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Puddle (Xbox 360)

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Easy "The price to pay" achievement

 PC  Play the "Kieselguhrs" level in the "Laboratory" chapter. After you getting past the first required explosion, you will find a ramp surrounded by three lasers (Screenshot). At that ramp, have ten nitroglycerine drops on the lasers then complete the level.

Easy "Pugnacity" achievement

 PC  Intentionally fail and restart a level ten times consecutively, without using the "Skip" option. Try using levels with early evaporating environmental hazards such as the Nursery level "Green Flow". It also features Venus Fly Traps to help complete the task.
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Easy "Quack-Quack" achievement

 PC  Complete the Nursery level "Dionaea" with a silver medal or higher rank to unlock the duck. Go to the main menu, select "Laboratory", select "Mode" then select the duck. Place the duck save the game. The main menu animation will drop the liquid and will push the duck, causing it to quack. Note: Because the duck quacks on impact, it is better to place it above ground. Consider using the top of the screen. When you play the animation, it will fall to the ground and quack on impact.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Gold rush (20 points): Earn 48 gold medals.
Total reaction (25 points): Finish all levels.
Quack-Quack (20 points): It's time for the crash test.
Every drop matters (20 points): Finish a level with exactly the right amount of liquid.
Make yourself scarce (10 points): Take the shortcut in the level Wastewater.
Green peace (15 points): Push the second bulb inside the sundews without letting the particles fall inside.
The Wages of Fear (15 points): Finish a level after at least 10 nitroglycerine explosions.
Eating is Cheating (15 points): Don't trigger any nausea during the Slightly Acid level.
Souvenir (15 points): Keep your glass ball intact in the Tahiti level.
Roundabout (15 points): Finish the Nova level by only turning in one direction.
Waiter (15 points): Keep all your liquid in the tank from the 2011 vintage level.
Say "truck" (15 points): Make sure your firetruck remains undamaged.