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Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW

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This game is titled Pokedex 3D in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW in Japan.


Sticker bonuses

Collect the indicated amount of stickers by scanning AR Codes and taking pictures of Pokemon in the AR Viewer to unlock the corresponding bonus.
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Note Button in AR Viewer: 30 stickers
Use an image as a background.: 50 Stickers.
Nine Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer: 70 Stickers.
Slider Scale in AR Viewer: 100 Stickers.
Stopwatch Button in AR Viewer: 150 Stickers.
Ten Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer: 200 Stickers.
Eleven Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer: 250 Stickers.
Twelve Pokemon simultaneously in AR Viewer: 328 Stickers.

Gold medals

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gold medal at the listed menu.

AR Sticker menu: Collect all AR stickers.
Photo Sticker menu: Collect all Photo stickers.
Pokedex menu: Collect all Pokemon.


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