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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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Bad solutions not found: Make less than 404 portals in set in 'least portals'.
Before warden comes: Complete level 31 in 'stop me once'.
Faster than ball!: Complete level 19 in 'stop me once' challenge.
For once in my life: Make less than 1111 portals in set 2 in 'least portals'.
I ate the cake and it was great: Complete every achievement in set 2.
I don't like pause button: Complete level 30 set 2 in 'stop me once'.
I feel fantastic: Complete level 40 in normal gameplay.
I told you I'm still alive: Complete level 1 set 2 in normal gameplay.
I'm really proud of you: Complete level 20 set 2 in normal gameplay.
I'm still alive: Complete level 50 in normal gameplay.
It's simple!: Complete level 1 in normal gameplay.
Merry popping!: Pop every slanted popping wall in level 7 set 2.
Not exactly red balloons: Make 99 portals in any level of 'least portals'.
Optimization master: Make less than 415 portals in 'least portals'.
Science gets done: Complete level 30 in normal gameplay.
Ten! Ready or not, here I come!: Complete level 10 in normal gameplay.
The cake is a lie: Complete every level and 'Optimization master'.
The unstoppable force!: Complete every level in 'stop me once'.
This is not over, you know: Complete level 30 set 2 in normal gameplay.
This is Sparta!!! Times two: Make less than 600 portals in 'least portals'.
Tony Hawk would be impressed!: Make a 360° spin with a rotation mechanism.
We do what we must: Complete level 20 in normal gameplay.
We're going to have so much fun: Complete level 10 set 2 in normal gameplay.