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Pure Chess (Vita)

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Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation Vita trophy rewards.
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Check (Bronze): Put an opponent in check in an exhibition game.
Checkmate (Bronze): Win an exhibition game against the computer.
Amateur (Bronze): Complete all the tutorials.
Pure Correspondence (Bronze): Win a game of Play By Mail.
Piece Collector (Bronze): Capture 100 pieces.
Tournament King (Silver): Complete Tournament mode on all three difficulties.
Problem Wizard (Silver): Solve 100 mate problems.
Grandmaster (Gold): Achieve an ELO of 2500 or a Grandmaster Pure Chess rating.

Additionally there are five secret trophies.

Cross-check (Bronze): Play a check in reply to a check.
Promotion (Bronze): Advance a pawn to the eighth rank in an offline game.
O-O-O (Bronze): Perform a castling move on the queenside during any full game.
En Passant (Bronze): Perform an En Passant during any full game.
Pion Coiffé (Silver): Deliver checkmate with a pawn.