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Pocket Academy

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Place the indicated facilities near each other to unlock the corresponding Spot.
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Action Spot: Trampoline + Dojo + Club
Art Spot: Art Room + Music Room + Misc Room
Bio Spot: Lab + Computer Room + Mole Room
Club Spot: Tiny Mart + Soccer Field + Club
Cooking Spot: Incinerator + Home Ec Room + Water Fountain
Date Spot: Tennis Court + Woods + Library
Election spot: Principal Room + Teacher Room + Lounge
Exercise Spot: Track + B-Ball Court + Vending Room
Fashion Spot: Tennis Court + Art Room + Home Ec. Room
Fashion Spot: Bronze Statue + Computer Room + Gold Statue
Fiery Spot: B-Ball Court + Soccer Field + Incinerator
Friend Spot: Water Fountain + Nurse's Room + Lounge
Garden Spot: Grass + Field + Water Fountain
Homey Spot: Nurse's Room + Home Ec Room + Rest Room
Jealousy Spot: Incinerator + Cafeteria + Home Ec Room
Meat Spot: Pig Room + Cafeteria + Cow Room
Power Spot: Well + Woods + Grass
Relaxing Spot: Azalea + Grass + Bench
Shopping Spot: Snack Store + Tiny Mart + Cafeteria
Spooky Spot: Music Room + Lab + Incinerator
Sports Spot: Soccer Field + Pool + Gym
Study Spot: Principal Room + Library + AV Room
Twilight Spot: Woods + Slope + Baseball Field
Waiting Spot: Bulletin Board + Big Rock + Rest Room
Water Spot: Lake + Rest Room + Well

Student items

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding item. Note: Some events are not triggered until a certain school level is reached. Other events require a high number of participants. Also, The Summer Event is occurs on the sixth month, and Autumn Event occurs on the eleventh month of each year. You will get a prompt at the end of the first week of that month, the it is executed at the end of fourth week.

Boat: Complete the Field Trip Event (Summer).
Camera Set: Complete the Field Study Event (Summer).
Dust Cloth: Build a Locker Room.
Fishing Set: Complete the Park Stroll Event (Summer).
Skate: Complete the School Trip Event (Autumn).
Skateboard: Complete the Athletic Meet Event (Autumn).
Sketching Set: Complete the Art Festival Event (Autumn).
Ski: Complete the Ski School Event (Autumn).