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Pocket Monsters Pearl

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This game is titled Pokemon Pearl in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Pocket Monsters Pearl in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Erase all data

Hold Up + Select + B at the title screen.


Trainer card ranks

Complete any of the following tasks in any order to earn a star and change the color of your trainer card, as indicated below: Defeat the Elite Four; win all of the Master Rank Contests, complete the Underground Flag mini-game with friends, capture 482 different Pokemon; or win 100 times in a row at the Battle Tower.

  • Blue Trainer Card (one star)
  • Bronze Trainer Card (two stars)
  • Silver Trainer Card (three stars)
  • Gold Trainer Card (four stars)
  • Black Trainer Card (five stars)

Diamond Dust

Set the system date to January 12th and Fly up to Snowpoint City. Instead of the normal snow you will see Diamond Dust "snow".

Birthday greeting

Set the system date to the birthday registered in the settings. Talk to Professor Rowan's assistant after defeating the Elite Four and they will wish you a happy birthday.







Duplicating Pokemon

You can clone items and Pokemon. Wi-Fi is required for this trick. Make sure to always offer your Pokemon to a Pokemon that no one will have (for example, level 9 and under Charizard). By doing this, no one takes your Pokemon during the process. If you want to duplicate an item, give the desired item to the Pokemon you are willing to duplicate. Go to to the Global Trading Station (GTS), save, and log in. Once at the main menu of the GTS, select "Deposit". Because this is your first time doing so, use a Pokemon that you do not care about. Deposit the Pokemon into the GTS. Make sure you offer it for a Pokemon that no one would trade for (for example, a level 9 and under Infernape). After depositing your Pokemon, it will now say "Checking GTS's Status...." and on the very right of that message you will see a clock. The clock is considered as a loading clock. This clock is the key to duplicating your Pokemon successfully. You want your clock to go around eight times. On the eighth spin, turn off the DS. Depending on your Internet connection, it may go around between six and nine times. Test it a few times, then turn the DS off one tick before your target spin. Your goal is to shut off the DS one tick before the loading is complete. Turn your game on. You should get a error message stating "Your file has been corrupted. Previous file will be loaded." Do not worry. This is normal and your file is safe. Log back into GTS. If done correctly, you should have one Pokemon in your box/party and the other in GTS waiting for you to retrieve it.

Duplicate items

To perform this trick you must have a Pokemon that knows "Thief," and a Ditto. Enter a double battle with a Ditto without an item and a Pokemon holding the item you want to duplicate. Make Ditto transform into the Pokemon holding the item. Switch the Pokemon holding the item with the Pokemon that knows Thief. Use Thief on Ditto. Win the Pokemon battle. The Thief Pokemon now has a duplicate of the item.

Traps and Spheres duplication

Two people required for this trick. When in the underground, get some traps or spheres then get to the surface and save the game. Go back down and set your trap anywhere. Set the other person to COM and take the trap or sphere from ground. Turn your game off but leave other person's game on. Save other person's game. Both the people should now have the same trap or sphere.

Strange areas

Get on your bike and turn on the fast gear. Go to any town or route. If you are in a town like Solaceon Town, go to the very top of the city. While riding all the way down through the city, rapidly press Left and Right. Your character should appear to be spinning while moving forward. If done correctly throughout the whole ride, the next route you are heading towards will be glitched with either an invisible wall, a white void, or a black void. Your game may crash. Sometimes the void may be walkable. You can use this glitch to find new ways to capture the event Pokemon Darkrai and Shaymin without the events.

Create an attire

This trick you requires the National Dex. Go to Canalave City. Talk to Sailor Eldrich then say "No" to his offer. Fly home (Twinleaf) and save the game. Turn off the DS. When you continue the game, it will start with a quiz (like the interviews). Select a word and choose "Confirm". Your character should look like the selected word. For example, using the word AIPOM will result in your character dressed in an "Aipom suit". The trainer card now shows the sprite in an Aipom suit. Recommended words are CHARIZARD, BATTLE, ARCEUS, and LINK.

Professor Rowan talks on PC while captive

After you defeat Saturn at Lake Valor, go to Lake Verity. You will find out that Professor Rowan is being held captive by Team Galactic. Go to a Pokemon Center and go to Rowan's PC on the PC. Professor Rowan will be talking to you.

Missing woman

In Route 217 (the snowy route heading to Snowpoint City), there are two houses. In the first house, a hiker will give you an Icicle Plate if you have taken HM 08: Rock Climb from behind his house. In the second house, a lady will give you a Spell Tag. Enter the second house and talk to the lady to get a Spell Tag. Then, go outside and enter the house again. The woman will no longer be there.

Cross-eyed Golem

When you battle the Elite 4, get to the second member. Battle until she sends out her Golem. Use Grass Knot on it. When the little circles appear, Golem will turn cross-eyed and remain that way the rest of the battle.


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