entering the name, press D-pad Up or Down to switch back to your own profile. To disable a cheat code, select the corresponding profile slot and add or delete one character from the name.

Effect Profile slot Name
Credits in the "Help" screen 2 END
All Fantasy Chips at "Pause" menu 7 FANTASY CHIPS
More lives, more time, less obstacles 10 TOO HARD FOR ME
Fantasy Me is invincible 11 SUPERMAN
All Fantasy Me's 13 BPLUS
Press B + Up or Down to zoom in or out 23 ZOOM
Disable in-game music 29 NO MUSIC
No obstacles; all sectors are in JAPAN-Fantasy 30 JAPAN IS COOL

Look around the main screen

Hold the C on the Nunchuck to look around the main screen using the pointer.


Copycat levels

Finish in first to seventh place in a Classic mode level.

Mission levels

Finish in first to third place in a Classic mode level.
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Time Diamond bonuses

Successfully complete a Copycat or Mission level to gain a Time Diamond. the indicated number of Time Diamonds to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: The Fantasy Chips that are unlocked can be selected when game play is paused in Classic mode. When one is selected, you will enter Practice mode.

JAPAN-Fantasy Chip: 8 Time Diamonds
FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly disappear : 12 Time Diamonds
ZeLeLi Plate in the Time Diamond menu (Disappears after getting your 14th Time Diamond): 13 Time Diamonds
FM-Astronaut and FM-Butterfly return; and FM-Car and FM-Ladybug: 20 Time Diamonds
FM-Football and FM-Blossom: 30 Time Diamonds
FM-Fan and FM-Knight: 40 Time Diamonds
FM-Star and FM-Stylus: 50 Time Diamonds
Fancyless in Space and Memory Fantasy Chips; andFM-Pocket lamp: 60 Time Diamonds
FM-UFO: 70 Time Diamonds
Fruity Smile Fantasy Chip and unlock FM-Rain cloud: 80 Time Diamonds
FM-Dice: 90 Time Diamonds
Cuddly World Fantasy Chip and FM-Egg: 100 Time Diamonds
FM-Butterfly 2: 110 Time Diamonds
Haunted Wood Fantasy Chip and FM-SchneeLeLi: 120 Time Diamonds
FM-Paint brush: 130 Time Diamonds
Underwater Fantasy Chip and FM-Rocket and FM-Robot: 140 Time Diamonds
Playroom Fantasy Chip and FM-Kubi and FM-Spinner: 150 Time Diamonds
FM-Helicopter and FM-Baseball; all 9 Fantasies selectable: 160 Time Diamonds
FM-Family car and FM-Soother: 170 Time Diamonds
FM-Fish and FM-Skull: 180 Time Diamonds
ZeLeLi Spaceship 1 and ZeLeLi Spaceship 2: 190 Time Diamonds