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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

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This game is titled Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team in North America, Europe, and Australia and Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Ao no Kyuujotai in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Special Missions and bonuses

Enter the following Wonder Mail codes to unlock the corresponding special mission or bonus. Note: The italicized text indicates yellow parts of the code, and the ellipses are a single character.

Feebas appears as a wild Pokemon

Enter X?7P [Female]?+? ?XP6 RJ?Q FJC5 ?W?? as a password.

Mantine appears as a wild Pokemon

Enter 4??N 22...? ?Q6J H3?[Male] 8470 JN?W as a password.

Porygon appears as a wild Pokemon

Enter F?43 4?t? 429H 90?7 H56R 8K?[Female] as a password.

Roselia appears as a wild Pokemon

Enter F?4N +WT? ?+6N FR?J F?66 85?W as a password.

Boulder Cave area

Enter 3?2N 82Y? 4Q83 41?[Female] ...65R ...!?W as a password.

Fantasy Strait area

Enter ??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Marvelous Sea area

Enter ??MH CJ…? 44?P CF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Mt. Moonview area

Enter 0?05 760? 4WP4 KX?6 -?05 53?- as a password.

Mt. Moonview area

Enter 6?2+ [Female]40? ?QN3 PC?Q 8JO6 SY?F as a password.

Oddity Cave area

Enter ??MS CJ…? 44?P MF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Remains Island area

Enter ??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R …M?1 as a password.

Sky Blue Plains area

Enter 5?2Y QW0? ?T0Q JC?[Male] FH16 WR?W as a password.

Sky Blue Plains area

Enter O?O9 P[Male]Y? ?+73 +H?F +?2O 4M?W as a password. Gives you a job for Thunderwave Cave that unlocks Sky Blue Plains.

Meet with Minun mission

Enter f?rp f?...? ?+7? ct?h 64?0 r??? as a password. The reward is a 400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon.

I'm So Worried About Ninoran mission

Enter 1??9 4wt? 0f9j nf?9 7770 +8?w as a password. The reward is 500 Poke.

Voltorb's Accident mission

Enter 4?mf 87t? ?3n4 [Female]r?2 -?6r 8c?? as a password. The reward is a Max Elixir.

Help I Can't Exit mission

Enter ??-f h?f? ?3p? q??+ 8?76 T8?? as a password. The reward is TM 31 and 200 Poke.

Find a Blast Seed mission

Enter ??9P P?…? 866? RN?M 0?7T 7??? as a password. Client: Misdreavus Objective: Find a Blast Seed . Place: Near Thunderwave Cave 2F Difficulty: E Reward: Bulk Up.

Find a Blast Seed mission

Enter ??KP W?S? 4?6? ?2?W 0?7T 6??? as a password. Client: Pinsir Objective: Find a Blast Seed . Place: Near Thunderwave Cave 2F Difficulty: E Reward: Hail Orb.

Find Abra mission

Enter ??CF 0?0? 2?N? ?Q?Y F47R K??? as a password. Client: Illumise Objective: Find Abra. Place: Mt. Steel 7F Difficulty: E Reward: Wide Slash and ?.

Find Gloom mission

Enter ???? …?X? 4?6? 76?… F4?R ???? as a password. Client: Dewgong Objective: Find Gloom. Place: Tiny Woods 3F Difficulty: E Reward: Poke.

Find Lunatone mission

Enter ??KF Q?Y? -76? …H?! F??R !??? as a password. Client: Nincada Objective: Find Lunatone. Place: Mt. Steel 2F Difficulty: E Reward: Heal Seed.

Find Wigglytuff mission

Enter ??-F H?F? ?3P? Q??+ 8?76 t8?? as a password.

Friend Bow

Enter ??6F P?0? 4N?? YX?7 F4?6 K??? as a password.

Help me mission

Enter ??R? K?F? 4?6? 61?… F??6 ???? as a password. Client: Parasect Objective: Help me. Place: Tiny Woods 2F Difficulty: E Reward: Poke.

Lapras mission

Enter F?J? 690? 4Q6C C!?? 8?66 8Q?[Female] as a password.

Mime Jr. figurine

Enter 461F 0JT? 0+7X …Q?H RNN0 J[Female]?Q as a password.

Mime Jr. figurine

Enter F?-… R4+? 487! 2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password.

Pecha Scarf

Enter ??7Y [Female]1+? ?-PQ HC?M S6?0 +Q?W as a password. Frosty Forest 8F Rank B.

Reviver Seed and 200 Poke

Enter ??8N M(F)0? ?P?7 Q??0 64?6 Q??W as a password.

Silver Gummi

Enter 4?9C 33+? ?M7- !P?X S466 C1?W as a password. Silent Chasm B5F Rank D

Tight Belt

Enter 1?-? ??S? 4??6 RF?? F4?6 …P?? as a password to get a Tight Belt. It keeps you from losing any belly while you hold it.

TM Roar

Enter 4?MJ 4PT? 0?7Q HF?9 0470 ?5?K as a password. Mt. Thunder 5F Rank C.

TM Torment and ?

Enter F?CN 310? 4QR- PS?0 H67R M0?W as a password. Lapis Cave B10F Rank C.

Weather Band and ?

Enter 4?C... -1F? 43NJ MF?... 8J?T -W?W as a password. Near Uproar Forest B7F Rank C.

Weavile figurine

Enter ??7S 0NF? 4!M1 -2?… +MN0 J??Q as a password.

Weavile figurine

Enter F?-… R4+? 487 !2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password.

White Gummi (Tiny Woods B3F Rank D)

Enter ??7N 21X? ?Q64 0??Y 8460 ...R?W as a password.


Evolution Stones

Some Pokemon require the use of items to evolve, such as stones or ribbons. Here are the locations of those items:

Beauty Scarf: Western Cave 59F (Key required)
Deepseascale: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)
Deepseatooth: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)
Dragon Scale: Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F
Fire Stone: Fiery Field 29F
King's Rock: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Leaf Stone: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Lunar Ribbon: Northwind Field 20F (Key required)
Metal Coat: Southern Cave 49F - 50F
Moon Stone: Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Sun Ribbon: Wyvern Hill 20F (Key required)
Thunderstone: Lightning Field 29F Link Cable: Solar Cave 10F (Key
required) Sun Stone: Solar Cave
Upgrade: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Water Stone: Northwind Field 29F (Key required)


Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding statue.
vehibmp aaocdat sltgtats iseuce

Bonsly Statue: Complete all 21 mazes at the Makuhita Training Dojo.
Lucario Statue: Reach 15,000 rescue points and earn the "Lucario" rank.
Mime Jr. Statue: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.
Weavile Statue: Complete a * ranked mission in a 99 floor dungeon.


Buried Relic

  • Always enter the Buried Relic dungeon with at least two Huge Apples or food items. Otherwise when you get to about floor 50 you will faint from hunger.
  • In Buried Relic, when you find Shindias use only Fire, Water, or Flying attacks on them or they will take no damage.

Evolving Pokemon

  • After you defeat Rayquaza, you can go to a cave next to Wishcash Pond. Your partner asks if he can go to its friend area. Select "Yes" and you can now enter the cave. Inside the cave a stone will ask if you want to evolve. Select "Yes" and you will evolve. Note: You can evolve others by going to their friend area and selecting "Become Leader".
  • After you complete the game, a pit appears in Wishcash Pond where evolution can be done, However, you must go alone. Try to go to a dungeon. When your partner asks if you want to make team leaders, say yes and become a leader. You can now go by yourself. Go in the pit. There will be a giant crystal that asks if you want to evolve. Say "Yes" and it will ask for an item. If you give one to it you will have a better chance to evolve. It will then ask again. If you give another item you will have an even better chance. When it thinks you are ready a big beam will appear and you will evolve.

Recruiting Deoxys

After recruiting Lugia you will gain access to the Meteor Cave dungeon. Put only three huge apples in your inventory. Choose one Pokemon to enter the dungeon. It must be level 100. Defeat one mirage Deoxys per floor to advance to the next. Get to floor 20 and defeat Deoxys when he is in front of you. Deoxys will join your Rescue Team and you will gain access to the enclosed island friend area.

Recruiting Mewtwo

Mewtwo is at Western Cavern on the 99th floor. You can unlock it by recruiting all the Legendary Pokemon before him including the following: Ho-oh, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Kyogre, and Groudon. Western Cavern is a tough dungeon, and you will be able to recruit almost all of the fully evolved forms of the nine starter Pokemon. To recruit Mewtwo you must defeat him with only one Pokemon in your team. When you get to floor 98, dismiss two of them and prepare for a battle. Mewtwo has about 900 HP.

Getting Psyduck as your Pokemon

When you start a new game there is a quiz to find what Pokemon you are. Sometimes you are asked "A hand comes out of the toilet! What do you do?" If you answer "Shake hands" you are very likely to become Psyduck.

Defeating Bosses

  • First, get the TM Attract. Then, fight the Boss. On your first move press A and attack nothing. The Boss will come to you, then use Attract. The Boss will not be able to hurt you. Note: This may not work if you are the same gender, and the effect may wear off. If so, just use it again.
  • Your Pokemon must know Disable and Attract. When you fight a Boss use them both. The Boss will be very unlikely to attack. Note: You will have to keep using these when the Boss gets over them.

Friend Bow

At Faraway Mountain on Floors 30, 31 or 32, look all of the way around the floor until you reach a locked door. Open it with the key found in Solar Cave. There will be a Friend Bow inside. Hold it when you go up to an available recruit. It will join your team more easily than it would normally. This is useful when you need to fight a Legendary.

Team base

  • After you defeat the Mankey Gang in Uproar Forest, Jumpluff gives you one Peeled Chestnut. Give it to the Mankey Gang to pay for construction of your team base. You only need two more Chestnuts from Uproar Forest. You usually cannot find them until floors 7 or 8. Your Pokemon peels a Chestnut to make it a Peeled Chestnut. Once the construction is complete, your base will look like your Pokemon's head.
  • After you defeat the Mankey Gang, do not give them Chestnuts until you defeat Rayquaza and evolve. You can change the way you want your base to look. Just give them chestnuts while you are the Pokemon you want it to look like.

Fugitive period

There is a part of the game where you must run as a fugitive to uncover the truth of the Ninetales legend. This begins when you climb to the top of the great canyon to talk with Xatu about how you became a Pokemon. Before this, make sure that your character and your partner level 20. Also make sure that you have a lot of Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds, and Apples or Big Apples in storage and that your Pokemon knows Attract for defeating Moltres and Articuno easily.

Avoid dying

Save the game just before you go on a rescue. If you die, immediately turn off the power to your DS. Once you turn it back on, it will be as if it never happened. This is useful when going on long missions like Articuno, Groudon, and Rayquaza. It is extremely difficult to complete the second part of the mission if you lose most of your items.

Recommended Pokemon

The best Pokemon you can become after the interview is Meowth. This is for one reason. This Pokemon will learn the move Pay-Day. This causes Pokemon that are defeated with this move to drop Poke on the ground. You will be rich.


Action Replay DS codes from Datel. Action Replay DS device required.

Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.