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Power Stone Portable

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This game is titled Power Stone Collection in North America and Europe, and Power Stone Portable in Japan.


Bonus weapons

Complete either game with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding weapon. Note: Pete, Gourmand, Julia and Accel do not unlock items in the first Power Stone.

Amenomurakuno: Ryoma
Crystal Ball: Rouge
Decoy Bomb: Ayame
Giant Boots: Gunrock
Maches Chainsaw: Jack
Soccer Ball: Falcon
Stone Sweeper: Julia
Thunderbolt Rider: Accel
Totem Hammer: Galuda
Turbo Helmet: Pete
Twin Potion: Wang-Tang
Wok Gun: Gourmand

Ayame's Shuriken mini game

Get 500 or more medals in a mini-game.

Gunrock's Slot mini game

Get 1,000 or more medals in a mini-game.

Power Stone: Play as Pete

Successfully complete the game.
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Power Stone: Play as Julia

Successfully complete the game as Pete.

Power Stone: Play as Gourmond

Successfully complete the game as Julia.

Power Stone: Play as Accel

Successfully complete the game as Gourmond.

Power Stone: Play as Final Form Valgas

Complete the game as Valgas.

Power Stone: Play as Kraken

Complete the game with all characters except those from the PlayStation2 version.

Power Stone: Play as Valgas

Complete the game with Kraken.

Power Stone: Bonus weapons

Successfully complete the game to unlock the following weapons: Machine Gun, Nyoi-Bo, Power Shield, and Ray Gun.

Power Stone 2: Play as Pride

Complete 1-on-3 mode as Falcon without using any continues.

Power Stone 2: Play as Kraken

Complete 1-on-3 mode as Falcon.

Power Stone 2: Play as Valgas

Complete 1-on-3 mode as Kraken.

Power Stone 2: Play as Mel

Complete 1-on-3 mode as Pride.