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Pokemon Deluge

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Defeating Brock

Catch four Water Pokemon, one Rock Pokemon, and one Electric Pokemon. Battle Brock at the gym. Use your Water Pokemon. You will win at all Rock gyms if you are not weak.

Easy experience or money

Have a Pokemon that is level 80 to 100, for example Registeel. The rest of your Pokemon should be weak, at level 1 to 50. Battle Gary (or other strong gym leaders or the Elites. When in battle, let the lowest level Pokemon attack first and strongest attack last. When you win, you should get between 1,200 to 4,000 experience points and 3,000 to 6,000 money.

Recommended attacks

The following is a list of the strongest attack for each Pokemon type.
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Bug type: Megahorn.
Dark type: Sucker Punch, Crunch, Dark Pulse.
Dragon type: Roar of Time.
Electric type: Thunder, Volt Tackle, Zap Cannon.
Fight type: Focus Punch.
Fire type: Blast Burn, Eruption.
Flying type: Sky Attack.
Ghost type: Shadow Force.
Ice type: Blizzard, Sheer Cold.
Normal type: Explosion, Giga Impact.
Poison type: Gunk Shot.
Psychic type: Psycho Boost.
Rock type: Head Smash, Rock Wrecker.
Steel type: Doom Desire.
Water type: Hydro Cannon, Water Spout.
Grass type: Frenzy Plant.